Nævis, calling. Here to announce æspa are back and savage. 

Five months after the release of their hit single “Next Level,” the up-and-coming girl group, æspa, are back with the promise of new music. But, before that, they must release teasers. Starting on September 17, the quartet began dropping teasers for their first mini-album, Savage. æspa have two sets of teasers thus far: the primitive “Hallucination Quest” and ethereal “SYNK DIVE.”  


Ready to Take Fans on a Journey

The first teaser even before the girls were shownwas the case version of their album. Named after the P.O.S. in æspa’s mythology, the album is a rounded square case with “æspa” written in a circle in the center. The clip shows the album spin before it stops, lighting up with blue before galaxy-esque clouds pulse around the æspa label. Not only is the clip mystifying, but it is symbolic of the next step of æspa’s tale.   

For those not as familiar with some of the terminology, the P.O.S. is the portal in æspa’s universe. It is how they reach new worlds. Due to the SYNK connection being lost after the epic battle against the Black Mamba, the girls embarked on the “next level” in their tale with their last release. So, through this album, fans will be brought along on æspa’s adventure both in terms of music and plotline. 


Daring in Dark Outfits for Hallucination Quest

Following the initial mini-album announcement and the P.O.S. case teaser, æspa’s teasers finally revealed their new looks. In contrast to their teasers for “Next Level,” this set is more simple and edgy. However, sometimes less is more. All of the “Hallucination Quest” teasers were photos of the girls over an all-white background as they posed in animalistic stances. They wore dark clothes with pops of color styled by Wook Kim, who worked alongside them for their POP Magazine feature.

The first teaser dropped was Ningning’s. She sported a one-of-a-kind single sleeve top and short set, littered with the lyrics of “Next Level,” which were written like code. The code was in green, which hinted at digital elements in the storyline. Perhaps, they have been glitching or hacked because they are on some sort of “Hallucination Quest.”

Next was Winter, who wore a similarly dark outfit accented with yellow lighting on the top and knee-high combat boots. Her outfit had lots of loose strings. 

Karina’s take on the edgy look was sleek. She wore a suit set with white strings attached to the legs and arms.

Last but certainly not least was Giselle’s electrifying teaser. She wore a jacket and matching chaps over her shorts, which were decorated with blue and white flames at the limbs.  

These teasers already set the stage for more storyline to be added to the æspa tale. Perhaps this means their battle with Black Mamba is not truly over as they had initially thought. What is certain is they are delirious after their battle and ascension to the next level. The “Hallucination Quest” images give a new edgy and animalistic side of æspafitting for a mini-album called Savage


Whimsical in White for SYNK DIVE Teasers

Contrasting to the primitive and psychedelic elements from the “Hallucination Quest,” these new images and clips take on a more light atmosphere. æspa wore white sets decorated with gems, embroidery, and other embellishments to give more color but maintain the ethereal and clean look. These outfits were also styled by Wook Kim.

The first teasers shown were headshots of Ningning, Karina, Winter, and Giselle. Each of them were shown in an off-white background wearing elaborate metallic headpieces. Each headpiece was unique to the member, but gave off a natural yet somehow digital feel. 

These teasers were raised to the “next level” the following day.  æspa released animated clips of the headpieces appearing on their faces and more shots of their light outfits. Each clip was accompanied by different musical snippets intense enough to be featured in some sort of action-packed video game. They were a unique fusion of rock and EDM, fitting for æspa who previously delved into a new genre for “Next Level.”

The stagnant shots of æspa’s outfits were not animated, but they had their own charms. The teasers had more of a psychedelic atmosphere due to the smoky and blurry effects. Instead of the white backgrounds from their earlier teasers, they were in a dark room. These images made the initial elegant and fairy-like atmosphere vanish, making the singers appear more haunting and mystifying. 

The “SYNK DIVE” title comes from the term SYNK, which is how æspa connect with their æ counterparts (digital avatars). The connection was broken following their encounter in “Black Mamba” hence why they needed to dive into KWANGYA for “Next Level.”  These teasers show that their dive did not quite go as planned.


Building Excitement for Savage

From boasting about beating the Black Mamba in “Next Level” to being on a Black Mamba-induced acid trip in Savage, æspa’s next installment is keeping listeners on their toes. It is a plot twist for MY, showing off more of æspa’s charms and talent. 

While not much is known about the album or video, fans can look forward to more unexpected content and experimental tracks. Perhaps, æspa have been teasing their new music with the rock-infused EDM tracks used in the “SYNK DIVE” clips. Regardless, they are sure to surprise MY with more next level content. 

Savage comes out on October 5 at 6 PM KST. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Thumbnail courtesy of Sm Entertainment.