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As we step into March, EnVi is here to kick start the month with the freshest releases of the week. In our latest Sunday Spin, Team EnVi has curated a playlist featuring the hottest global hits to help set just the right vibe. So, whether you’re seeking musical inspiration or just looking for some great new artists, check out what’s on our Sunday Spin.

Dena – “on read”

On February 27, Taiwanese singer-songwriter and YouTuber Dena released her new single “on read.” Her first single since being signed to Warner Music Taiwan, Dena’s “on read” ripples with a heartache that has not yet healed. Minimal production and a simple guitar line allow Dena’s gentle voice to shine, even as she desperately sings, “can I not go through it all again / don’t wanna leave my heart open and on read.” In her Instagram caption celebrating the release, Dena dedicates “on read” to those who have experienced the rollercoaster of emotions that come with a (sort-of-but-not-really) heartbreak. Her latest track is “like the diary you never knew you needed for your heart to heal from all of the confusion love brings💌,” she wrote. The relatable singer-songwriter also reached out with a virtual hug and comforting words, saying, “hang in there guys, Dena’s got chu🫶🏼.”

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CHUNG HA – “I’m Ready”

“I’m Ready” by CHUNG HA marks the triumphant return of the K-pop female soloist after a two-year break. The track is released ahead of her upcoming digital single set, EENIE MEENIE. The short yet captivating song sets the stage for the singer-songwriter’s highly anticipated comeback. With the empowering lyrics, “I’m ready to get this stage / Passing through the noisy night / Heading towards that light,” CHUNG HA exudes confidence and determination as she gets ready to hit the stage once again. As fans eagerly await the release of her next single “EENIE MEENIE,” featuring HONGJOONG of ATEEZ, “I’m Ready” serves as a promising glimpse into what’s to come for the artist. 

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ATLAS – I Got That Magic

T-Pop boyband ATLAS is back with their latest single, “I Got That Magic.” Just a few months after the release of their second studio album, Mangosteen, members Erwin, Muon, Poom, Nice, Jet, Junior, and Tad have returned with a new digital single to keep their fans — called ALIAS — excited. “I Got That Magic” is a hip-hop song tinged with pop elements produced by Benlussboy, one-half of the production duo Luss. The song is a braggadocious track, with lyrics meant to set ATLAS apart from others when it comes to getting the attention of someone they’re interested in. “Girl, you know I bring the energy,” and “I can be the one for you, making everything you wish come true,” are exclaimed by the members throughout the song. The production makes the song even more interesting, mixing different sounds and elements. During parts of the song, there’s a more rock undercurrent, while during the chorus the beat gives off a dubstep vibe, making the song as unique and flavorful as the seven members of the group. 
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TAEYONG  – “Moon Tour”

Following the success of his debut solo album SHALALA, K-pop star TAEYONG is back with his sophomore album TAP. The album features a variety of tracks, spanning from cheeky raps to emotional ballads, serving as a testament to TAEYONG’s versatility as both a rapper and vocalist. One standout track on the album is the alternative R&B tune “Moon Tour.” Throughout the track, TAEYONG draws parallels between his love for a partner and the concept of touring the moon, likening their relationship to a journey throughout the cosmos. Backed by dreamy synths, TAEYONG croons about his unwavering love, even in the face of inevitable separation: “Even if this tour is over / I’ll still love you to the moon and back / Like eternal starlight.” 

Throughout the song, TAEYONG’s raw emotions shine through as he expresses the depths of his affection. He passionately belts, “The melody of my heart beats for you / Oh, you are a beautiful star.” The multi-hyphenate continues to captivate listeners with his resonant storytelling and heartfelt vocals, solidifying his place in the K-pop scene. 

