By Shaqlan | @moonrise_00

This piece is a rewrite of an old diary entry about a fever dream I had during a sandstorm and is inspired in particular by NCTmentary and “The 7th Sense”. Reflecting NCT’s non-linear concept of empowerment through limitless human connection, this poem follows the process of rebirth into a new world through a chaotic dream.


Like the tides of a restless sea 

turning and tossing with lunar telepathy, 

my marionette limbs lift to a piper’s broken tune. 

Lured by a musical mirage,  

a coming storm’s retinue.  


Waves of sand refrain and submerge golden arms rising in the east, hope falls victim to the belly of the beast. 

Streams at the estuary of this sea 

flow like fingers of a hand,  

to cup around me as if in earnest prayer. 

A ceremonial send off to my sarcophagus of sand, 

shaped by lines on fate’s palm, 

like a map laying out– 


–each note of this fickle tune,  

echoing hauntingly in my cocoon 

like a pulse in this wasteland’s womb. 

Contracting to bear darkness down on my frame growing weak. The pressure deepens this morbid fever,  

and I splinter, shake and creak– 


–sighing a dying wish into this desert’s barren breath; a call for the sandman to cast a dream over sleepless eyes so I may rest in death 

or glimpse 

through the trill that shifts the veil for seconds at a time,  the seams that border dreams and wokeness. 


That crease of cursed silence that traps me

dissolves to create the fabric of reality, 

blending into a limitless canvas of life 

where I can transcend these Penrose strokes to see celestial foliage replace the barren sands of time. 


Promethean pyrexia sets my world alight. 

I bloom through my bud in a burst of fluid petals like the sun rising over a misty horizon,  

scorched by the fire of life 

as if my soul met my body 

in the shrill of a shooting star falling to earth. 



I behold this view with eyes anew, 

no longer damned by apathy. 

And all that surges around and through me is empathy.

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