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In our latest Sunday Spin, Team EnVi has gathered the freshest global hits on our specially curated playlist, designed to keep you pumped for the week ahead. As we wrap up February, join us, sit back, and relax with our Sunday Spin playlist to close the month on a musical high note.

Mingginyu – “your cold hand”

As time moves forward, Indie Folk singer-songwriter Minggingyu can’t help but reminisce about a difficult moment in her past through her new EP, your cold hand. The heart-tugging EP envelops a delicate and sensitive soundscape, resulting in a personal and raw auditory experience for listeners alongside the wistful narrative sung. Self-composed and produced by Mingginyu and other talented musicians, the artist successfully layers a somber tone and invokes a sorrowful sentiment with her transparent lyricism and minimalistic use of instruments. With a single acoustic guitar, “your cold hand” tells of a past relationship full of grief, loneliness, and pain, searching for answers to past curiosities while coming to accept the harsh reality of their own downfall.

Cover artwork was done by photographer and director Chaemoo Kim.

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Haruomi Hosono, Mac DeMarco – “Boku Wa Chotto”

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Haruomi Hosono’s 1973 debut solo album Hosono House, Canadian singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco showcases his love for his hero with a personal rendition of the Japanese singer’s famous track “Boku Wa Chotto.” Sung in Japanese, the once country-fused song is transformed into an ambient ballad, bringing sole focus to the gentle serenade and soft guitar strumming. In this cover, Mac DeMarco stays true to the song’s colors with the minimal use of instruments, singing of enjoying the peaceful days before you and taking bliss in moments of silence, laughter, reflection, and dreaming.

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Following their big year of hip-hop and Jersey club sounds of 2023, LE SSERAFIM has returned and is now in their trap/R&B bag with “EASY.” Serving as the lead single of their newest EP, “EASY” flaunts a more laid-back and cool-girl sound to the girl group that they haven’t necessarily shown off since 2022’s “Fearless.” They’re taunting the listener with how naturally it comes to being a member of LE SSERAFIM — poised with charm, grace, and most of all, talent. Judging by the popularity of their more recent title tracks, you’re instantly reminded of their more dynamic and upbeat ventures that have taken K-pop by storm in recent years. But the amount of confidence it takes to pull off a subdued track like this, they really do make it look so damn easy.

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Billkin – “ก้าวก่าย (Meddling)”

Thai superstar Billkin Putthipong has returned with his latest single, “ก้าวก่าย (Meddling).” Coming off of a fresh win for previous single “Mr. Everything” as Best Melody of the Year at the LINE Melody Music awards and on the cusp of a new movie release, Billkin is starting 2024 with a bang. Written and produced by Thai singer-songwriter BOWKYLION, “ก้าวก่าย (Meddling)” is an uptempo R&B track detailing the regret and longing after a breakup. 

Bilkin’s ex has moved on to a new relationship, but he is still stuck in what they used to have. “I wish to leave / but I am unable to / I’m still meddling / even though I have no right to hold you back,” he sings in the chorus. His rich and smooth vocals are highlighted over the simple production adding depth to the song. The music video depicts Billkin peering into romantic moments of his ex’s new relationship. There, as a ghost not able to be seen or interact, he reaches out to his ex anyway but never makes contact. 

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Saint Levant – “Deira”

Saint Levant released an emotional ode to his homeland of Palestine featuring young rapper MC Abdul. Entitled “Deira” the track is a somber celebration of their fellow Palestinians for their resilience while also uplifting their culture and yearning for freedom. The track — fully in Arabic is rich in sound and production, featuring violins and traditional instruments. Levant’s vocals are soft but firm in their conviction to the lyrics and 15 year old MC Abdul’s rap verse stays poignant on on the nose, “imagine try to fly with no wings / but I promise you the cagebird sings in the wintertime,” a reference to legendary poet, Maya Angelou’s book I Know Why The Cagedbird Sings. The universal understanding, expressed by Angelou in the poem, is that the confined bird sings for “things unknown but longed for still” a sentiment that continues to ring true and mirrors the entire message of “Deira.”

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Caroline Romano – “Used By You”

Rising alt-pop artist Caroline Romano, released her powerful new single, “Used by You.” The song combines pop and alt-rock sounds, featuring melodic guitars and strong percussion in the production. In this track, Caroline narrates a relatable story of unrequited love, exploring the side effects of deep admiration combined with the fear of losing someone.

In a press release, Romano described “Used By You” as “brutal,” emphasizing its honest, blunt, and real nature. The song delves into the complexities of loving someone to the point of being willing to move mountains for them, even when they may not reciprocate. It explores the idea that the fear of losing someone is so strong that you’re willing to lose yourself instead.

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Elle Darlington – “hiatus”

Twenty-year-old rising star, UK-based Elle Darlington has dropped her new single “hiatus.” The pop R&B groove follows her previous releases “christmas with you,” and debut single “wish you would,” making it her first release of 2024. “hiatus” encourages listeners to prioritize themselves and step away from situations that no longer serve them. “Oh God, I’m in need of a vacation / A full stop ’cause I’m needing me some time alone / l’ma turn off my location / Can’t avoid that you never put me in the zone.”

In the music video, Elle is at home trying to get over a breakup, ignoring the barrage of text messages from her ex and choosing to practice self-care instead. The song is perfect for a chill night with the girls and comes just in time to help soothe any post-Valentine’s Day breakups.

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Conor Maynard – “Maybe I”

Hailing from across the pond, UK pop artist Conor Maynard has been ahead of the curve for over a decade now, adapting to the musical landscapes around him and crossing over into corners of the industry you wouldn’t even expect to see him in. But he’s there; he’s always been there. After 12 years of experimenting with his sound—from pop to R&B, EDM, and house—Maynard has shown how much of a chameleon he truly is. His latest single, “Maybe I,” is no different.

In this crisp new pop track, “Maybe I” sees Maynard struggle with the realization that his “situationship” has turned into something more complicated as he starts to develop romantic feelings for his partner. He goes back and forth, wondering if they should cross that line, or if she even feels the same way — fearing that if he admits it to her and himself, he might just lose her altogether. “Maybe I love you / Know we both said no strings, but maybe I want to,” Maynard contemplates. The singer always has a way of making heartbreaks and bad decisions sound good, but the delicious trap breakdown in that last chorus is enough to just make you throw all of your inhibitions out the window and hope for the best.

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AleXa – “sick”

K-pop artist AleXa kicks off 2024 with “sick,” an early 00s-inspired pop-rock anthem record. The song is the first in a series of singles the artist plans to release throughout the year. “sick” describes the ups and downs of a toxic relationship, and navigating the inner feelings of not wanting better for yourself while also feeling undeserving of a partner who can seemingly do no wrong. “Boy you make me sick / You’re too fucking perfect I don’t deserve it…Sick to my stomach / I wanna vomit kissing your lips.” 

The poignant music video sees AleXa and her beau having a knockdown, drag-out fight in multiple settings. By the end AleXa kills her boyfriend, putting an end to the vicious cycle. The track, in its vocal arrangements and production, is reminiscent of early Avril Lavigne, marking an evolution from AleXa’s previous more traditional pop-leaning discography. 

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Inochizuna” by syudou, “HELLO WORLD” by LiSA, and TWICE’s “One Spark.” Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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