By Diana | @parkenjoyer


Legendary SM Entertainment boy group EXO is currently gearing up for a comeback on June 7 at 6 PM KST with a special album, Don’t Fight The Feeling


EXO member, Lay, who has been promoting his solo work in his home country of China for the past few years, has been absent from EXO promotions, but made a huge splash with the latest teasers. The official EXO Twitter account posted his individual teaser photos—his first comeback since “Tempo” in 2018. This made his return a welcome surprise for quite a few fans. It is currently the most liked and retweeted individual teaser out of all the members’ teasers on Twitter, and the topic “Yixing” is trending with over 300,000 tweets about it.


A Warm Welcome

The comeback was teased on EXO Day, the anniversary of EXO’s debut, in April, with a video clip of the members on the set of a video shoot, which fans hoped was for their next comeback. Lay did not appear in the video, so this was a big surprise for EXO fans, known officially as EXO-L.


Always in Style

EXO’s Twitter account published a futuristic, sci-fi reminiscent teaser video for this comeback on the morning of May 26. The video features them sitting facing forward in the chairs of a spaceship. The camera pans forward to the radar, showing how the group logo is stylized for this comeback. The EXO logo has changed with each comeback, relating to the theme of each new release.

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thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment