By Heather | @jaehyuniepot

ReVeluvs were thrilled to see Red Velvet’s powerhouse main vocalist, Wendy, return to the stage one again after an unfortunate injury which led to a break for most of 2020. Anticipation was high, but of course she didn’t disappoint as they opened with their hit song, “Bad Boy.” Dressed in adorable red plaid and black accented outfits, the group looked stunning as they performed their seamless choreography. The R&B and trap inspired song was a great start to their segment, hyping fans up. Notably their vocals shone brightest when all five came together. 

All across social media, fans buzzed in excitement to finally see all five members perform together after so long. They had a short ment after their performance where they relayed well wishes to the new year and fans—noting how significant the stage was to Wendy who was making her return after one year. “I’m so thrilled, excited and nervous. But most of all, I’m happy to be on this SMTOWN stage as we gathered as a whole group.”

Their heartwarming comments brought smiles to faces on how much strength they were receiving from fans even through the screen. Seulgi’s wish to not have to wear masks in the new year was very relatable. They concluded the first part of their segment of SM Performances with the up beat, “Peek A Boo.”

Red Velvet returned later on in the concert with their finale song, “Psycho”—making it the second time they had performed this song as a complete group. The stage was beautifully decorated like a museum and topped off with a giant CG chandelier swinging above them. Viewers could see their teamwork come into play with their harmonies and how effortlessly they synced alongside each other.

As the night drew to a close fans caught glimpses of the members in the encore song “Hope,” sung by all SMTOWN artists. As a lasting remark, they wished a Happy New Year and hoped that 2021 would be more vibrant than ever. The members smiled cheerfully hand in hand closing the night with a bow. The return of OT5 makes the future of 2021 hopeful for fans for what’s to come in the new year.