Small Business Spotlight: The Daydream Rabbit

By: courtneycamilles

EnVi is back with another K-pop small business spotlight! This time, we are talking all things apparel and pins with Jess, the owner of The Daydream Rabbit. A USA-based online store that opened in 2019, The Daydream Rabbit began creating K-pop-themed enamel pins. She soon realized that expanding into creating apparel products would help her showcase her creativity. 

J-Hope Pin

Jess started to sell her own pins because she was inspired by her best friend’s collection. She was amazed by how different sellers turned their beautiful art into lapel pins. Jess also admired the K-pop shop community and really wanted to be a part of it. 

Inspired by BTS and Anime 

Although Jess loves creating lapel pins, she knew it was not for her shop. “I was trying to think of a design related to BTS’ song “Ddaeng.” There had been many great designs related to it that had been produced, so I had a hard time thinking of a design of my own since I really wanted to make something for that song. I wanted to have something that was different and unique at the time, so the ‘Ddaeng’ bucket hat became my first hat design and hat in general for my shop.” she explained.

“Ddaeng” Bucket Hat

Jess is also inspired by her childhood pastimes of enjoying Anime and reading Manga. “Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, etc. I loved a lot of CLAMP’s manga and have a collection! I really love its colors, which is a big component because they can have a lot of meaning and we also associate colors with our K-pop groups. From lightsticks to group colors and the member’s favorite colors. Another inspiration I have is streetwear, techwear- those types of styles. I really love their look and functionality. I, myself, like having comfy functional clothes. So I try to bring that into my designs. I always think about what would be useful but also cute for my customers”


Love from Stay 

When asked what her favorite item is, she mentioned that it’s the “Love Stay” shirt. “Love Stay” is a phrase coined by Stray Kids’ prince, Hyunjin. “It’s very simple but I think it has a lot of meaning behind it. We all know that it’s used by that member of the group when he posts and he always has the heart with a dot emoji after(❣️). It’s something that has become a staple for us and we look forward to seeing it. I think it also connects us, STAY, with Stray Kids a little more, because we love them and they love us.”

“Lovestay” t-shirt

Another one of her favorite goods is the Americano bucket hat. Although the hat is inspired by Stray Kids’ Hyunjin love for Americanos, “It can be K-pop or non-K-pop related. If you’re a Stay, you know exactly where it came from and it’s a funny and cute reference. Otherwise, it would literally be anyone that really just likes drinking Americanos,” Jess said.

“Americano” Bucket Hat

Thank you Jess for talking to us! If you are interested in any of their products make sure to check out The Daydream Rabbit on Instagram and their official Facebook page for more!

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Thumbnail by Astrid, with assets from The Daydream Rabbit.