Small Business Spotlight: @leecheeshop

By: EnVi Media

Describe your business : 

We offer printing and design services. We print the orders through a supplier and we use editing software and apps to make the designs. We also manage K-pop group orders where we take orders for various kinds of goods, both official and unofficial. 

Picture of your product(s) :

Inspiration and Background Story of the Shop :

Starting from the last 2 years, cup sleeve events became popular in our country. [To the point] where you could find at least 5 cup sleeve events on the same day within the same radius. We saw how many fans give out freebies which usually consist of photocards, photo strips, and handbanners. So we thought that why not start a service where we can offer to help them with printing their freebies and even help design them for an affordable price? We started the business after going to Ong Seongwu’s fan meeting together (hence the name LeeChee which was how he pronounced lychee during the fan meeting). Then COVID-19 came and most cup sleeve events and concerts couldn’t be held, so we took a break as well. Since the virus is still here, we thought to ourselves that maybe we could do something else to keep the business running and that’s how we added group order as one of our services.

Usage of Advertisement :

Our main platform is Twitter, but we also have Carousell and just recently, Instagram as well. We wouldn’t say that there’s any specific technique but most of the time, we tag selling accounts to help us RT our posts. We also put any relevant hashtags to the post so it can get wider engagement.

Unsatisfied Customers Encounters :

There was once where the customer pointed out a minor printing defect, and of course, we apologized and talked to them about it, and thankfully, they understood that such things are out of our control. 

Struggles of owning a small business :

As a small business, money isn’t always rolling into our account so it’s worrying when we couldn’t sell our ready stocks when we need the money to cover for the upcoming stocks. Since we’re a small business, rather than caring about profit, we care more about customers’ satisfaction so sometimes we wonder where the money goes (lol). Also, we can’t help but worry if people would still want to use our service.

Business Insights :

Never be afraid to try new things, none of us never imagined doing this whole business thing, but here we are!

Unexpected Benefits :

We definitely have improved on our soft skills. We have a small following, so things aren’t as stressful as we don’t have to deal with a lot of orders and the probability of encountering unfavorable customers is almost none. Also, our editing and designing skills get better than we first started as we’re able to learn and take the time with a design.

Go-to advisors :

Family and friends. And each other (heh)

Tips and Encouragements for aspiring sellers :

When you first begin, it may be hard, and at times you might feel like quitting. But if the business is something that you’re passionate about, please do go for it! Getting people to say “thank you for your hard work” is satisfying and motivating! Struggles are unavoidable but do not give up. Also, always put yourself above everything. Remember, you matter most.

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