NCT Recs : KICK IT PICKS! (Movies/Shows/Books) Pt.1

By: EnVi Media

Written by: @jaehyuniepot

Without a doubt idols influence fans in one way or another. From brand sponsorships to fashion, all eyes are on their “must-haves.” It’s a known fact that NCT has amazing taste and we can’t help but wonder what they’re into off stage. After an exhausting day of schedules we’d want to Kick It and relax too. Here’s a compilation of NCT’s favorite films, books and shows they’ve enjoyed in their free time you might not have known about. (Note: Information on Shotaro + Sungchan is limited so they’re not included in this list)


  • In a 2017 Harper Bazaar Korea magazine interview, Taeil was asked when he cried as NCT’s resident crybaby. In response, he answered that he actually did not cry yet since debut but he had sobbed recently watching Collateral Beauty (2016). The film moved him and the last scene had him lost for words.
    • Source: Harper Bazaar (Korea) Magazine Interview (August 2017)


  • Just before his official debut, Johnny recommended A Man Called Ove by Frederik Backman during his Instagram takeover for the Limitless promotions. He wanted to share the laughter, tears and lessons this heartwarming book had taught him.
    • Source: NCT 127 Instagram Post (01/01/2017)
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  • In episode 8 of “NCTzens Would Like This Too,” Yuta suggested fans read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. He commented that the novel was interesting as it provided many options on how to talk to someone you like. He learned that if you want to be loved, you have to take the first approach and think about what the other person would want instead.


  • For a Pop Crush Interview, Taeyong explained that when writing lyrics for the track No Manners, he was inspired by the film Sid & Nancy (1986). The movie is about a couple who have a bad break up despite loving each other. Using this, he tried to express into the song that sometimes breaking up before things turn sour is better.
    • Source: Pop Crush Interview (10/30/2019)
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  • As a Love Library Charity Ambassador, Kun recommended The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. He felt that many could relate and learn from the main character who set out on a journey for his dreams. Despite the difficulties one would face along the way, as long as they didn’t give up they would achieve their dreams.
    • Source: WayV Weibo Post (05/22/2019)
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  • In a recent VLIVE with Jungwoo, Doyoung mentioned how he could barely breathe watching Stranger 2 (2020). He compared the drama to a car that had been driving at 30 km/h and suddenly speeding up to 120 km/h, insisting it was a show on another level.
    • Source: NCT VLIVE “It’s Too Much ?” (10/04/2020)
    • Timestamp: 21:00
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  • Ten recommended The Bucket List (2007) during the #StayHomeWithSuperM Project on the official SuperM Instagram account. He shared that he was touched at the characters’ freedom to do what they want regardless of their old age.


  • When asked for a movie recommendation on VLIVE with Taeil + Yuta + Jungwoo, Jaehyun mentioned that Miracle Cell No. 7 (2013) was a good film to cry to. He admitted to really tearing up despite not usually crying during movies.
    • Source: NCT VLIVE “CT High 1st Grade Class 27” (04/01/2020)
    • Timestamp: 42:58
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  • During the first episode of “Winformation,” Winwin said that he had recently watched Interstellar (2014), stating it was one of the most memorable and best movies he’d seen in his life. He explained that he’d seen it when he was younger but didn’t really understand the film back then. However, after rewatching it with Kun he found it fun and interesting.
    • Source: WayV Youtube “[WayV-ariety] Does WINWIN think that XIAOJUN is strong | WINformation Ep.1” (09/10/2020)
    • Timestamp: 0:28
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  • In a VLIVE with Taeil + Jaehyun, Jungwoo and Yuta mentioned that they were enjoying the variety show, Heart Signal Season 3 (2020). The show was fun but it was mostly the background music that captured their attention. Jungwoo said that when watching, they’d find themselves trying to identify what song was playing using their phones.
    • Source: NCT VLIVE “CT High 1st Grade Class 27” (04/01/2020)
    • Timestamp: 41:00
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  • Lucas recommended One Minute of Physics: The Fun Popular Science Column by Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences for the Love Library Charity. He explained that the book was interesting since it included many problems that people would usually be curious about. The answers to those problems were explained simply with comic illustrations so he thought readers would be able to easily understand them.
    • Source: WayV Weibo Post (05/24/2019)
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  • Mark discovered a copy of I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore when all of NCT 127 visited the Amoeba Music Store for a NCT Daily vlog. He excitedly exclaimed that he remembered reading the book when he was young and that it had been a while since he had read it.
    • Source: NCT Daily “[N’-72] Music shopping at Amoeba Music” (12/16/2018)
    • Timestamp: 2:30
    • Link


