The rising sign in any kind of astrological chart sets up the rest of the houses and planetary positions. In the event chart for “Kick It,” the chart possesses a Virgo  Ascendant. “Kick It” was well planned in every aspect, with every choice both musically and stylistically chosen for a deliberate purpose. It’s a very clever song; catchy and easy to listen to, subtly grabbing your attention. It’s not meant to be as polarizing as others, such as ‘Firetruck’ or ‘Punch,’  and appeals to a wider audience. 

Martial arts enthusiasts can appreciate this track because of the many references to iconic martial arts movies and figures packed into the performance and lyrics.

Their second house is in Libra, with the house ruler in the eighth house conjunct to planet Uranus. This reflects their inspiration from an unexpected place, and their decisions being influenced by such inspiration. They stand out positively and are likely to inspire others with their styling and concepts in future videos. This also suggests a pleasant, clean looking style. In other words, it’s easy on the eyes and looks luxurious. The music, video aesthetics, and clothing styles were all balanced well. 

Their third house is in Scorpio, and the planetary ruler Mars is in the fifth house.  They were careful to reference multiple martial arts movies and figures in the song,  so the inspiration for the lyrics was quite clear-cut. The lyrical themes were expressed well in the video and the surroundings tied in with the message NCT 127  wanted to send.  

The “Kick It” event chart has the fourth house cusp in Sagittarius, and the planetary ruler is in the fifth house as well. This house could represent their attitudes while preparing for this comeback. Sagittarius is a sign of optimism, fun, and abundance. The members likely had a lot of fun getting into the feeling and energy of the roles they played and took it seriously. They put a lot of heart and soul into this comeback. 

Their fifth house is in Capricorn, which contains a stellium consisting of Mars,  Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. Capricorn and the ruling planet Saturn have very serious,  refined, and mature energy. This is an energy that’s very calculated and wary of risks. It can indicate that there was some anxiety around how fans or others might respond to this comeback. However, because Saturnian energy is careful and methodical—they went above and beyond to make sure everything went perfectly.  

This can also be seen with the abundance of planetary energy in the fifth house.  Their hard work paid off, as seen through the Jupiter–Saturn–Pluto conjunction.  NCity has talked about feeling a shift since “Kick It” came out, and it feels like everyone is taking NCT more seriously. They also have Aquarius in this house, and the co-ruling planet Uranus falls in the eighth house. This seems to reflect a level of inspiration their peers have found from watching this comeback. The uniqueness inspires their peers and the love for this comeback is pretty apparent on all sides. 

The chart has Aquarius on the cusp of the sixth house. Asteroid Ceres conjuncts the sixth house cusp, suggesting that the members felt nurtured, or that working on this comeback was therapeutic for them. Mercury is in retrograde, but since it’s not in a fall or detrimental sign, it does not impact them too harshly. It also falls in the house that one of its designated zodiac signs rules. This suggests the energy is not too unfamiliar, but they may have found it challenging to work on this. On the other hand, it can also suggest that the energy has slowed down and allowed them to have a little bit of a respite from their jam-packed schedules. It can also indicate this era was cut shorter than intended. This is clear in hindsight since NCT 127 was supposed to tour in the United States and perform songs from their 

new album, yet their only live performance of “Kick It” was at the Houston Livestock  Show & Rodeo. It feels like part of them feel a bittersweet way about it, and they wish they could have had the opportunity to showcase their hard work on this project to the fans. 

The seventh house is in Pisces, with planetary ruler Jupiter in the fifth house and the co-ruling planet Neptune in the seventh house. As previously mentioned, they took inspiration from others around them, and this moved their fans as well. This comeback helped the members connect with fans, and brought both Korean and international NCTzens together. Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces represents this blurring of boundaries, and the NCT members may have been paying closer attention to fans’ feedback than they have previously. They have asteroid Chiron making tight conjunction with asteroid Lilith in the seventh house as well. It almost appears like competitors are watching and feel either jealous or threatened by NCT,  and may attempt to draw attention away from them during their comebacks. 

