By @18kst

NCT by JAAJAA/9feblueary

The solar return chart is calculated in a similar way to the natal chart, however, the solar return chart looks at the chart for when the sun returns to the same exact position it was in at the time something or someone was born. It is primarily used as a tool to understand what might be coming up for the next year. In this article, team EnVi will take a look at what the 2021 solar return has in store for NCT.

The ascendant of NCT’s 2021 solar return chart is in 6° Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a sign that represents expansion, growth, learning and wisdom. These themes will dominate their 2021 as a group. The degree itself is paired with the image of cows browsing in the sunshine, and symbolizes peace, calmness and contentment. The ruling planet Jupiter is located in the third house, which indicates that a focus of this upcoming year is likely their local communities and relationships with their peers. The south node is at 13° Sagittarius, which indicates useful information about themselves and their hardworking nature. However, last year they focused too much on their idea of things rather than listening to others, and they ended up damaging their relationship with their fans because of this.

Their second house cusp sits at 8° Capricorn. The degree indicates an enthusiasm for growth and trying new things, but failure due to impulsiveness and recklessness. Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, represents boundaries and limits. With the second house cusp at this degree, the group needs to be mindful of their values, style and finances. The moon, Saturn and Pluto in this house indicate emotional emphasis, inner turmoil, and the destruction and rebirth of their confidence. Emotionally speaking, this may be a difficult year for them. Those who do not have a strong sense of self-worth will spend the next year working to improve it.

The moon at 17° Capricorn indicates strife, tradition and discord, which adds a layer of turmoil to this already contentious placement. The moon is in detriment in Capricorn because it is in the sign opposite the planet’s representative sign, which makes this even more challenging for them. Pluto at 26° is a critical degree in this sign, and it suggests a quiet, intrinsic transformation. This will be a challenging and raw experience, but it will ultimately be for the best. The moon conjunction with Pluto will add to the intensity of the chaos they experience during this year. Moon squaring Venus and the Sun indicate that this transformation will be more painful if they try to avoid this and indulge themselves in escapism.

Saturn sits at 11° Aquarius, which indicates a sense of restraint, willfulness, strength and freedom seeking. Saturn is in its domicile when it is in Capricorn or Aquarius, so this will be slightly less challenging but Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus, which is the planet of rebellion and shock. They may try to avoid this change, but it is necessary to their growth. Saturn makes a sextile to the ascendant, Sun and Venus, and it trines Mars in their seventh house. This will likely make this easier to handle, and they will have help from outside sources, including their fans and from each other, as long as they handle this in a mature way.

Their third house is in 15° Aquarius. Their local community and peers will likely be diverse in opinion or views, and they will be associating with many who are different from them this coming year. This also suggests communication that is thoughtful, logical, mature and overly logical at times. 15 degrees in this sign represents inspiration, spirituality and awakening. Jupiter is at 23° Aquarius, which represents capability and popularity, but self-doubt and adversity. They will likely learn a lot from their peers this coming year, and foster good relationships with them. Jupiter is trine Mars, so they will be luckier if they initiate things with their peers and proactively develop their relationships with others. The ruler of the third house is in the second house meaning much of their community will likely affect their values, finances or self-worth.

Their fourth house, which deals with family, emotions and private life, starts at 21° Pisces. They have a stellium in this house with three planets in Aries, so this coming year will likely force them to do a lot of self-reflection. They also have the asteroid Chiron in this house, which can indicate long-term wounds. What they experience this year will definitely impact their self-worth in the long run. It is possible they could debut a new subunit, but this will likely be more internal, rather than being indicative of an external event. 21° in Pisces represents men’s unfastening due to a weakness. It also represents warning and threat in general. Neptune is in the same degree, so the effect is doubled because this planet already represents weakness, deception and misunderstanding. Their ruling planet is in the third house, so they will likely do a lot of reflecting about what they say, and their lyrics will be more personal in 2021.

Mercury is in 0° Aries. This is a critical degree, especially because it is in the cardinal sign Aries. It is possible that Mercury will be more powerful than usual, and they will be more outspoken and direct about their feelings this coming year than they normally would be. They will likely do more thinking about their situation and self-reflection. The sun is at 15° Aries, which indicates a devotion to self-improvement and seclusion. Introspection  and self care are major themes for this coming year, considering the Sun makes a conjunction to Venus. Venus at 17° indicates peace, amity, and being beloved. The sun and Venus trine the ascendant, indicating that the self-care will make this year a lot easier for them to handle. These planets make a sextile to Mars, which indicates that taking an active approach and knowing when they need to prioritize themselves will benefit them.

