Rapper, singer, dancer, model, filmmaker, and photographer, a man of many hats, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu has risen as one of K-pop’s most prominent multihyphenates. In tandem with a slew of event appearances, brand associations, and a stylish but grounded wardrobe, the singer has asserted a place in the fashion scene. 

In the sixth installment of our “Core” series — where EnVi breaks down the fashion and beauty of our favorite celebrities — we dissect Kim Mingyu’s style and what makes him one of the best-dressed South Korean stars. 


Photo courtesy of Mal Peterson

The Style: Preppy with a Twist

Although preppy aesthetics have recently risen as one of the popular styles on social media platforms like TikTok, Mingyu has long been favoring a classic, timeless take on fashion. Occasionally adding hints of youthfulness through streetwear, his style affinities seem to be influenced by his love for all things vintage — film cameras, black and white photography, old-school jazz and blues, and even ballroom dancing! From his lookbook, it is also easy to tell that his polished looks often reflect his passion for finer pursuits like golf, art, and fine dining.  

The Wardrobe

Often incorporating well-tailored essentials into his wardrobe, Mingyu keeps his outfits sharp, even off-schedule. This refined, masculine style bestows him with the classic heartthrob aesthetic that he regularly sports with confidence. On a day out and about, one of Mingyu’s recurrent style formulas includes a double-breasted blazer, paired with sneakers and jeans. Most often, the idol chooses a Balmain blazer as his go-to outerwear. Another foundational piece for the rapper is the traditional white shirt, in different iterations and brands, including the Louis Vuitton and Thom Browne.

On occasion, Mingyu loosens up and dresses more comfortably, selecting relaxed-fit pieces that still retain his dapper and refined essence. For instance, when traveling, he wears items such as a contrast stitch jacket by Acne Studios and the Moncler Gelt Shacket. On colder days, he makes the most out of his tall figure, playing around with full-length outwear like a denim-lined coat from Greg Lauren. On warmer days, the star goes full preppy, opting for posh polo shirts.

When he prefers comfort, the rapper dresses in oversized hoodies and sweatshirts of a looser fit than his regular picks. However, he keeps his preppy sensibilities with pieces like a Tom Ford velour tracksuit and a Raf Simons varsity-style sweatshirt. In addition to these high-end brands, Mingyu also has an array of casual pieces from local Korean labels including Romantic Crown, Visvim, Mahagrid and NoManual

The Accessories

As a true fashionista, Mingyu doesn’t shy away from accessorizing with purpose. Contrasting with outfits that generally consist of timeless classics, a touch of boldness shines through his choice of accessories. One of the idol’s favorite ways of elevating his looks is by adding eyewear, often in bold shapes and large frames, courtesy of brands like Chanel and Gentle Monster

The rapper is also a lover of bags. Judging by his Instagram posts, this It-Boy flaunts a collection of the latest It-bags that includes the Celine Mini Triomphe, the Prada Triangle, the Bottega Veneta Intrecciato, the Rimowa Polycarbonate Cross-Body, and the Goyard Matignon — that he’s been carrying for years. This finely curated selection of bags shows that the singer keeps a close eye on the fashion world and the latest trending items. Nevertheless, Mingyu still opts for more timeless iterations of these bags, shying away from flashy embellishments and colors.

 The Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, Mingyu prefers to keep things simple. Whether it is with fine jewelry or fashion pieces, the idol embraces simplicity of design. To upgrade his looks with a dash of refinement, the rapper often sports items like the Clash De Cartier and the Louis Vuitton Volt Necklace. Sometimes, he goes for edgier articles from the likes of P:Reinsein and Chanel. However, he always leans toward the monochromatic color scheme and subtle textures.

Another of Mingyu’s areas of interest is the world of timepieces. From his collection and the ease he has to style such collector items, one can easily pinpoint that he’s an avid lover of watches. Similar to bags, he knows the items worth investing in and opts for neutral-colored dials and minimal embellishments. Amongst his collection, some notable pieces include the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M, and the Rolex Datejust.