  • Xiaojun suggested My Memories of Old Beijing by Lin Haiyin as an ambassador for the Love Library Charity. He thought fans would like Yin Zi, the protagonist because their character was kind and loved to help others. He thought it’d be a fun book to read as it followed Yin Zi’s journey and childhood in Beijing.
    • Source: WayV Weibo Post (05/23/2019)
    • Link


  • During a VLIVE, Hendery mentioned watching Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012). He excitedly recounted how the characters would talk in strange poses but still managed to look intelligent. He explained that he liked watching anime shows and even asked fans for some recommendations.
    • Source: WayV VLIVE “Hehe” (07/29/2020)
    • Timestamp: 38:04
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  • During a broadcast of Akdong Seoul Radio Renjun mentioned the book, The Courage to be Disliked by Fumitake Koga & Ichiro Kishimi in response to a listener’s concern about others’ thoughts of them. Reading it had allowed him to recognize the reasons why he was scared of being disliked and from there sought the strength to solve it. He hoped that the book would help everyone learn to love themselves and not care whether others disliked them or not.


  • In a voice only VLIVE, Jeno answered a fan’s question to his watchlist. He stated that recently he was more into watching dramas than movies. He expressed his interest for Hospital Playlist (2020), which he was currently watching.
    • Source: NCT VLIVE “Copying Jisung…” (03/31/2020)
    • Timestamp: 7:09
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  • Haechan called the Little Forest [Pt. 1 Summer/Autumn + Pt. 2 Winter/Spring] (2014/2015) his most recent favorite film in an interview for the Japan NCT 127 Official Book 2020 Vol 2. He explained that it could be watched easily and comfortably. (Note: There’s a Korean version as well. It’s more likely he watched the Japan version which has 2 parts as he mentions watching ALL the parts)
    • Source: NCT 127 Official Book Summer 2020 NCTzen Japan Vol. 2 (07/31/2020)
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  • When asked during a VLIVE what dramas he was watching at the moment, Jaemin said that surprisingly, It’s Okay Not to be Okay (2020) made him act out of character. For the first time in his life he was watching a drama while it was currently airing which he found amazing.
    • NCT VLIVE “What Are You Doing?” (07/12/2020)
    • Timestamp: 17:54
    • Link


  • On Instagram Live, Yangyang recalled that he had watched A Whisker Away (2020) recently. He said the premise got him thinking that Louis and Leon (WayV’s pet cats) could be men that had put on masks to become their pets. He jokingly stated that it would explain why whenever he ate they would want to eat with him too.
    • Source: yangyang_x2 Instagram Live (07/01/2020)
    • Timestamp: 3:46
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  • In an interview for Urbanlike Magazine, Chenle stated that a movie he liked was Shawshank Redemption (1994). It was a recommendation from his dad and he found it an extremely touching movie.
    • Urbanlike Magazine Interview (March 2019)
    • Link


  • For the same interview for Urbanlike Magazine, Jisung explained that he liked anime movies such as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006) and Your Name (2016). He particularly enjoys movies with open endings like this since it allows him to imagine an ending he likes.
    • Urbanlike Magazine Interview (March 2019)
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