By Taylor Louise | @taylor-louisem


As NCT Dream’s latest comeback 맛 (Hot Sauce) approaches, fans have been spoiled with content. NCTzens have been lucky enough to see the members sporting various looks that capture Dream’s iconic youthful vibe, with the 맛 (Hot Sauce) teaser images being no exception. Fans praised playful focal points of the members’ makeup and many left replies such as “So beautiful!” and “So pretty!” 

Haechan and Renjun both flaunted vibrant graphic blue liner, which beautifully matched the graffiti-like backdrop of the images and the colors complimentary of the artwork created for the album. Likewise, Jisung’s white liner accent continued this theme and followed the new liner trend that, according to Cosmopolitan,  is seemingly becoming very popular for summer throughout the beauty industry. NCT Dream’s makeup design proved, yet again, to not only be parallel to the fun, colorful comeback but also on-brand with the looks being trendy and totally NEO. 


With two sets of images being released, it was clear that the artistry continued throughout both shoots. Yellow shadow maintained its impact through both the variations of images – first with Haechan and then with Mark. The warm color brought vibrancy and a friendly atmosphere to the pictures, something NCT Dream seems to strive for in all of their discography. 

Although there were complimenting factors within the teasers’ looks, there were also differing focal points created to change the feel, making the teasers individual in their own right. The makeup within the first set of pictures consisted of softer shadows, whilst the second set of images included heavier makeup, much like Jaemin’s dark smoky liner and Mark’s X on his cheekbone. These two distinct looks hint at the various charms the Dream members wish to showcase in their comeback, also corresponding to the separate versions of the album available to fans.

The members’ flawless, dewy skin kept images fresh and further created a youthful ambiance that resembled that perfect summer glow. Likewise, their pinkish balmed lips kept the style calm and neutral, allowing the colors of the liner to take center stage. 

It’s no shock that NCT stylists have done a great job at reflecting the unit’s wholesome values within their comeback looks. The makeup perfectly matched the overall tongue-in-cheek aura of 맛 (Hot Sauce), making the looks impactful– just like the return of NCT Dream as a full, seven-member unit. 

It is noticeable that the current and upcoming seasons may have been taken into consideration when creating the makeup designs for this comeback. The looks highlighted the radiant base and bright graphic liner that we predict to be popular during summer, as well as soft monochromatic shadows. 

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Thumbnail Courtesy of SM Entertainment