From coming together on Finding Momoland to becoming viral phenomenons, Momoland has continuously made digital feel personal. Consequently, Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy have been able to reach their fans, Merries, all across the world. Now, despite the distance of the pandemic, they continue to utilize the internet to stay close to fans. Momoland’s energy and authenticity translate through the screen, whether for a fun vlog or dedicated performance. Viewers got the experience during the K-pop Superfest by Joy Ruckus Club on June 19. Before the show, EnVi spoke to Momoland about the power of technology, teamwork, and togetherness. 

A Digital Print

Since forming on the reality television series Finding Momoland in 2016, the group has made many memories documented digitally. With Momoland’s fun-loving and energetic nature, many of these moments have even gone viral. One of which is the hit song “Bboom Bboom.” Though the platinum certified track was released in 2018, the music video recently exceeded 500 million views. To celebrate the achievement, Nayun shared that the members enjoyed delicious food together and reflected. 

“It feels like a dream. The number 500 million is such a large number, so it’s fascinating that so many people saw it [the music video],” Nancy told EnVi. Ahin echoed, “I still can’t believe it and I’m happy that a lot of people still love our ‘Bboom Bboom.’” 

These milestones further motivate the members too. JooE posited, “It was fascinating, and I wonder if we can achieve something like this again.” Hyebin shared her determination, “I thought that I should work even harder and was thankful.” In anticipation, Jane expressed, “I’m thankful for the steady love and thought that I want to have a comeback soon.”

At this point, it seems like second nature for Momoland to go viral.

At this point, it seems like second nature for Momoland to go viral. Their infectious song and dance take over social media, winning the hearts of many. The significance is not lost on Jane who explained, “I like to see the whole world becoming one through music and I think SNS is being properly utilized as a medium.” Ahin added, “I’m just thankful that many people are that interested in us.”

Looking back, Nancy, who went viral for her Marilyn Monroe costume, shared, “More than anything, I had fun making fun memories every Halloween.” JooE, who went viral for her dancing several times, recognized, “It was so nice and it was an honor that we were able to stand on many stages through that opportunity.” Nayun and Hyebin agreed that the experience made them excited and they would like to do it again. “I want to give more joy to others,” Hyebin said. 

Momoland has seen themselves on the other side as well, putting their own twist on a viral hit, “Wrap Me in Plastic” with Chromance. Hyebin shared what it was like to explore new territory, “I was happy we were able to show a concept with a different vibe, I liked that we were able to approach something that appeals to the masses.”

In regards to working with Chromance, Jane said, “I think it’s a good experience to collaborate with an overseas artist. I think we had good synergy because they fit our colors well.” JooE, in agreement with the other members, said, “I had fun having a new experience through a remake.” She continued, “I was happy to leave good memories while filming the music video. I hope we get more of these opportunities again next time.” 

Throughout all these projects, Momoland has displayed consistent hard work. This has become part of their identity as artists with their bubble-gum pop sound and enthusiastic dancing as well. They have also been adored for their stunning visuals and sense of style, self-described as cute, colorful, simple, and ladylike. Combined, these characteristics have earned Momoland a spot among the most influential idols and a loyal fanbase, Merry Go Round. 

Always on Your Side

Those prior experiences—plus generosity and dedication—allowed Momoland to stay connected to Merries and the world through the pandemic. Though nothing replaces being together in person, Momoland’s presence is felt through powerful performances and candid moments shown to fans. 

Though nothing replaces being together in person, Momoland’s presence is felt through powerful performances and candid moments shown to fans. 

“We’ve been communicating closely with our fans since before debut,” Jane conveyed. “So I was very sad that we weren’t able to communicate in recent stages, but I think it’s a relief that we can at least communicate online.” 

When asked what they wanted to communicate to fans, the members illuminated their love for Merries. Nayun emphasized, “I miss and love Merries so much.” Ahin agreed, “I cherish and love you, whenever, wherever.” 

