WayV are a “Miracle” in New Track Teaser

By: RJ Franklin
WayV Miracle Track Teaser

As the rollout of teasers continues for NCT’s third album, Universe, anticipation has risen yet again! On December 3 at 12 AM KST, WayV gave NCTzens an exciting and sensual new track teaser called “Miracle.” 

The Vision of WayV 

With no more than two days of preparation for what was to come after the vibrant teasers for the track, WayV did nothing but impress! The first set of individual teasers featured the members with a dark shadow cast over them as they sported attire of different variations of black, white, and rainbow. The second set highlighted the dreamlike feeling of the song, as an aurora of lights shined on their alluring gazes. 

The group teasers feature Kun, Xiaojun, Ten, Hendery, and Yangyang being surrounded by patterns of optical illusions. They stand tall and confidently, as their dynamic and powerful natures are seen through the photos. 

“I Believe in Miracles” 

As described by SM Entertainment, “Miracles” is a medium R&B pop song with attractive vocals that goes beyond falsetto and rap. The English lyrics talk about the want for a significant other to not hold back within a relationship and believe in the impossible. The elusive music video starts off with Yangyang’s compelling rap as his confidence radiates. The song has a smooth guitar-like melody at the beginning, until a heavy bass and high-pitched synth surface. The vocal abilities of Xiaojun, Kun, and Ten shine all throughout the song. Their outstanding harmonies and trendy vocal elements unique to the vocal line of WayV add a sound reminiscent to early 2000s R&B. Hendery’s deep voice booms in his verses and adlibs, adding his own touch to the new sound of WayV. 

WayZenNi’s Miracles

After the release of the two-minute track, fans of the unit couldn’t help but share the excitement for WayV’s new song! 

What’s Next? 

With the release of Universe set to drop on December 14, NCTzens can expect to see more track videos and teasers of the 21-member project. To celebrate the release, NCT will be live streaming on YouTube for the “NCT ‘Universe’ Countdown Live” on December 14 at 4:30 KST to communicate with global fans. The title track of the full album, “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” will be pre-released on December 10 at 6PM KST as well. Keep up to date with NCT 2021 on NCT’s Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel. 

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Ent.

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