SKY-HI and 3RACHA Preach Self-Love on “Just Breathe”

By: Ella Okunmwendia
Just Breathe 3RACHA
Thumbnail courtesy of JYP Entertainment

After a two-year hiatus, 3RACHA, the hip-hop sub-unit of Stray Kids, is back with new music. The trio which consists of members CB97, SPEARB, and J.ONE teamed up with Japanese rapper SKY-HI, on his first release of the year, titled “Just Breathe.” The single dropped first on February 21 at 12AM KST. The hip-hop song boasts a unique fusion of sounds created by Japanese music producer UTA.

Artistic Music Video 

The single was accompanied by a music video which was later released on February 21 at 9 PM KST. Directed by Tokyo-based visual director and 3D artist, Creative Collective F A T I M A, it  garnered over 630,000 views within two days of its release. The music video is set in a game program with four avatars representing each artist. The four avatars are seen riding in a virtual space which can be controlled by the actual players of the game. A remarkable detail in the video is the display of the lyrics at the top of the screen. Additionally, the name of the artists appear on the screen as an introduction to their singing part. 

Trilingual Motivational Song

“Just Breathe” kicks off with SKY-HI rapping in Japanese over a drill-like beat. J.ONE (Han) takes over with a hard verse in Korean, which leads to the pre-chorus sung by SKY-HI. CB97 (Bang Chan) and SPEARB (Changbin) join in the chorus, predominantly in English. 

In “Just Breathe,” the artists seek to spread the message of self-acceptance, encouraging listeners to be original and authentic. Lyrics such as “Just breathe, no one can be you” and “Not someone else, just be yourself” highlight the message trying to be conveyed. 

An Alliance of Geniuses 

“Just Breathe” is a collaborative effort between artistic giants. Beyond their rapping skills, SKY-HI and 3RACHA participate in making songs for their respective groups. SKY-HI, born Mitsuhiro Hidaka, is a member of the Japanese co-ed group AAA, which stands for Attack All Round. As the main rapper, he writes rap lyrics for the group and is skilled at beatboxing. 

3RACHA, on the other hand, has made a name for themselves as the writers and producers behind Stray Kids’ discography. A striking similarity between SKY-HI and 3RACHA is their quest for creative freedom and not conforming to the norms. 

The Next Step 

3RACHA is currently preparing for Stray Kids’ first comeback after signing a deal with Republic Records. The album titled ODDINARY will be out on March 18. SKY-HI, on the other hand, continues to uplift Japanese artists through his company, Be My Self Group (BMSG). 

Listen to “Just Breathe” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms. Look forward to Stray Kids’ comeback and more projects from SKY-HI.

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