Describe your business :

I am selling button pins and stickers from time to time. I also tried selling key straps for OT21 in the past and took a shot with phone cases. But mostly, my main products are pins.

Picture of your product(s) :

Inspiration and Background Story of the Shop :

I sold customized pillows back when I was an EXO-L and after my college graduation I started thinking of a way to make some time so I opened one. I started selling on my fan account and decided to make a shop account. 

Usage of Advertisement :

I only use Twitter and I ask my mutuals for retweets, but I feel bad because they retweet and I don’t have anything to give back to them.

Unsatisfied Customers Encounters:

Once, I got an order that got mixed up with another, and I told the customer I would give them a new one with free shipping since it was my fault.

Struggles of owning a small business :

Scheduling pickups since pickups for shipping sometimes takes days. There are also unexpected delays with production, which some buyers cannot understand, but constant updates and a little explanation will hopefully ease their worry. Since I’m a small business, it’s quite hard to gather orders sometimes because makers require quota. The most important is joy reservers/bogus. It’s so difficult to be ghosted, so I hope buyers will think before submitting orders to lessen the hassle on both parties.

Business Insights :

The lesson I learned from doing this is to be innovative and resourceful. Be nice, understanding, and patient.

Unexpected Benefits :

The first, is the small income but it has a big impact, it helped me since the pandemic. The extra income helps me to at least help my mum with bills. As a teacher, I also applied my experiences through this shop.

Go-to advisors :

My mum and some friends of mine studied business and finance. And my best friend- Gladys is also a go-to.

Tips and Encouragements for aspiring sellers :

Risk isn’t scary, it depends on our main motive. Risking something doesn’t mean it’s always a failure. Take risks because we will never know what outcome it may bring. Take risks, be patient, be understanding, be resourceful, be nice, have courage, and let your artistic side flow.

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