As much as airport fashion is a trademark of the K-pop world, outfits tend to follow in the footsteps of tradition. While the quintessential airport fit typically consists of hats, sunglasses, and oversized hoodies, NCT DREAM’s recent airport looks broke dress codes in the boldest way possible. 

The K-pop group arrived at Incheon Airport on the morning of November 21, ahead of their stop in Japan amidst the “THE DREAM SHOW 2 : In A Dream” tour. As the members climbed out of the van, the sight was, quite literally, shocking. In an adorable tribute to fans, the 7-member group wore matching neon green outfits — a nod to their fandom’s official color. Their fluorescent ensembles were a true sight for sore eyes. 

Neon Neos

The neon green color that’s come to be associated with NCT is actually a specific shade of green called pearl neo-champagne. The iconic hue, something between chartreuse and lime, appears on light sticks, music videos, and album covers, and has become the foremost visual signifier of NCT fans, also known as NCTzens. And if it were any other year, the outfits might have been deemed too lurid to be fashionable. Fortunately, the ensembles happen to intersect at a time when the fashion world is all about neon.

On the trend, also known as neoncore, our own editor reported sightings of the shade in runway shows, pop concerts, and yes, even in other airport looks — albeit more subtly. But if we were to maintain that more is more, then NCT DREAM’s electrifying airport look might be this season’s most fashionable way of showing fans some love. 

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