By Valerie Lopez | @valschwarie

K-pop’s newest girl group PURPLE KISS debuted on March 15 with the mini album Into Violet. Into Violet has seven songs, including the title track “Ponzona” and pre-debut releases “Can We Talk Again” and “My Heart Skip a Beat”. The members of PURPLE KISS actively participated in the lyrics, composition and production of the tracks.

The first track on the album is “Intro: Crown.” As the name suggests, the song established the dark vibe of the rest of the album. It is a haunting song with breathy vocals. The group dropped an equally intense performance video of this song ahead of their debut on March 8.

The next song on the album is the title track “Ponzona.” It is a reference to the Spanish word “ponzoña,” which translates to poison. “Ponzona” has sultry sound and enticing lyrics.  

The video showed off PURPLE KISS’s fierce yet mysterious energy with its dark visuals and intense lighting. “Ponzona” was written and produced by PURPLE KISS members Swan, Yuki and Goeun. In their debut showcase, Swan revealed that it was written for their training evaluation and later used as the title track. 

Next on the album was the pre-debut single “Can We Talk Again,” which was released in February. It is a slower R&B track about wanting to be with an old lover. In the video, PURPLE KISS acted out their pain and frustration to match the song’s emotional vibe.

“Skip Skip” is the fourth song on Into Violet. It is a tropical track that exudes confidence in its lyrics about romantic pursuit. After “Skip Skip” was “Hello.” “Hello” is a slow, vocally centric acoustic track. The lyrics about missing someone helped build the song’s nostalgic atmosphere. 

The second to last song on the album is the guitar-heavy, edgy song “My Heart Skip a Beat.” This track described the story of someone who cannot help but falling for another person. It was initially released on November 26 with a performance music video. 

The album fittingly concluded with the R&B track “Period.” This song slowed down the pace of the album with its melodic piano. The lyrics told the story of an end of a relationship. 

Overall, PURPLE KISS gave listeners a rollercoaster ride with Into Violet. They showed different sides of themselves and their emotions through their music and performances. 

Finding Their Own Color / A Strong Debut

PURPLE KISS has seven members: Swan, Goeun, Chaein, Yuki, Dosie, Jieun, and Ireh. Some names may sound familiar because Jieun and Goeun participated in Produce 48, Dosie competed on MIXNINE, and Chaein was on KPOP STAR. The group debuted under RBW Entertainment, home of MAMAMOO, ONEUS, and Vromance.

The name “PURPLE KISS” is based on how the color purple is made. According to the members, purple is made by combining colors, which reflects the group as well. The group is composed of seven individuals with various strengths that come together to make a balanced performance.

Ahead of their debut, PURPLE KISS teased their multi-talented line-up on their Youtube channel through dance covers of hit songs BTS’ “Dynamite” and BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That”. The group also shined in their Disney Princesses Medley, where each member got to sing a song by the princess they dressed as. 

The group even had a cameo in KBS Show Boss in the Mirror, where MAMAMOO member Solar offered the group advice after their weekly training evaluation.

Although the group followed in MAMAMOO’s footsteps, PURPLE KISS have started their own journey and showed off their own colors as a group. 

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