Four months after releasing their 8th mini album, Your Choice, SEVENTEEN is back and ready to wow us with a new comeback. On October 22, SEVENTEEN released their 9th mini-album called Attacca— releasing seven new songs including their title track “Rock with you.”

Concept Trailer

Weeks before the awaited comeback, SEVENTEEN released their first concept trailer for Attacca called “Rush of Love.” At the beginning of the trailer, you can see the word “BOYHOOD” crossed off which fans indicated is the end of their boyhood youth as they are ready to show a rebellious side of themselves.


As the album takes part in SEVENTEEN’s projectPower of Love,” SEVENTEEN still surprises us with various genres in their songs while still maintaining the theme of love in their music. With tracks like “Rock with You” and “Imperfect love,” they both have a tune of rock, but you can hear the difference as “Rock with you” is more upbeat rock while “Imperfect love” has a ballad rock tune to it. 

Some of their songs are divided into group units which makes them very unique. You can listen to the type of tune and style all three units have individually. Some of these tracks include the hip-hop unit’s “I can’t run away,” the performance unit’s “PANG!and vocal unit’sImperfect love.”

SEVENTEEN has also included a bonus track called2 MINUS 1,” an English track by the group’s English speakers Joshua and Vernon. They have included this song because they wanted to repay all the love they have received from international fans.

Fan Reactions

Fan Chant

As Carats, SEVENTEEN’s fandom, continue to show support to the album, SEVENTEEN has prepared a guide video for “Rock with you” fan chants. They are very energetic and excited to share these fan chants with their Carats!

Listen to their new album on Spotify and Apple Music.


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