By Dream Chaser

Kai of supergroups EXO and SuperM led a graceful performance of his R&B solo debut tracks “Mmmh” and “Reason.” He swept the stage with an effortless and body-roll-filled choreography accompanying his lead single “Mmmh.” In his cropped stripe sweater and blue jeans, he floated across the floor with every sensual turn, carrying himself with an intoxicating presence.

His stunning backup dancer known as no:ze, who has seen a rise in popularity recently was not afraid to bless the stage with her visuals and talent as well. One fan even tweeted about being bias wrecked by a wink!

Besides his sweat-inducing performance of “Mmmh,” Kai also showed off his hip-hop song and fan favorite track, “Reason.” It featured a mature choreo similar to its sister track, but with more a power driven set of moves than its smooth counterpart. Parts that were sure to leave Kai with labored breathing in the end, but he pushed through with honey vocals despite the difficulty.

Kai truly made an impact with his empowering dance and vocals. Be sure to check out our full review of Kai’s solo album HERE.