By Diana | @18kst


Red Velvet vocalist and rapper Yeri has been cast as the main role in the digital drama and fantasy romance Blue Birthday. The drama, produced by Playlist, follows Yeri as character Ha-rin Oh as she takes a trip down memory lane through the photos her first love left behind when he passed 10 years ago. Hongseok of PENTAGON will be playing Ha-rin’s first love Seo-jun Ji, who passes before she has the chance to confess her feelings for him.

Previously, she made her acting debut in the tvN drama stage titled Mint Condition as Nurse Chae-ri Hong. The play premiered in March, and this role serves as a strong follow-up to her debut role.

Red Velvet fans, officially known as ReVeluv, are in no shortage of content from the members. Main vocalist Wendy had a breathtaking solo debut on April 5 upon her return from her time recovering from her 2019 injuries. Irene acted in the movie Double Patty, which released in February, and filmed a birthday vlog. Seulgi will be the MC of upcoming show The Wise Music Encyclopedia, and she participated in a song from Wendy’s solo debut. Joy has been active on social media and gained around 300,000 followers on Instagram just in the month of February, and she filmed a reaction video with Wendy to “Like Water”.

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.