Creative journaling is an artistic way to store your most cherished memories, thoughts, and photos. There are many ways to design your spreads and put your creative twist on the page. Despite the relaxing nature of journaling and its therapeutic benefits for mental health, the blank pages and endless possible designs can be overwhelming. Bring back the fun and artistry that journaling can offer by starting K-pop-themed spreads in a journal! Here are some unique and creative ways to spice up your journal with elements of K-pop.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Dedicate a page to celebrating your favorite group’s anniversary or your bias’ birthday. You can also add photos of your favorite moments, outfits, and performances from that idol will make the spread unique to you. A letter expressing your admiration for their talent and hard work is also a great way to fill the page.

Tracy’s Corner dedicates a journal spread to BTSJin and writes their thoughts on his departure for his military service. They give him well wishes and describe a funny moment that captures what they love about his personality.

Album Review

Record your thoughts and opinions on your latest comebacks and album releases. A journal spread from Instagram user @chamomile.clouds detailed their thoughts on TXT’s latest title track and music video, “Sugar Rush Ride.” The spread is covered with adorable stickers, lyrics from the single, and photos from the music video.

Monthly Playlist

Spotlight the songs you had on repeat all month with a music-themed spread. Add descriptions or reviews of these tracks, or keep it simple with pictures of the album cover and cute colors. Instagram user @94delight simply listed out their favorite tracks of the month and gave a description of the vibe for that month, as well as an image of Jung Kook from BTS.

Photo Collage

A simple photo collage of your favorite idol or group is a great way to fill up pages and put your creative skills to work. Add stickers and decorative paper to add texture and vibrancy to the spread. 

Here are some more creative journaling spreads by K-pop fans to use as inspiration! In the first Instagram post, user @mywonyo made a spread dedicated to Jennie from BLACKPINK. The spread includes a picture of Jennie wearing a pink and white outfit and is embellished with black and pink stickers. This type of spread is perfect for those who prefer to express themselves through visual aspects rather than words.

Journaling Essentials

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to journaling. There are many topics for you to cover and tools to decorate with, so don’t limit yourself. Remember that journaling is a stress-free way for you to express yourself. So whether you’re a beginner or a journaling master, remember to have fun!

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