This chart’s eighth house cusp is in Aries, and the ruling planet Mars is in the fifth house.  NCT does not follow trends, they set them. This is apparent with the independent sign Aries at the cusp of the eighth house. Eighth house matters can refer to behind the scenes action and actors, including business owners and large corporations or industries. Aries is a sign that stands out and shines on their own; it represents bravery and being courageous enough to take risks. Venus conjuncts the planet  Uranus, and this aspect can signify how NCT pulls off new concepts well, and deserve to be praised for it. This aspect also makes a conjunction to the ninth house cusp, which can impact that this comeback was highly adored and received well by their international audience in particular. It also can reflect a sudden increase in popularity and gaining new fans. 

This event chart has a steady, peaceful Taurus at the beginning of the ninth house,  with its ruling planet in the eighth house conjunct Uranus. As previously stated, the comeback was very well received, especially by their international audience. When this comeback occurred, NCT was making plans to do a tour across North America,  which ultimately never happened due to the incredibly broad spread of COVID-19.  The asteroid Vesta, which deals with dedication and passion, falls in the ninth house. This is a potential indicator of them finding multiple ways to connect with their fans abroad, and they are relentless about it. They have started using TikTok and doing more events online so people all over the world can enjoy some type of content from them. 

Their tenth house is in Gemini and the ruling planet is in the sixth house, representing the hard work they put into this comeback. Gemini in the tenth house is allowing them to have fun and show off their hard work. The energy this comeback has to the public is fun, uplifting, and inviting. It is hard not to take notice of this bubbly energy. North node is in the tenth house as well, signifying that they were destined to get public recognition for this comeback. They are becoming more popular in multiple ways, including getting public recognition abroad and being 

respected by their seniors at home. They became a million-sellers with this album,  and that is certainly no small feat. This comeback proved that NCT deserves every bit of praise they get for their talent and fresh concepts. 

Their eleventh house is in Cancer, and the lunar luminary is seated in the same house, representing online recognition and social media activity. The moon in this house represents the inspiration this brought to fans. From the “Kick It” challenge on Tiktok, which was created by Kia (@taeileechan on Twitter), to the large, green mum I made and wore for NCT’s performance at the rodeo, there was no shortage of activities and participation from fans on Twitter. There were projects both big and small; from the “stream kick it” selfie challenge, to the eventual creation of EnVi, NCity has been chock full of engaging and exciting social media content. The moon in this house also represents the measure or method of receiving validation. NCT members are always paying attention to what NCTzens do, but they are watching social media even more now, given the circumstances and the amount of content NCity generates. Hopefully, they feel secure and proud of themselves for their hard work on the “Kick It” comeback. 

The event chart has Leo on the twelfth house cusp, with the ruling luminary in the seventh house conjunct Neptune. Twelfth house, Piscean, and Neptunian energy can all make it difficult to understand or realize how something is perceived. It can also make the subject aware of themselves, but frustrated because they do not know how to convey the messages they want to send to others, both verbal and nonverbal. This reflects that the NCT members may know that this comeback did well and that it was received well, but they may not be aware of the impact this comeback had. The number of idols covering “Kick It,” the Neo Zone album selling a million copies, the press they received, and the performances they are doing should prove to them this comeback was successful. However, it is still uncertain if they recognized the shift in the fandom since the comeback happened. It is possible, though, the recent release of NCT 2020 may help them to realize their true popularity. 

To summarize, the highly concentrated and determined energy in this chart reflects what likely resulted in the comeback’s success. “Kick It” will only help NCT  spring forward and reach impossibly high for their next opportunities. The comeback was also responsible for bringing in new fans. They should continue focusing on themselves, as being concerned only with what they are doing will keep them on this path of unprecedented success. NCTzens should continue to engage and come up with creative ways to share NCT’s talent with others, as long as they have their priorities in order and aren’t neglecting their responsibilities to do so.