In her message to fans, Hyebin stated, “It would be nice if I could relay the message that I always want to be by your side and do good music and let you listen.” Jane reiterated, “I want to be a source of comfort when things get difficult.” JooE displayed her eagerness, “I want to quickly come back with music and show Momoland’s new image. I want to send Merries many messages of love through contents.” Nancy shared a relatable sentiment, “I feel we need hope and energetic vibes right now.” 

Throughout this difficult time, the members have taken the initiative to stay in touch with fans. JooE has turned to Tik Tok and Instagram like Ahin. Similar to Nancy, Nayun has been using SNS and the group’s official fan cafe. Jane has launched her own Youtube channel, sharing covers and moments of everyday life. Hyebin explained, “I wanted to show various sides of myself, but I don’t think I’ve been able to yet.” She promised, “I will try to meet you all through a greater variety of ways.” However, she continues to update fans through Instagram as well.

Together, the group completed a new project for fans with the “PLAN NO.3 Are You Ready?” vlogs. For the series, the members took on various tasks, showing fans new and engaging content. Nayun, Jane, and Ahin enjoyed being able to present a new side of themselves to fans by sharing parts of their daily lives. But even in creating these videos, the members show their dedication to fans with JooE, Hyebin, and Nancy wishing they had done better. Still, the girls enjoyed seeing each other in a different way. Ahin said, “It was fun and cute. Our cute members.” 

In addition to ensuring their fans felt connected, the members continued their history of philanthropy. They donated face masks, rice, and sanitary napkins to those in need in 2020, recognizing the hardships COVID-19 has brought upon many. This selflessness is characteristic of Momoland and has shown throughout the pandemic. 

“Our Cute Members”

Despite the hectic times, Momoland continues to move forward together with positive attitudes. For Hyebin, the fans are a source of inspiration. “We gained courage and energy after seeing our fans believe and support our every image,” she said. “I think our energy rises when we think of meeting our fans and standing on stage.” Nayun agreed and added that being with the members gives her strength too. 

“I think our energy rises when we think of meeting our fans and standing on stage.”

JooE and Jane mentioned that being close to one another helps maintain their mindset as well. “I continue to meet with members and communicate, we exchange stories while sharing our lives together,” she explained. “My closest friends are my members.” To which Nancy reiterated that having fun and laughing together are just part of who they are. 

Ahin shared an observation as well, “Oddly, our, Momoland’s, tension rises more when we are struggling and are tired.” 

With that inclination, it seems that the members are ready to take on their next chapter. When asked if fans can expect any new projects, JooE teased, “Shouldn’t there be one soon?” The other members ensured that fans can look forward to a comeback, showing “even better energy, joy, and freshness” according to Hyebin. 

In the long run, the members shared that they would like to try various different genres during their career. Hyebin emphasized that she wanted to try a new concept. JooE discussed her wishes for a sexy charisma concept. Nayun opted for slightly fairy vibes, while Jane picked girl crush. Ahin said that she liked R&B and Nancy suggested hip-hop and rock. 

But most of all, Momoland wants to reunite with their fans, especially after such a rough time. JooE explained, “I think last year and this year has been full of gratitude, thanks to our members who stay by my side no matter what happens and our Merries who support and love us.” She shared, “I hope that everyone is healthy and happy. I am not perfect and am very lacking, but please continue to watch over me.” Nayun affirmed, “Everyone must be having a hard time because of Corona, please gain a little more strength. Let’s all hwaiting together.”  

Finding to Waiting

Momoland’s journey has been unlike any other. Showing their talents and blending their work through the digital sphere has created a unique artist and fan experience. From their beginnings to these online performances, Momoland always kept fans connected. Now that they cannot be together, the feeling remains as the musicians continue to work hard. Since their debut, they have received love and returned it with their music, dance, and personable moments. In their own words, it all comes back to their cherished fans. Nayun revealed, “I think it was possible because our Merries were steadily by our side.”

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