On August 2, NCTzens were sent into a frenzy with the release of a dance video featuring NCT’s Shotaro and a mysterious dancer. The pair sparked speculation all over NCity, dancing to EXO’s “Growl” on SM Entertainment’s PinkBlood social media pages and garnering hundreds of thousands of plays in a matter of hours. Fans of the band suspect that the mysterious dancer could be a new NCT member, though nothing has been officially confirmed.

NCTzens put on their detective caps immediately, even pointing out a brand new logo on the jackets seen in the video, furthering speculation that a new unit is set to make their debut very soon.


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Earlier this year, SM Entertainment launched Instagram and TikTok accounts featuring the PinkBlood name. The name itself is a homage to the entertainment company’s symbolic color, pink. The account has since featured a plethora of K-pop idols under the company, reacting to fan content and participating in fan-made challenges themselves. 


Fans’ Reactions

Curious fans around the world took to Twitter to share their excitement and hilarious tweets over the new dancer! Here are some of the best reactions:




DetectiveZens Decoding the Mystery

NCTzens, who were burning with curiosity, vocalized their theories and suspicions on Twitter.




Though little to no information has been released about the mysterious person featured in the video, NCTzens are bursting with excitement over a potential new member!

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