NCT & U: @EllaOkunmwendia

By: EnVi Lifestyle Team
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Doyoung & Ten

Listening to K-Music:
I started listening to Drama OSTs last 2014 and started to dwell on K-Pop in 2015.

Stanning NCT:
I started stanning NCT last year while producing my K-pop based radio show. We were exploring themes that included 127 songs like “What We Talkin’ about”, “Simon Says”, “Superhuman” and “Highway To Heaven.” I immediately liked Taeil and Doyoung singing parts in “What We Talkin’ about,” loved the “Simon Says” instrumental, the vocals in “Superhuman,” and the vibe of “Highway to Heaven.” NCT’s vocals really stood out to me.

NCT’s impact:
NCT is everything to me. A group of friends that I can easily relate to. My mom even calls them our neighbors because she feels like NCT is living with us. ? A lot of things have changed since I started stanning NCT. I came back into full fangirling after taking a break for over a year. I always find myself wanting to do more for them, so I upload clips of them on my WhatsApp status, hoping to get the locals interested in them. And it somehow works! They’re also the first K-Pop group I spent money on. I started buying albums and posters for NCT, which is something I’ve never done before.

Favorite NCity moment:
The first moment is their Beyond Live Concerts. Every time I think about that period, it still feels like a dream. The other one is the announcement of the NCT 2020 project, and finally when the YearParty video came out.

What would you say to NCT:
Dear NCT, I’m proud of you. And if only I had superior abilities, everyone on the planet would be listening to you right now. You make amazing music and I’m glad you’re using your talents to touch hearts.