By Valerie Lopez | @valchwarie


On Wednesday, April 21 at 12 AM KST, NCT Dream began dropping their “Crazy Jalapeño” teasers for their upcoming album 맛 (Hot Sauce). The “Crazy Jalapeño” teasers ended on Saturday, April 24, after the release of Mark and Jeno teasers on Wednesday, Haechan, Jaemin, and Chenle on Thursday, Jisung and Renjun on Friday, and finished up with group photos on Saturday. 

NCT Dream first announced the teaser images would drop earlier this week on Monday, April 19 at 12 AM KST, when they released a timetable graphic and Hot Sauce Shower animation on their social media accounts. 

Fans had a hot response with the influx of new content.


Reflecting on the Past

Many fans got sentimental from the teasers and compared them to NCT Dream’s past teaser images.



A Humorous Response

Others expressed their excitement for the content with humor and memes.



Wholesome Reactions

Some NCTzens shared wholesome responses to the teasers.



Overwhelming Love for the Maknaes

Fans expressed their love and support for the youngest members Chenle and Jisung.




Dominating the Twitter Trends

For the first three days of teasers, NCT Dream dominated the trending topics on Twitter.

Next week NCT Dream will release their “Boring Jalapeño” teaser images starting on Monday, April 26. With so much more content still to come, anticipation for the album and music video for 맛 (Hot Sauce) is sure to increase. 

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Thumbnail Courtesy of SM Entertainment