Welcome back to our “Make a Wish with NCT” series. This time, we are celebrating the February birthdays of NCT!

Doyoung: NCT 127 Glittershaker Heart Keychain by dreamxlab

The power vocalist and actor of NCT celebrates his birthday on February 1st. Doiezens can show their love for Doyoung by sporting a heart-shaped keyring. Fans can use this as a bag accessory, or on your phone case. You can add this to your collection for US$6.00, with shipping from the United States. 

Jisung: NCT Acrylic Keychain by StickerByOllie

The youngest member of NCT celebrates his birthday on February 5. Asteroids can express their love for the NCT Dream member and dance machine with an adorable keychain from a Canada-based store. Inspired by one of Jisung’s NCT 2020: Resonance looks, the illustrated  acrylic accessory comes in a shimmery finish. You can get your hands on the handmade accessory from US$12.74, with international delivery.

Johnny: JSuhFlower Kit by Sunideas

Get your Johfam fit with this merchandise set by Sunideas from Indonesia! Inspired by Johnny’s sunflower tattoo, they designed a knitted sweater (Americano Knit Cardi US $12.85), slippers (Smoothies Slippers US $10.07), and a drawing string bag (Latte Ecobag US $10.76). You can get these items as a bundle set (Mocktail Bundle Set) for only US $32, which can be delivered worldwide. A part of its proceeds will be donated to Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia, and 29 tree seeds will be planted on behalf of Johnny. The number of tree seeds symbolizes the birth date of the “Chicago Hot Guy” on February 9.

Jungwoo: NCTzen Snoopy Holographic Acrylic Charms Keychains by EyesOnnYou 

The multifaceted puppy of NCTcelebrates his birthday on February 19. Jungwoo has a deep love for dogs. He often tells us stories about growing up with his dog Obok. Jungwoo’s fans, Snoopyzens, can show their love for Jungwoo with these Snoopy-themed holographic keychains. Shipping from Australia, these keychains have the beloved dog showing his love for NCT and his neo bong for only US$5.43.

Jaehyun: Valentine’s Boy Mini Standee by facethesuhn

Aside from celebrating Valentine’s Day, celebrate the birthday of Prada’s It Boy Jaehyun on February 14! Feel the love this Valentine’s with this peach-inspired standee by facethesuhn from Indonesia. This 5 cm acrylic standee comes with two pieces of stickers for only $3 USD and is available for shipping worldwide.

Ten: “Paint Me Naked” Tote Bag by misomae

The dancer, singer, and artist celebrates his birthday on February 27. 10velys can get into the celebratory spirit with a reusable canvas bag, inspired by the Thai member’s colorful pop-rock song. The stylized pink text on the front of the bag is a subtle tribute to the “Paint Me Naked” music video and Ten’s artistic spirit. The cotton bag is available with international shipping from the United States for US$12.

Loving these items inspired by NCT February boys? Add them to your carts now! If you’re looking for other NCT member-inspired items, check out our Kun-themed merchandise from January!