NCT DREAM’s Jaemin is known for his caring gestures and passion to help others. Cast by SM Entertainment while volunteering, Jaemin has been active in volunteer work since pre-debut. Even with his busy idol schedule, Jaemin continues to find time to give back to the community and more. To celebrate Jaemin’s birthday, EnVi highlights some of the idol’s humanitarian efforts and volunteer work.

“SMile for U”

In October of 2016, SM Entertainment and UNICEF started a joint program called “SMile for U” that focuses on helping children develop their hopes and dreams through music education. The program hosts numerous events where Jaemin and other NCT members volunteer at schools and spend time with the students

Also through the “SMile” program, Jaemin, along with his fellow NCT DREAM members Renjun and Jeno, helped deliver coal briquettes to the home of the elderly to use during the winter. Jaemin also regularly volunteers at senior homes to help feed the elderly

Ralph Lauren: The Pink Pony Collection

In 2018, Jaemin personally volunteered to be a part of Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony campaign to help the fight against cancer. The Pink Pony campaign was launched in 2000, as the corporation’s global initiative in the fight against cancer. The money earned through the collection is used to support programs that help reduce the disparities in cancer care and help ensure quality treatment for patients. 

UNICEF’s “For Every Child, Hope”

As UNICEF’s ambassador for their “For Every Child, Hope” campaign, Jaemin helped bring awareness to end school violence and bullying by visiting Vietnam on World’s Children’s Day in 2018. Through the field visit, he was able to meet with students personally and discuss how peer violence is impacting students in school.

The DREAM member also attended the Korean youth meeting with UNICEF Korea Committee in Seoul to discuss climate change and its effects on the youth. Jaemin shared that he met with a climate officer during his Vietnam field visit and he shared how meaningful the discussion on climate change was. He stressed the importance of starting small when it comes to conserving the environment.

Jaemin is also a regular donor of UNICEF projects, as he has been seen wearing the commemorative ring gifted to donors of the “For Every Child, Hope” campaign. He has also been seen wearing the Louis Vuitton x UNICEF bracelet, that was designed for the #MAKEAPROMISE campaign. In support of the UNICEF programs, Louis Vuitton donates $200 from each sale and $100 from each Silver Lockit Color Bracelet sale. 

The Good Neighbors Organization

Jaemin and Jeno were featured on the program Good Neighbors in 2019. The two are shown volunteering in Indonesia with the Good Neighbors organization. With the mission to improve the quality of education and life for children, Jaemin and Jeno helped 9-year-old Pudori and 14-year-old Slamet. The idols assisted the two children with their daily activities, so they could attend school. The DREAM members also purchased stationery and other necessities for the children. Jaemin even went to Twitter to speak on the importance of sponsoring a child to help them receive an education. 

“School Me” Program 

Jaemin also participated in the ‘GIVE LOVE’ donation event hosted by Save The Children Korea, donating a signed music box that raised ₩4,126,000. The donations raised went towards Save The Children Korea’s “School Me” Campaign. The program is dedicated to empowering and protecting the rights of young African girls who may be deprived of education due to poverty, prejudices, and more. “School Me” creates equitable learning environments and offers quality education by providing literacy boost programs and materials. 

Paying Jaemin’s Kindness Forward

Jaemin’s constant encouragement to do good things inspired various Jaemin fan accounts to organize several birthday projects dedicated to giving back.

In 2021, JAEMIN BAR, a fanbase located in China, wanted to pay Jaemin’s kindness forward by collaborating and donating to the China Youth Development Foundation. Through their ‘True Colors’ birthday project, JAEMIN BAR donated 500,000 yuan to contribute to the development of society by building a primary school under Jaemin’s name. The project not only hoped to give strength and empower those facing adverse situations but also aimed to improve education and assist with teaching opportunities in impoverished areas.

In August of 2022, JAEMINNESIA, a fanbase located in Indonesia, organized a multi-part birthday project for the artist. Named “A Constellation of Miracles,” the project is dedicated to things that are meaningful to the artist such as improving the quality of life and education for children. JAEMINNESIA was able to award three scholarships to three elementary school students. As well as donate to help build a clean water pipeline in Sumba, Indonesia through a program managed by Save The Children Indonesia. 

As a fan once said, “You [Jaemin] inspired us all to be better.” We at EnVi hope that these instances of kindness and generosity have inspired you to give back to your community.

If you want to stay up to date on Jaemin, you can follow him on his official Instagram, as well as NCT DREAM on their official Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

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