What do you get when you mix lyrical bliss, beautiful outfits, and heavenly vocals? You get Niki Zefanya’s Head In The Clouds set from November 7.

Blue Is for Royalty

NIKI’s soliloquy began as she entered the 88rising stage dressed in a glittering royal blue bodysuit with cowboy-inspired silver fringe along the sleeves. She paired her outfit with silver glitter eyeshadow, silver donut-shaped accent earrings, and a pair of black under-the-knee-length boots. The crowd screamed their lungs out as she opened her set with “Wide Open.”

The backup dancers added visuals to the intro of “Nightcrawlers” and NIKI told the crowd to jump once the beat dropped. An order to which the crowd eagerly complied. NIKI joined her dancers for “Selene,” strategically moving her body to the music whilst keeping her vocals steady. The band made sure to emphasize the beat during “Vintage,” adding a little extra groove to the track along with the harmonious backup singers.


Pink Like a Princess

The intro to “Switchblade” began to play alongside the chants from die-hard fans in the crowd, all of who vied for a single glance from NIKI. Using the background screens to her advantage, NIKI took a few moments to change into a gorgeous pink puffy dress with off-the-shoulder straps and a defining bow. 

Looking like a modern-day Disney princess, NIKI introduced herself to the crowd. She showed her humble nature by giving heartfelt thank yous to the crowd and by welcoming them to what is almost the end of the festival. “When you have something and it belongs to you, what is that word, that’s it,” NIKI says about the memories that may be lost in time, a play on words to introduce her next song “urs.”

An unfiltered playful side of NIKI was unleashed during her live rendition of “urs.” She took a moment to point at an audience member and commented, “that’s really cool, how did you do that?” And at a later point, when another fan threw their phone onto the stage, NIKI picked it up as she walked by and exclaimed, “oh my god, this is somebody’s phone.” Even though she was shocked, she opened the camera and recorded a front-facing video as she sang. Afterward, she returned the phone through security. 

Golden Like the Gods

The next track on the setlist began with a recommendation from NIKI, “this might be a good time to turn your flashlights on, just a thought.” The crowd illuminated the night sky as “PANDEMONIUM” began to play. Raw emotion presented itself as NIKI sat down to play piano for “Lose.”

NIKI took a moment to thank her band and dancers and reflected on her dreams. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think growing up in Indonesia that I would ever have this opportunity.” She attributed her happiness to the fans and sang “Plot Twist” while playing her guitar for them. She fluidly transitioned to “Drive On,” leaving the crowd in complete vocal euphoria.

The backup singers come back for a vocal intro to “I LIKE U” and NIKI appeared in a full gold outfit. Draped in a cape-like golden jacket, that flowed as she walked, over a golden minidress, NIKI dazzled as the stage lights fell on her.

Talent Gifted by the Heavens

Chemistry was expected when keshi appeared on stage to sing a live duet rendition of his song “right here.” NIKI and keshi matched their vocals effortlessly. After hyping him up, NIKI bidded him goodbye with a hug.

Fitting for their location, NIKI proceeds to sing “La La Lost You.” The crowd accompanied her by singing the lyrics. After taking off her guitar, NIKI quickly changed up her vibe with “lowkey.” She was later joined again by her dancers in “Indigo.”

NIKI praised the crowd by saying, “L.A. you’ve been a dream come true,” before singing her final track from the setlist “Every Summertime.” However, she didn’t leave the stage before bowing out hand in hand with her dancers and before saying her final “I love you L.A..”

From holding out godly notes to delicately playing an instrument, NIKI proved she’s a jack of all trades with her performance. If Apollo needs a muse for his music, there’s no doubt NIKI would be first in line.

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Thumbnail courtesy of Steven Rood and 88rising.