By Valerie Lopez | @valschwarie


On May 8 at 12 AM KST, NCT Dream released their “Jalapeño! (Scoville 274)” teasers, which are the covers of each of their jewel case versions of their first full-length album 맛 (Hot Sauce). “Jalapeño! (Scoville 274)” consisted of images of all seven NCT Dream members in a white background with red chilis.

The jewel case versions of 맛 (Hot Sauce) include a booklet, lyrics, CD-R, two posters, an AR photocard, and a clip card. NCT Dream initially dropped the jewel case albums with limited details on May 4. Since then, the jewel case albums have received over 158,000 pre-orders on the Korean online store Ktown4u alone. Just last week, SM Entertainment announced that the album had reached over one million stock pre-orders prior to the release of the jewel case albums. 

The name “Scoville 274” is a reference to the scoville scale that measures how hot a pepper is. Fans speculate that the “274” comes from NCT Dream’s ranks from a teaser during their last seven-member comeback “We Go Up.” The sum of all the numbers is 274.

Although the NCT Dream members wore the same outfits that they wore for the “Crazy Jalapeño” teasers, NCTzens were not disappointed with the new photos.


Mark’s Familiar Pose

Fans thought Mark’s pose in his teaser resembled the NCT U “Make A Wish” hand pose.


More Skirt, Please

Other fans focused on Chenle’s iconic skirt. 


Jokes for Jeno

Some NCTzens made jokes to convey their love for Jeno’s jewel case cover.


Sweet Messages for Renjun

NCTzens adored Renjun’s styling.

“I am falling for Renjun again because his hair fits him so much. I AM GRATEFUL TO LIVE IN THIS ERA QKDNQO”


Jaemin’s Unreal Visuals

Some fans believed that Jaemin’s images looked unreal.


Looking at the Haechan’s Small Details 

Other fans took note of the small details in Haechan’s images.


Jisung’s Spicy Outfit

Fans expressed love for this Jisung look.

NCT Dream will drop the music video teaser for 맛 (Hot Sauce) on May 9, a day before the album and music video for 맛 (Hot Sauce) on May 10 and two days before their comeback show “7DREAM RETURN! 7+맛=SHOW” on May 11. 

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Thumbnail Courtesy of SM Entertainment