The Brands

Boasting an extensive collection of brands in his closet, Mingyu regularly slips on items from Moncler, CELINE, Balmain, and Chanel. While Balmain, Celine, and Chanel make for evident choices, Moncler’s polished and structured silhouettes are also a style match for Mingyu’s style affinities. On a more local scale, the musician is a fan of Korean names like Romantic Crown, VisVim, and P:ReinSein

As a sought-after star to collaborate with, Mingyu is often seen promoting high-end fashion brands on his Instagram feed. From Versace to Burberry and Prada, Mingyu flawlessly incorporates luxury into his wardrobe and without compromising his signature aesthetics. In more recent times, the star has been spotted fully clad in Louis Vuitton, including looks taken from the coveted Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collaboration. 


Photo courtesy of Mal Peterson

The Skincare & Makeup

With a remarkable catalog of brand endorsements under his belt, Mingyu is no stranger to the world of beauty. From promotions of brands like the SAEM during his career’s earlier days to his current role as Innisfree’s global model, the star has cemented himself as a go-to ambassador for beauty brands. In between, the rapper has promoted other labels including Laura Mercier and Lancôme. 

Naturally, this reputation makes Mingyu’s skincare and makeup routines coveted pieces of information. And throughout the years, the idol has shared a few details and even offered some tips. For one thing, the singer has mentioned the importance of removing makeup as soon as it is no longer needed — he even demonstrated the process in a now-viral live video. For another, Mingyu has revealed that one of his go-to skincare rituals is moisturizing and applying products such as Lancôme’s Clarifique Exfoliating Face Essence.

While most of the time Mingyu shows himself with minimal to no makeup off-stage, when he does wear makeup, the singer requests natural looks from his makeup artists. As shown in a video for Elle Korea, the star favors makeup styles that highlight what’s already there. According to Mingyu himself, he prefers light-textured foundations —  like Lancôme’s Teint Idole — that give off a no-makeup finish and are “comfortable” to sport. Instead, the focus of his makeup is on the lips and eyebrows. 

The Hair

Since SEVENTEEN’s debut in 2015, Mingyu has flaunted his fair share of stylish hairstyles and hair colors — from orange to purple. But despite changing his hair often to match his group’s music releases, Mingyu’s hairstyles have been consistent, often featuring either casual side parts or more polished slicked-backs. In more recent years, Mingyu has mastered the art of side partings, opting for curtain hairstyles in different forms, ranging from the more coiffed to the most relaxed versions. 

After letting his hair grow to medium length, Mingyu also sported effortlessly tousled hair, slightly reminiscent of popular hairstyles during the ‘90s. Adding texture to the look, the star would favor middle parts, with the hair slightly lifted at the front and the sides either tucked behind the ears or let down freely in very subtle waves. 

The Fragrances

Just like many of his fellow idols, Mingyu has shared his fragrance preferences in different instances. Among the names he’s mentioned is the cult favorite Le Labo SANTAL 33, a perfume known for its woody, warm, and slightly floral accords. Dubbed “the fragrance of the stars,” this scent is fitting for a person with Mingyu’s penchant for classics. 

Similarly, during interviews, Mingyu has revealed that he carries Santa Maria Novella’s Melograno Eau de Cologne in his bag. Just like the rest of his choices, this Italian fragrance “evokes an old-fashioned elegance” with predominantly woody and earthy accords that make it an ideal scent for the star.

Additionally, as a former endorser of Laura Mercier and Lancôme, Mingyu has promoted the Vanille and Idôle Eau de Parfum fragrances. The first one is an eau de toilette that the idol himself has worn and is described as a sweet and powdery eau de toilette with orchid, heliotrope, and tangerine top notes. 

Living up to his reputation as one of SEVENTEEN’s most fashionable members, Mingyu continues to cultivate a distinctive style. Equal parts polished and modern, the rapper is making a name for himself in the fashion sphere with choices that reflect both his refined taste and gentle personality. As the South Korean idol navigates his growing stardom, fans can look forward to more of Mingyu’s effortless but timeless take on fashion.

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