By Ellie Forte | @filthydinosaurs


On March 24th, YouTube unveiled the trailer for their most recent project K-Pop Evolution. The 7 episode documentary series is set to be released on March 31st on YouTube Originals. YouTube Originals is a platform that produces several events, movies, and series with YouTube content creators and entertainers in the music, TV, and movie industry, etc. The two-minute trailer tells a story of the origins of K-pop, where a number of idols recount the origins of K-pop. Not only do they discuss the history but they also dive into their own experiences as idols in the Korean music industry. 

Several key entertainers discuss the elements that make K-pop the powerhouse that it is. Different aspects of the genre become one to formulate what the world knows today as K-pop, from the training system to the visuals, to the fans, they are all key to success. The trailer has four overarching sections after the introduction. “The Origins”, “To The Legends”, “The Steps Behind the Curtain” and “To See How the Stars are Born”. The Origins, which has the biggest highlight in the trailer, discusses the beginnings of K-pop. 

Seo Taiji is credited to be the genesis of K-pop. Seo Taiji is a legend in the Korean musical landscape and is only one of the members of the iconic group Seo Taiji and Boys. Seo Taiji and Boy lit the hearts of the Korean youth with songs like “Nan Arayo” in the early 90’s and incorporated sounds that were new to the Korean public. What the K-pop Evolution trailer does not highlight, is the influence Black American culture had on Seo Taiji and K-pop in general. 

K-pop, like many other genres that are popular today, finds its roots in Motown and Black American music. Motown which has birthed musical legends like Michael Jackson, The Temptations, and The Supremes were necessary for the creation of many genres that we listen to today. Though the history of K-pop starts long before the 90’s due to the United States and Korea’s military history, tangible formations of the idols system that we know today began with Lee Soo Man who was inspired by Motown, MTV, and artists like Michael Jackson in the ’80s. Even today, Black artists are behind the writing and production of some of the biggest hits in K-pop. Despite this deep history and importance, Black people are not seen in the trailer or discussed in the trailer. It remains to be seen if this particular angle will be spotlighted during any full episodes of the documentary. 

The trailer also shows many high-profile idols and entertainers across several K-pop generations as they discuss their own perspectives as K-pop creatives. It tells the story of the inner workings from debuting idol groups to the preparation of a song. While visuals of the dance studio and training rooms are shown, stories of meticulous practice and strict routines are recounted. The documentary series is slated to include industry perspectives that have yet to be seen and heard before. 

To get a sneak peek of what’s in store, make sure to watch the trailer!


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