Jinsol Breaks Hearts with New Single “WITHOUT YOU” Featuring JEY

By: Vanessa Arias
Thumbnail courtesy of Jinsol

If you’re feeling lovesick this Valentine’s season and need a tune to match your vibe, don’t worry — Jinsol has got you covered. After almost a year since his last release, fashion designer, artist, and musician Jinsol Woo is back with yet another banger. On February 9, Jinsol teamed up with Korean hip-hop artist, JEY, to create the R&B single “WITHOUT YOU.”

Jinsol Can’t Help But Be Nothing “WITHOUT YOU”

While many consider February to be the most romantic month of the year, it is not immune to heartbreak. Jinsol dives headfirst into the borderline obsessive nature of feeling wanted. The sexy R&B track tells a story of loving someone so much that no matter how much they hurt you, you simply can’t leave. This model of the toxic cycle of an unhealthy relationship is depicted flawlessly by Jinsol as he sings blatantly in the chorus, “You know that I’m nothing without you, even if you abandon me and leave far away.”

The visuals of the music video push the narrative further. With Jinsol pictured alongside his love interest, Monako, amidst happy memories the two recorded together, anyone would think they are the perfect couple. It’s in the pairing of these shots with the scenes of Jinsol on his own, longingly looking into the camera with the dark scenery of the city behind him, that it becomes a bit more clear that there is more that lies under the surface of the image the duo puts out. 

Through Jinsol’s melancholic vocals coupled with JEY’s sensual rap, “WITHOUT YOU” explores the complex push and pull of being in an unhealthy relationship that makes you feel adored. Jinsol perfectly captures the addiction of someone who has been both scorned and pleased by a toxic love. 

Jack of All Trades

As the founder of his jewelry and clothing brand, OHTNYC, Jinsol is no stranger to the creative industry. After making a name for himself in the fashion space, Jinsol took to music, exploring his sound and treating it as a passion project. The artist has stapled R&B with lo-fi vibes as his hallmark, defining his sound in just two years. Although his music career is relatively new, he has already released an EP alongside a couple of singles, and opened for the K-pop girl group, IVE. With so many creative outlets at his fingertips, there is no telling what Jinsol will do next.

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Lyric translation by Sophia Fox.

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