In mid-March, curiosity ate at K-pop fans after a mysterious teaser from a new supergroup called “Omega X” dropped on social media, displaying the silhouettes of 11 familiar K-pop idols. Shortly after the initial teaser, news surfaced that the “Avengers-class” K-pop supergroup had members from existing groups and survival shows. Speculation was rampant, but fans did not get clued in onto the lineup until new teaser images were dropped, consisting of a short message and roman numerals that fans later learned represented the members’ date of birth.

Fast forward to March 26, and the lineup of the K-pop boy group was unveiled. It is now June, and EnVi had the opportunity to interview Omega X and discuss their debut with Vamos

So, Who Is Omega X?

Omega X are all members of inactive and disbanded groups: Jaehan from SPECTRUM, Hwichan from Limitless, Sebin from SNUPER, Hangyeom from Seven O’Clock, Taedong from GIDONGDAE, Xen and Jehyun from 1TEAM, Kevin, Hyuk  and Junghoon from ENOi, and Yechan from 1THE9. Some of the members are also former contestants from popular survival shows including MIXNINE, Produce 101 Season 2, and Under 19. Part of the novelty of Omega X is the eclectic lineup—the group of passionate K-pop idols who banded together for another shot at pursuing the same dream.

Taedong expressed his eagerness to return to the stage, stating, “I’m most looking forward to all the moments of dancing and singing on stage with the members.”

All members of Omega X have unique training and experiences that they bring to their team from their past debuts.The possibilities are limitless, as their name suggests. Omega X’s name is composed of two parts: Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, and X, the universal variable. Together, the entire name Omega X is symbolic of the growth and potential they have as a unit. 

From strangers to teammates, Omega X opened up to each other in their recent YouTube reality show, Loading – One More Chanx. The show documented the process of them getting acclimated to one another, crafting their skill sets as idols, and truly discovering themselves. At the start, the members had uncertainty choosing their rooms and threw fake bugs at each other to ease the awkward atmosphere, but by the end of the show Omega X  cried together after reading letters they wrote for one another; the journey is evident.

“Each member has a different personality and they’re all charming in different ways, so it’s fun to get to know them and I definitely feel that we complement one another as a group, which feels grounded,” Hyuk told EnVi Media when asked about his groupmates.

Giving Back To The Fans

While a huge portion of K-pop is dependent on the music, another piece of motivation for Omega X is their supporters. Omega X never forgets to show appreciation for their fans.

In addition to releasing music, Omega X provides content for their fans on social media, including their member-ran Twitter and TikTok pages where they upload a plethora of selfies and participate in TikTok trends.

Part of their passion for the idol life comes from their fans. Omega X continues to push through obstacles for the people who support them. In a tearful moment during their reality show, the eldest member, Jaehan, revealed that his treasure is all of the people who listened to his music. He recounted an emotional letter he received from a fan who wrote they listen to his music when they felt like giving up on life. A red-eyed Hangyeom responded by stating that fans are truly their oxygen—a respirator for him when he has it hard. 

“I want fans to get positive energy by listening to Omega X’s music. I want them to feel their true emotions and feel alive,” Jaehan told EnVi.

Omega X is their second chance to create music for their fans as well as themselves. The members are commemorating their fresh start with music they think embodies their gratitude for the people who support them and their hopeful future.

Bringing the Party to Fans With Vamos

Omega X greeted fans with positive music as promised. Their debut is a party anthem: a latin-influenced hip-hop track, “Vamos,” which unveils their strong rap, powerful vocals, and sharp, in-sync dancing. 

“The 11 of us are thrilled about the release of Vamos, our new start, and meeting the fans. We poured our hearts into this album, and now we’re ready to share that energy with our fans,” Jaehan said.

Including the title track, the mini album has five songs total that are unique to Omega X. Among the tracks are a self-titled song, “Omega X,” a song for fans, “Younger,” and a song titled after their group cheer, “OX Win Ha!” According to Kevin, the songs suit the group and are representative of the member’s diverse set of charms.

When asked about their favorite songs, member Jehyun chose “Vamos” and Xen chose “Omega X,” which they felt will help get their name out. 

While the members might not have spent years training together or cultivating a close friendship like most traditional K-pop groups do, Omega X relate to their mutual thirst for the stage and the desire to perform. This makes Omega X just as charming as the traditional K-pop group because it allows fans to see glimpses of their blossoming friendships and camaraderie throughout their content. Not only are fans receiving great music, but the entire K-pop experience with Omega X.

Omega X debuted on June 30. Be sure to follow Omega X on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter for updates!

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