Pioneering a new era as virtual idols, PLAVE have taken the music scene by storm. The virtual legends Yejun, Noah, Bamby, Eunho, and Hamin made their comeback with their second mini album ASTERUM: 134-1, on February 26. Focusing on an easy-listening experience, this album holds six tracks ranging from passionate ballads to rhythmic hip-hop bangers, each encapsulating PLAVE’s unique colors. Their main single, “WAY 4 LUV,” features a sophisticated pop melody with PLAVE members embarking on a journey to find love no matter what direction it takes them. ASTERUM: 134-1 serves as the last installment of the “ASTERUM” trilogy, following their debut single ASTERUM and first mini-album ASTERUM: The Shape of Things to Come. PLAVE were in charge of the entire production process for the album, including writing, composing, and choreography.

Join EnVi as we break down the multicolored album ASTERUM: 134-1 and comeback single “WAY 4 LUV.”

PLAVE Find a “WAY 4 LUV”

PLAVE ask for you to be their four seasons in this enchanting journey for love. “WAY 4 LUV” possesses powerful guitar, drums, and bass, resulting in a rock band feel being emitted from the track. The repetitive guitar composes a highly addictive song with the strong drums and bass further enhancing the overall rhythm. HYBE producer EL CAPITXN continues to work with PLAVE as the producer for their comeback. PLAVE’s main single was also mixed by Grammy Award Winning Engineer Manny Park (SIG Recording’s), known for working with Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar, and many more.

“WAY 4 LUV” is constructed with pop sensibility defining its catchy lyrics for the chorus. The lyrics depict PLAVE leaving in search of love in this movie-like story, no matter if said love is true or all a lie. PLAVE adopt the concept of the four cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) to symbolize that no matter the direction, they will go anywhere to find their desired love. The delicate and riveting choreography number’s highlight is a gesture mimicking the use of a spyglass, paired with fluid footwork and power-packed dance moves in accordance to the sophisticated song.

Driving the narrative forward, the music video visualizes PLAVE members’ scavenger hunt for love as they travel to various locations. Fans may be familiar with these discovered lands as they have made appearances in PLAVE’s live broadcasts, and content such as the Christmas themed room from their Christmas carol music video for “Merry PLLIstmas,” the rooftop from PLAVE’s cover of “You Were Beautiful” and variety livestreams, and the country house located in Lovely, Asterum from their Chuseok special broadcast.

“Watch Me Woo!”

Kicking off the album with an alluring mood, PLAVE play with luxury in the refreshing afropop track “Watch Me Woo!” Harmonious grooves and a dreamy chord progression refine the tune, allowing for the mood to be led by both instruments and airy vocals. The chorus’s guitar riffs cast a refreshing sound in combination with the soft-spoken vocals, highlighting the charismatic energy emitted. “Watch me Woo!”’s sharp rap interlude boosts the track’s poise and wraps the R&B song to a neat ending with its infectious catchphrase, “Watch me Woo!”

“Virtual Idol,” They are PLAVE

After listening to their fun, storytelling-oriented song “Virtual Idol,” it’d be hard not to be hooked by PLAVE. This hip-hop track adopts an 808 bass line, fused with an addictive guitar riff and funky synthesizer. Following suit with the spunky instrumentals, the song’s addictive chorus and lively melody coordinate with the amusing dialogue and witty lyrics stemming from PLAVE’s daily life. The group captivates the listeners’ ears from the get-go by providing insight into their day-to-day catchphrases. They emphasize their confidence as idols, omitting all the haters and negativity surrounding them. 

As stated by leader Yejun, “Virtual Idol” serves as an homage to their seniors and musical inspirations Chang Kiha, Seo Taiji, and Michael Jackson. Wishing to make a mark as a singer, Yejun hoped to emulate that spirit and express gratitude through the song.

“From” Your Best Friend, PLAVE

Switching the gears in tone, PLAVE reflect on the past and speak out towards their old selves in their heart-melting ballad “From.” With the emotional aspect as focus, PLAVE create a dream-like soundscape filled with emotional sentiments. By using the piano as the song’s main instrument and the violin melody in a supporting role, the track’s progression expresses lyrical emotion — the violin allowing for a wistful mood to be evoked. PLAVE dedicate this song to themselves, as they sing of their past in an attempt to communicate with their past selves. Cleverly titling their fourth track with the single word “From,” PLAVE serenade listeners as they gaze at their screens holding a song “From PLAVE.”

Let’s Start “Our Movie”

Showing off their never-ending love for fans, PLAVE, once again, gift a song to PLLIs which captures the movie-like moments shared amongst one another. “Our Movieencapsulates these moments within its lyrics and through the harmony of cinematic instruments. The hip R&B song features a beautiful guitar melody, mixed with bouncy hip-hop rhythm and exciting drum sounds in the chorus. PLAVE invoke the feeling of watching a movie and create an engaging song, inviting fans to sing alongside the members.

Have a “Merry PLLIstmas”

Originally released in December 2023, a special song suited for the jolly holidays closes out PLAVE’s album. Their second digital single “Merry PLLIstmas” is a lively Christmas carol full of holiday cheer, declarations of love, and innocence. The incorporation of sleigh bells, and delicate percussion into the musical ensemble produces a classic Christmas pop track truly meant for the winter season. Set in a warm room with various Christmas decorations, the music video features PLAVE wearing warm winter clothing as they sing about falling in love and spending Christmas with the one they love.

The Best Is Yet To Come For Asterum

A little under a year in the scene, PLAVE have been met with major success since their debut in March, 2023. Their first mini-album, ASTERUM, exceeded 200,000 copies in initial sales, and their special holiday track “Merry PLIIstmas” ranked seventh place on domestic music platform Melon’s Top 100 chart, making PLAVE the first virtual idols to do so. Hit song “The 6th Summer” was also noted as the most played song on Melon among songs by rookie groups that debuted in 2023.

On March 6, PLAVE became the first virtual boy group to win on MBC M’s music television program Show Champion, marking the first music show trophy of their career. ASTERUM: 134-1 (6.04M) became the most streamed album within its first 24 hours on Melon in 2024, surpassing The Winning (3.18M) by IU. PLAVE’s accompanying music video has accumulated over six million views, showing off their victory over outside prejudice and ascension towards success in the idol field.

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