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In this week’s edition of Sunday Spin, Team EnVi has sifted through the newest global releases to bring you a fresh playlist, tailor-made for your week ahead. If you want to extend the Lunar New Year celebratory mood or simply unwind with some new music, check out our specially curated Sunday Spin playlist below.

Conan Gray – “Lonely Dancers”

Singer-songwriter Conan Gray released his groovy single “Lonely Dancers.” This single is the fourth ahead of his new album release, FOUND HEAVEN, dropping April 5. Setting the stage for a new era, Gray’s diverse colors shine through his newest work as he shows off his vibrant artistic versatility.

“Lonely Dancers” gives listeners a sense of nostalgia with heavy nods to popular 80s instrumentals. The song follows Gray through heartbreak, using music as a distraction from his emotions. As he sings, “We’re lonely dancers, baby / Dance with me so we don’t cry,” the cure to his broken heart calls for a song in the jukebox and dancing the night away.

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Jeff Satur – “Yellow Leaf”

“Yellow Leaf” is the eighth track from Thai multihyphenate, Jeff Satur’s, newly released album Space Shuttle No.8. Written and produced by Satur himself, the track spins the tale of a beautiful love story, aided by Satur’s soft yet raw vocals and acoustic guitar. The official description of the song details that it’s a profession of love so immense it’s immeasurable even compared the amount of yellow leaves that blanket the earth in the fall. “When autumn leaves turn yellow and fall, the sheer quantity of them seems impossible to compare to how much I love you. The feelings I have for you, no matter how much time passes, will never run out.” However, the song also holds a bit of melancholy timbre in Satur’s voice especially as the song winds down with a repeated lyric of “Forever love for you” leaving the listener guessing on what becomes of this love. 

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Jinsol – “WITHOUT YOU ft. JEY”

Craving a break from the lovey-dovey? We’ve got you covered. Fashion designer, artist, and musician Jinsol Woo dropped the sultry R&B track, “WITHOUT YOU” featuring Korean hip-hop artist, JEY. Produced by Zerum and written by Woo, “WITHOUT YOU” tells the story of an unhealthy relationship. Alongside JEY’s smooth rap, Woo perfectly captures the toxic cycle of staying with someone regardless of what they may have done with you. It couldn’t be more clear than when Jinsol sings sorrowfully in the chorus “You know that I’m nothing without you.” 

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Doris Club – “The Sleeper and The Bed”

Singeporean artist Linying, now performing under the moniker Doris Club, unveils her debut project, featuring the single “The Sleeper and The Bed,” co-written and produced with Rob McCurdy of production duo Noise Club. The song, backed by delicate fingerpicked guitar and rich textures, explores grief and sorrow showcasing the tale of heartache and family disintegration. According to Doris Club’s in a press release, “The Sleeper and the Bed details the heartbreak of watching her family disintegrate, expressing a longing for more time.”

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NoMBe- ”Space for Two”

Singer-songwriter NoMBe is back with his first single in two years titled “Space for Two.” This track is a perfect playlist addition when driving with the windows down with your favorite person on a sunny day. The fun and upbeat tune is paired with sweet lyrics about running away with his lover. In the chorus he sings “I’ll go anywhere / As long as there’s space for two / So would you run away right now / I dare you to,” embracing the adventure and excitement that comes with romance.

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Emei – “Love Me Not”

Alternative pop princess Emei returned with her new single, “Love Me Not.” With a fast-paced instrumental, the song captures Emei’s urgent frustration with her lover. In the chorus, she sings, “Do you really love me, do you love me not? / Am I the girl of your dreams or am I gonna be blocked?” Emei goes on an emotional rampage, expressing her anger for still having feelings toward them despite her fears of ending up heartbroken. Written in a way to exhibit female rage, she shared in a recent Instagram post, “i love female rage i love writing my stupid thoughts into song form hope you guys love it too.”

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Ice Paris – “365 Days feat. SMEW”

Thai artist Ice Paris released his happy-go-lucky single “365 Days,” featuring the rapper SMEW. The song is a pop track with gentle hip-hop elements with an addictive chorus that makes it an instant ear-worm. “365 Days” is perfect for the Season of Love, as Ice Paris sings gleefully about being thankful for having his girl in his life. The song coupled with its music video really exudes an air of pure and innocent joy. Anyone with a heart full of gratitude for their significant other or truthfully just anyone in their life would find themselves obsessed with this tender tune.

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Japanese music group WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA released their latest single, “Ghost and Writer,” this week as the ultimate bop for the waning winter. The group is known for their unique sound, combining EDM, J-pop, and hip-hop to create eccentric tracks. “Ghost and Writer” is a perfect blend of bubblegum pop and EDM, yielding a song that would make anyone jump to their feet. The lyrics juxtapose the vibe as vocalist, Utaha, sings about the pitfalls of life. 

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “STUPID IN LOVE” by Max feat. Huh Hyunjin, Turkish artists Akdo and Cakal’s “DOYAMADIM,” “mr useless” by Shygirl and SG lewis. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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