pH-1 is back with his new release “MR.BAD” featuring the Korean rapper, Woo. The single was released on August 9 with an accompanying music video. “MR. BAD” is another track that showcases pH-1’s characteristically moody sound, though on a bit of a more upbeat note. Woo, who is a collaborator of pH-1, has a relaxed yet bold style blended seamlessly with pH-1’s upbeat rapping and created a stellar track.

pH-1 Feels So Good Being “MR. BAD”

Understanding that fame can bring a plethora of vices, pH-1 tackled them head-on. The chill hip-hop track discussed the various temptations pH-1 confronted throughout his career, whether it be partying, alcohol, or just friends. The rapper drew from his experiences of how doing bad things can feel good, and created the perfect track that discusses those ill-perceived activities over a deceivingly relaxed beat.

The lyrics easily convey the exact message he wanted to show. As the rapper is shown laying around posters for the single with a bruised face, performing for a crowd, and tossing around in a mosh-pit of partygoers, pH-1’s warped voice proclaims, “Doin’ bad bad things, but it feels so good.” The warm and cool coloring of the various scenes with blurry movements truly show the fast-paced party life accompanied by alcohol. pH-1 expertly captures the party scene in the music video, where memories of the night all seem like a blur as he sings about it on the track.

A Seasoned Artist

As a founding member of the H1GHR MUSIC record label, pH-1 has proven himself as a leader in Korean hip-hop. He made his debut in 2017 with his EP, “The Island Kid. Since then, pH-1 released albums HALO and X, in addition to a growing list of collaborations with artists such as Hoody, CHUNG HA, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, BIG Naughty, and more. The rapper is consistently producing millions of streams on his releases, as his lyrics are relatable and his hooks are alluring. 

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