By Maria Fernanda Morales | @brekkerxuxi

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Moon, and his clothes were filled with little moonflowers. He grew up without any family other than his mom and found it hard to make friends because they always made fun of the moonflowers in his clothes. He tried to ignore the comments because his flowers made him who he was, but it still made him sad.

One day Moon was walking around by the clearing, all alone. His mother had left in the morning and was yet to return. He felt troubled—a lot of things went through his brain, he felt lonely, like a freak. That morning a group of men had been talking about how his mom was doing a terrible job with him and that if he kept dressing with his flowers no one would ever respect him.

Perhaps it was true. Perhaps he was too different, too much of himself. While in his thoughts, he crashed into someone. They both fell to the ground. When he saw the person in front of him his eyes went wide. It was a kid. It looked younger than him but what caught his attention was what he was wearing all over his clothes were sunflowers.

Sunflowers! The kid looked scared. Moon would find out later it was because someone was chasing him. They looked at one another for a long minute and started laughing. He couldn’t believe it. The kid in front of him had flowers on his clothes—he had a bright smile and a sweet voice. He told him his name was Sun and that he ran all the way from his town because his stepfather was angry at him. Then he went on and on speaking like he would explode if he didn’t. Moon just smiled, happy that this kid trusted him, happy this kid had flowers in his clothes, and happy this kid would treat him like a friend.

After that day in the clearing, he learned a lot about Sun. He was the youngest of eight brothers and loved to prank them. He told him that he really liked the moonflowers Moon wore on his clothes and he believed it was destiny they met that day. Moon didn’t feel so lonely anymore, but Sun would have to go back to his town and the kids would pick on Moon again and he’d get sad.

One day at the rise of the morning, Sun found Moon cutting the moonflowers from his clothes and he screamed. For the first time, he was angry. That day Sun held Moon’s hand while he cried and told him the reason why he wore his sunflowers. “They make me happy,” he said, “and they made you happy. They are the thing that brought us together and it won’t matter if others make fun of our flowers because they make us special. They make a rainy day bright, they make an empty field look not so empty, they make us who we are.”

After that day Moon and Sun wore their flowers proudly and if any of them ever got down they knew the other was going to be there till the end of time.