MCND Come Back With Mini-Album THE EARTH : SECRET MISSION Chapter.2

By: Vanessa Arias
MCND Secret Mission
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On July 7, TOP MEDIA’s five-member boy group, MCND, released the second mini-album in their album series THE EARTH titled THE EARTH : SECRET MISSION Chapter.2. Dropping just eight months after THE EARTH : SECRET MISSION Chapter.1, the album consists of six tracks, including the title track, “#MOOD,” and an accompanying music video. The latest EP is all about self-confidence and motivation that encapsulates the spirit of the youth.

THE EARTH : SECRET MISSION Chapter.2 perfectly captures the image the group — consisting of members Castle J, BIC, MINJAE, HUIJUN, and WIN — have consistently shown: a playful and loud energy that’s seamlessly reflected in their music.

What’s Your “#MOOD?”

The group’s main rapper and leader, Castle J, co-composed the title track, “#MOOD,” as well as partook in the lyric writing. “#MOOD” is a fun and playful track with a groovy hip-hop influence. The energetic beat builds up to a flashy and loud chorus that perfectly blends with the witty lyrics. The group sings about the fun that can be had when you’re being yourself.

The music video begins with leader Castle J sleeping in the seat of an old bus before the members tap him awake and his world explodes in color. The group appears adorned in vibrant outfits that perfectly complement the vibe of the song. The buildup to the chorus is mirrored by the switch to an underground dance party where the boys show off the song’s cool choreography. That bubbly and exciting feeling of a party was easily expressed through the bright outfits, fun rap, and busy scenery. 

Mission Accomplished

The album opens with “W.A.T.1,” an upbeat coming-of-age type track with its nostalgic guitar and gentle vocals. “W.A.T.1” stands for “we are the one,” and the track perfectly captures that free spirit the group emulates as it sets up for the more flashy color of the title track.

The third song, “BLOW,” is likely to remind fans of that same strong energy reminiscent of their debut song, “ICE AGE.” “BLOW,” is a mature take on the track, with its catchy chorus and explosive instrumental as the group proclaims “Show time, this is the beginning / with our passion like a fire.”

The following track is “RED SUN,” which shows off the unique image of the group. The song features powerful rap verses by Castle J, BIC, and WIN over an equally powerful beat. The buildup to the chorus is complemented by the soft vocals of MINJAE and HUIJUN before the beat quiets down for the drop. The track truly is the definition of an MCND track, with its interesting beat and catchy chorus.

Keeping up the energy is the fifth track, “JUICE.” “JUICE” is a loud EDM-inspired track. The members sing about the group’s “juice” or style, being bold and proud in their proclamation that “Haters bye bye / What can I say? / Blame it on ma juice.”

The final track slows down the pace of the album with the ballad, “Back to You.” The song shows off the group’s range, with romantic lyrics laid upon a gentle instrumental. “Back to You,” is a perfect close to the album as the members sing about shining down on their lover as they will always return to them.

Connect With MCND

With an album release and the announcement of the American leg of their tour, MCND proves themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Keep up with the group and their upcoming promotions for  THE EARTH : SECRET MISSION Chapter.2 by following them on Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram.

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