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February is (finally) here, and EnVi is ready to kick off the month with a bang and brand-new music. In this week’s edition of Sunday Spin, we’ve handpicked the freshest releases from around the globe to fuel you for the week ahead.


Eleven months since their last global release, and with a massive sold-out world tour under their belt, K-pop girl group TWICE are back with their latest pre-release single, “I GOT YOU.” The song is the opener to their new era and album With You-th, which will be out later this month. The all-English track is reminiscent of their previous releases “I Can’t Stop” and “SET ME FREE,” with an ‘80s pop-inspired production. 

The lyrics of the song are a love letter of reassurance to the important people in TWICE’s lives. As long as they’re together, nothing can tear them apart. “No matter what / you got me / I got you,” and “No drop of doubt / we’ll make it through / like we always do” is sung repeatedly in the chorus. The music video, meanwhile, shows the nine group members relishing in their sisterhood on a boat as they sail across the waters. The heavy lyrical subject matter is balanced out by the fun, synth-filled track underneath and the “doo doo doo doos” that lead the song to its closing.

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Bella Poarch & 6arelyhuman – “Don’t Like Anybody”

TikTok-sensation-turned-musical-artist Bella Poarch has released her latest single alongside EDM/Dance musician 6arelyhuman. The track is short — clocking in at just over two minutes — but it packs a punch with its fun beat drop and catchy melodies. “Don’t Like Anybody” tells the story of an antisocial Bella going to a crowded party she really doesn’t want to be at. But, she happens to catch the eye of someone else there that makes going worth it. The earworm lyrics “I really just like you, I don’t like anybody” comprises the rest of the track. Porch and 6arelyhuman first sing these lines separately then harmonize the line together towards the end.

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Arthur Nery & Janine Berdin – “Mikasa” 

“Mikasa” is the latest track from Filipino singer-songwriters Arthur Nery and Janine Berdin. As one of the Philippines’ most successful voices of the 2020s — following his smash global hit “Pagsamo” — everything Nery touches turns to sonic gold. Berdin, a multi-hyphenate in her own right, also released her last hit “Sitwasyonship” just a few months ago in September. “Mikasa” is an alternative R&B song with a simple, almost calming, production that compliments the relaxed vocals from both Berdin and Nery. 

As the song builds towards its climax, in the bridge Berdin raises the tension, gradually getting louder in her vocalization. Both singers then go back-and-forth, their voices growing louder and stronger with each trading verse in a melodic argument that neither seems to win. As a result, the song ends on a rather melancholic note. According to the official description of the song on the lyric visualizer, the track details an imbalanced, unhealthy love rooted in irrational desire, that causes the person to do almost anything for the other. An avid anime fan, Berdin was heavily inspired by the story of Mikasa Ackerman, a character from Attack on Titans.

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Shekhar Ravjiani & Sunidhi Chauhan – “Phir Sochna Kya”

Play it loud and dance like no one’s watching with Indian singers Shekhar Ravjiani and Sunidhi Chauhan in their new track “Phir Sochna Kya.” Composed by Indian lyricist Rashmi Virag, this song is devoted to all the impulsive ones who wear their hearts on their sleeves and who wish to do whatever they feel is right. Adopting a techno mix, Chauhan shows off her charisma with her low octave range. Adding Ravjiani’s soulful tonal quality to the track results in a perfect harmonization to compliment this funky beat. As exciting as the song’s rhythm and lyrics are, the two singers are seen dancing freely in an elevator as they sing along to their easy-feel melody.

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Ege Can Sal – “Normalde”

Turkish-pop artist Ege Can Sal is driven crazy in his recent single “Normalde.” Known for his experimental and distinct sound in music, Ege Can Sal returns with a dramatic piece featuring both robust vocals and rich downtempo. The track leans towards an electronic mix of rhythms and an evocative melody, resulting in an ominous yet soulful soundscape. The artist presents relatable lyrics through his somber lyricism, as he describes the emotional distress driven by the absence of the one he desires and longs for. Ege Can Sal keeps his music video as blunt as his song with a bird’s-eye view shot and blue neon light shining down on him as he grooves along to the song. With the simplicity of the verses and the song’s addictive repetitive chorus, “You drove me crazy / I’m not like this normally,” listeners are immersed in an alluring rhythmic experience.

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Regina Song – “discord”

Ever been embarrassed by your Discord crush? 19-year-old Singaporean singer-songwriter Regina Song has just the song for you: her angsty rock single “discord.” This track is set as the sequel to her past release “love… at first sight?,” which was a song originating from crushing hard on an online (Discord) blind date her best friend set her up on. In “discord,” Regina asks him out, yet she is immediately turned down due to him being “too busy.” However, the singer-songwriter discovers his lie as she notices him gaming on Discord, leaving Regina ashamed and furious. Dedicated to those who’ve had their heart broken by Discord boys, “discord” is an outlet for those who’ve experienced a similar fury-fueled story.

This rage rock single breathes life into the singer’s anger through the electric guitar’s heavy metal arrangement, cadenced drum beats, and faint supporting synths. Matching the instrumental’s emotional performance, the track’s lyrics follow suit and carries the aching experience with Regina singing, “I’m so embarrassed / What a joke! / But I’ll sleep in peace / Knowing that I put a curse on your game console.” The story ends with the Discord’s voice call disconnect audio sample signaling the end of Regina’s grievance with the boy from the past.

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BABYMONSTER – “Stuck In The Middle”

YG Entertainment’s newest girl group BABYMONSTER has released “Stuck in The Middle,” the follow-up track to their November debut single “BATTER UP.” The seven-member group, currently promoting as six, shows a new side of themselves with the latest release, a slower mid-tempo ballad as opposed to the fiery, hip-hop-inspired concept they started with. “Stuck In The Middle” is an all-English song and showcases the members’ vocal skills and their fluency in the English language. 

The lyrics of the song recount the emotions of a relationship riddled with uncertainty and conflicting feelings. The members describe the sentiment of being stuck in the middle of not only the other person’s feelings but their own, too, and not knowing exactly where they stand. The single serves as a pre-release ahead of the group’s debut album. BABYMONSTER’s debut album is set to be released this spring, which will see them unite as seven. 

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Tere Bina” by Shreea Kaul, “The Good Life” by Monkey Majik, and “Broken” by Seori Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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