Every hour, every minute, every second” counts when listening to fun summer hits, such as Jungkook’s smash single, “Seven.” The youngest member of superstar K-pop group BTS dished out his latest solo project—a UK garage-influenced pop track—on July 14. Joined by American rapper, Latto, the duo served a risqué and charismatic dynamic together. Clearly, fans and casual listeners alike have enjoyed the more provocative side of the K-pop star because “Seven” topped multiple music charts across the globe this week.

Topping the Charts Seven Days a Week

On July 24, Jungkook and Latto took over the Billboard charts, sweeping the number one spots for the Hot 100, Global (excluding the United States), and Global 200 charts. This incredible feat is both artists’ first number-one spot on the Hot 100. Maybe seven is a lucky number because Jungkook and Latto’s collaboration is also the seventh new song to enter the Hot 100 chart for 2023.

But this barely scrapes the surface of the worldwide success that “Seven” has had. Entering at No. 3 on the UK Official Singles Chart, Jungkook became the highest debut for a K-pop soloist on the chart. “Seven” has continued to receive abundant support as it has remained the number-one song on Spotify’s Daily Top Songs Global chart for an impressive 12 days. Jungkook has become the first Asian artist to spend 12 consecutive days atop the Spotify Global chart, setting a new record. ARMY—the loyal fanbase of BTS—has repeatedly proven their love for the artist by peaking his previously Soundcloud exclusive “Still With You” at No. 1 on iTunes in the U.S. when it was re-released on streaming platforms. The success of “Seven” has been no different.

Love to Last for Years

From its consistent garage drum beats to sweet and dreamy synths, “Seven” is fresh and light, with a somewhat laid-back energy—fitting for a summer evening. Yet, its stripped-down moments with light acoustic guitar riffs allow the vocalist to show what he is truly made out of—playing into deeper, raspier tones and his delicate falsetto.

Jungkook embraces a playfully provocative tone as he quips, “You love when I jump right in / All of me, I’m offering / Show you what devotion is / Deeper than the ocean is.” But it’s the explicit version of “Seven” that shatters the innocent image that has been placed upon the vocalist as he sings, “You know night after night / I’ll be fuckin’ you right.” Latto hops into the track seamlessly with her verse as she raps, “Seven days a week, seven different sheets / Seven different angles, I can be your fantasy.” The collaboration is witty, romantic, sexy, and indubitably catchy. 

The music video for “Seven” features Jungkook with South Korean actress Han So Hee starring alongside him in a romantic display reminiscent of a ‘00s romantic comedy. Jungkook is endearingly persistent as he fights for Han’s love through flooded buildings, dangerous situations, and torrential downpour. Oh, and who could forget Latto’s iconic surprise at Jungkook’s fake funeral?

Onto the Next Week 

As he continues to navigate his career as a soloist, there is no telling what surprises Jungkook has up his sleeve. Make sure to follow Jungkook through the official BTS Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can listen to “Seven” on various platforms now!

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