When it comes to The Good Days Boys’ sound, most tracks settle on the mellow side of the spectrum with rhythmically addictive beats and catchy hooks. It’s heaven in a bottle for R&B and trap enthusiasts, especially for The Good Days Boys themselves. 

Independent artists Jimmy Brown, Sweet The Kid, and Rovv joined us via Zoom for a Q&A on their sound, favorite (and spiciest) tracks off their latest album, and what it means to be an indie musician.

Favorite Artists & Inspirations

Before this interview, I was already aware of Jimmy’s musical inspirations, namely, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Kiana Ledé’, among many others. However, there’s not much information online about how his counterparts, Sweet The Kid and Rovv, fell into music and became inspired. So, I took this opportunity to dive a little deeper with them.

EnVi: For Sweet The Kid and Rovv, how did you get into music, and are there any artists who inspired you along the way?

Rovv: Well, my role model is Beenzino. I started music about five years ago—it was something I always wanted to do, but I was a student at the time and didn’t like studying (laughs).

EnVi: I totally understand that. So, what was your first album purchase?

Rovv: Beenzino’s 24:26 album.

EnVi: Good one, a true Beenzino fan through and through. Sweet The Kid, what about you? How did you end up in music?

Sweet The Kid: My favorite artist is Travis Scott, so I got a lot of inspiration from him. I just love music, so I started it naturally when I was about 18.

Rovv: (playfully) High school dropout, haha.

Sweet: (laughs) Yeah, I had no backup plan.

Rovv: No plan is [a] plan.

Sweet N’ Spicy: TGDB Sound

EnVi: When creating a song, there’s a lot to think about: the melody, the lyrics, the beat, etc. So, what’s the most important aspect of a song to you?

Jimmy: To me, I think lyrics should come first, then the melody.

Rovv: Me too.

Sweet: I think melody, 100%.

EnVi: Listening to your music, both the lyrics and melody focus on romance and often gets a little spicy. Was that always your intention, or does it just happen naturally?

Sweet: Yeah (the others laugh).

Jimmy: Half with intentions and the other half, with no intentions. It just happened, but we’re not trying to be too saucy with it—we want our tracks to be really classy.

EnVi: I would say they are—it’s a nice mix of both. Do you guys have a favorite song off your album?

All: (unanimously) “nike.”

Jimmy: It’s the best one from us, I guess.

EnVi: It’s one of my favorites too. How do you decide which tracks belong on The Good Days Boys album?

Jimmy: If I make two songs and there’s a better one, right? The better one goes to my own album (everyone laughs).

EnVi: (after a comically long pause) Wait, were you for real?

Jimmy: (almost laughs while taking a sip of water)

Rovv: Yeah, really (chuckles).

Describing Their Tracks In One Word

EnVi: You guys down for a game? I’m going to throw out a random track from your album, and you have to describe it in one word. (They all cheer as I hold up my signed copy of their album).

Jimmy: Yeah, let’s go.

EnVi: Alright, the first song is “Glow,” Let’s start with Rovv.

Rovv: (speaks in Korean to the others before answering) Do you know 50 Shades of Grey?

EnVi: Yes, I do!

Rovv: “Glow” is this situation. (demonstrates by covering his eyes).

EnVi: Oh, do you mean the blindfolds?

Rovv: Yeah, yeah. Blindfolds. (laughs shyly). Sexual situation.

EnVi: Gotcha, that makes sense. What about you, Jimmy?

Jimmy: For “Glow”? It’s written about making love.

EnVi: Hmm, that’s two words, but I’ll allow it. Sweet The Kid?

Sweet: Sexy song (everyone laughs).

EnVi: Fair enough. Okay, the next song is “mask off.”

Rovv: (written about) COVID-19. Last week, I had COVID but I’m feeling better every day.

EnVi: Oh no, well, I’m glad you’re doing okay. Jimmy, what’s your one word?

Jimmy: Chance—we took a chance on COVID-19 and took advantage of having our masks off.

EnVi: Okay, that’s interesting. How about you, Sweet The Kid?

Sweet: Pandemic— ”I wanna take mask off” (lyrics).

EnVi: Don’t we all? Cool, so the third song is “On My D.”

Rovv: Wow, “On My D.” Nasty? (they all laugh).

Jimmy: For me, I’d say Ty Dolla $ign.

EnVi: Why is that?

Jimmy: Because it’s pretty much the same as one of his songs—it’s my version of his song.

EnVi: Pretty cool, and Sweet The Kid?

Sweet: I-C-K? 

(Rovv instantly gets it and laughs while it takes a second to register for Jimmy—he laughs, as well).

EnVi: Okay, I have to admit, that was pretty creative—you guys are funny. On to the fourth song, which is “Ching Ching.”

Rovv: Hip-hop. Our other songs are based on R&B, but both “mask off” and “Ching Ching” are based on hip-hop.

EnVi: Oh, that’s a good one. Jimmy?

Jimmy: Challenging.

EnVi: Ooh, how so?

Jimmy: Challenging because it was not the kind of music I usually make, you know? So it was definitely challenging for me.

EnVi: Do you feel more confident in hip-hop now?

Jimmy: (almost instantly laughs). No—but maybe a little more confident.

EnVi: Good, and Sweet The Kid?

Sweet: Fight—that song is like us fighting other Korean artists (laughs). “Ching “Ching” sounds like a fight song.

EnVi: Well, that’s new—please don’t fight other artists. But if you did, who would win in a fight?

Jimmy: (points to his right). Sweet The Kid.

EnVi: Yeah, those biceps are kind of serious. Alright, well, the last song I have for you guys is your album opener, “The Good Days Boys.”

Rovv: Ooh, essence.

Jimmy: I would say loyalty or brotherhood.

Sweet: For me, true stories because the lyrics are true stories (everyone laughs). We’re making history.

More Good Days To Come

In 2021, The Good Days Boys saw lots of growth—both within themselves and their fanbase. With the promise of new singles and albums on the way for 2022, is there anything new and fresh the trio would like to try next?

Rovv: I want to try Latin dancehall and music using real instruments.

Sweet The Kid: For me, I want to do deep R&B.

EnVi: Those are all really cool ideas. On the other hand, is there anything about The Good Days Boys that you would change?

Jimmy: Right now, I’m really happy with it. One thing that’s been on my mind is that we want to make better music than tracks we’ve made before. So, every day is a challenge, but I don’t feel pressure about it. We know we will make it.

EnVi: Love that. So what’s your favorite part about being independent?

Sweet: The best part is that we own our masters.

EnVi: That’s very important. What do you want fans to take away or feel from your music?

Jimmy: To me, ever since I started music, I wanted to show how beautiful the love is that I’ve had from my family, past girlfriends, and my friends. I wanted to show how beautiful that emotion is—love is very important.

Rovv: I want our fans to know my lifestyle and how I feel. I write music or lyrics to record my lifestyle, so my song is my diary—whether they like it or dislike it, I’m fine either way.

EnVi: Period. So what’s next for The Good Days Boys?

Jimmy: New music is on the way from all of us, and I think we’re going to have another physical album at the end of the year.

Rovv: Yes, please look forward to our album (laughs).

The Good Days Boys Playlist 1 is available on Spotify and Apple Music and for purchase on their official website.

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