The fifth house cusp in this solar return chart is at 21° Aries. This is a degree of instability, weakness, and discrediting. This effect is heightened with Uranus, the planet of erratic behavior, instability and rebellion, in this house. Their concepts will likely be more experimental, and they may try lots of different and innovative styles with their comebacks in 2021. They may also be unsure of themselves because of the direction that their music is taking. They must stay true to themselves in order to counteract this instability and anxiety-inducing change. Uranus is at 9° Taurus, which is a critical degree for a fixed sign. This amplifies the lack of stability that they might feel next year.

Their sixth house begins at 15° Taurus. Their ruling planet is in the fourth house; this indicates that much of their daily routine or work will likely involve reflecting on themselves and the past, and make their projects have a more personal touch. The 15th degree of Taurus indicates early advantages, but resting on their laurels may create issues for them. They cannot become too secure in their routines or work; this will create issues for them if they become too complacent in where they are at the moment.

The descendant sits at 6° Gemini. This house deals with others’ perceptions, business partnerships, open enemies and supporters. The sixth degree of Gemini indicates peace, thoughtfulness, kindness, peaceful relations and few disappointments. This indicates closer relations with their supporters and partners in the coming year. The north node is at 13° Gemini, which indicates that others around them have a covetous nature and a deal of caution and self-regard. The solar return positions Mars at 18° Gemini, which indicates perilousness, betrayal and lacking help. This indicates that their enemies might become more hostile, or NCT will become more defensive with other people this year. Keeping their defensiveness in check will help them maintain good relationships with those close to them. There are some challenges, but they will be able to overcome them if they are mindful.

The eighth house cusp, which deals with shared resources and investments is in 8° Cancer. The image that represents this degree is a small village seated in a fertile valley, which represents peace and humility. There will likely be little focus on others’ resources or values as there are no planets in this house, and the ruler falls in the second house. Whatever they get out of their own values, self-worth, possessions or finances will impact what others see regarding their value or potential. This gives them more control over their future, rather than having to rely on other people. It sets them up to be more independent and trustful of themselves.

Their ninth house starts at 15° Leo. This degree of Leo represents impulsiveness, stubbornness, a warm-hearted nature, generosity and enthusiasm. They have no planets in this house, and the ruling planet is in the fourth house. This indicates that they may spend more time at home rather than abroad and focus on doing well domestically. This may also indicate that they are setting up a new unit for future debut in the following year in another country. The ruling planet in the fourth house also indicates that their beliefs and philosophies this year will be shaped by looking within themselves, and they will shine the brightest by being honest with themselves about who they are. It is also likely that they wish to become more confident in themselves and expand their knowledge, which requires self-reflection to achieve this during this year in particular.

Their midheaven or tenth house is in 21° Virgo. This degree is challenging, as it indicates being susceptible to flattery, vanity and a potential downfall that can occur if they do not think through their decisions. Virgo is a sign of perfectionism, and the house where it falls is where the native is most critical of themselves. This can indicate that they will be worried about the direction their career is going, their reputation or what opportunities they have. Ideally, they would like to be seen as professional, versatile, and talented both in musical and performative capabilities. They may also worry about their image online. The ruler of this house is in the fourth house, so they will likely be paying attention to their reputation in Korea and what Korean netizens have to say about them.

Their eleventh house is at 21° Libra, which represents their online audience, other K-pop artists and their fans in general. This degree in Libra translates to indulgence, carelessness, living in dreams of the future and ignoring their duties. It is possible they take their online audience for granted and have a false sense of security regarding them. This has been emphasized for much of this analysis, but self-reflection is a major theme for this new year and it will help fulfill their wishes in the long run. It feels like they know they have some work to do regarding their brand, but they need to re-evaluate what they are doing to determine what happens to them from here on out. 

NCT’s solar return chart has the twelfth house cusp positioned at 15° Scorpio, with the ruling planet falling in the seventh house. This degree represents generosity, benevolence, self-awareness, spiritual growth and charity. This is indicative of a kind nature, and this is likely to be reflected by their behavior. The ruling planet is in the seventh house, so it is likely that they will be very concerned with their relationships with other people and treating them with fairness. Scorpio is a sign that also deals with worries and secrets, and the twelfth house deals with hidden enemies, but the lack of planets in this house leads me to believe that there will not be too much trouble that they are not already aware of. Ideally, they should make sure not to borrow trouble and worry about things out of their control.

To summarize this analysis, 2021 will likely be more focused on NCT’s domestic audience, developing their identities, evaluating what is important to them, and doing some self-reflection. 2020 has been a challenging year, and they have certainly faced challenges, including self-inflicted ones. 2021 will be transformative for them as people, especially regarding their private lives. They’ll learn more about themselves, change drastically, and figure out what really matters to them.