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RiTchie, Aminé – “Dizzy”

American rapper RiTchie, formerly of the hip-hop group Injury Reserve and current member of the duo By Storm, has teamed up with fellow rapper Aminé on the catchy rap song “Dizzy.” The song serves as the second single from Ritchie’s upcoming solo debut album, Triple Digits [112], set to be released on April 5. In the head-bop-inducing track, the duo delivers witty verses critiquing those who prioritize materialism over everything else. In the first verse, Ritchie criticizes the selfish behavior of someone considering their own wants over their loved ones’ needs: “If you would stick your neck out for anything / Why don’t you get your girl a little diamond ring? / And maybe buy your kids all some new clothes / ‘Cause you be staying fresh, but they got holes.”

Aminé adds his signature humor and deadpan delivery to the mix, calling out absurd behavior with the lines, “Look, you the type to link-and-build at a urinal (True) / Your granny died, and you taking fit pics at the funeral.” Together, the dynamic duo questions the source of the person’s lavish lifestyle, pointing out his lack of a job and realizing that it must be because of rich parents. 

With the release of “Dizzy,” it seems Triple Digits [112] may be on track to be the best album of the year. 

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Hans., Meaningful Stone – “Grandmother Is Waiting For Me”

Part of 88Rising’s Rookies of 2022 and first known for his collaboration, “Froyo,” with bedroom pop star Clairo, New Zealand-Korean artist and producer Hans. teamed up with Korean indie singer Meaningful Stone for a touching song. Released on Feb. 27, the music video was shot in Hans.’s grandmother’s home in Korea and was inspired by every time he had to say goodbye to her, knowing that their time together is limited.

The pair originally connected through the photographer Abi Raymaker, who also snapped art for the single. Dreamy and spacey, the song is a sentimental ode to the mundane but precious moments that we share with our aging family members. Hans.’s laid back rap style which is just barely intelligible is contrasted by Meaningful Stone’s trademark bright sound. Filmed in the cold Korean winter, this song is an ode to the bittersweet patches of warmth we find within our homes and families.

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HYBS – “Satellite”

HYBS, the Thailand-based duo, is back with a brand new song “Satellite.” The track is a mesmerizing blend of alt-pop and R&B that invites listeners into a world of slow, chill vibes and heartfelt lyrics. “Satellite,” featured on their last album as a group WELL DONE, speaks to the theme of companionship and standing by each other’s side through thick and thin. With its soothing melodies and introspective lyrics, “Satellite” captures the essence of a deep connection between two people who serve as each other’s guiding lights. 

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ScHoolboy Q – “Lost Times”

“Lost Times” by ScHoolboy Q is a standout rap track from his latest album, Blue Lips. The rapper dives into themes of resilience, self-belief and the complexities of human relationships throughout the song. The captivating chorus, sung by singer-songwriter Jozzy, adds a layer of emotions as he sings about navigating life’s ups and downs. Through his lyrics, ScHoolboy Q delves into the complexities of human relationships and the pursuit of happiness, reflecting on the importance of self-perseverance and self-confidence. On X (formerly know as Twitter), ScHoolboy Q revealed that the track was written in 2021 and that it still remains his favorite on the album. 

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Just weeks after going viral across social media for their song, “Just Like Dat,” J-Pop boy group Psychic Fever, a subgroup of the larger mega group EXILE TRIBE, has returned. New song “The Heat” does exactly what the title promises and brings the heat to a captivating track. Clocking in at three minutes, “The Heat” is an upbeat, catchy Pop-R&B song right in time for spring. The song is the first release ahead of their newly announced EP, Psychic File II. And was named to go along with the group’s upcoming Asia Tour entitled “HEAT,” which promises through its tagline to “ignite your dreams.” The smooth vocals during the chorus are complimented by deep gritty rap verses and a sung siren (wee-woo) sound. With lyrics instructing the listener to “heat up, heat up, heat up” and “put your hands up to the sky,” the track gives off a carefree, party vibe making it fun to listen to surrounded by friends, or alone in your room for an instant mood boost. 

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Adam” by Turkish artist Rana Türkyilmaz, and “Back The Way We Came” by Singaporean band Coming Up Roses. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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