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Chase away the winter blues with the warmest new music releases in this first installment of Sunday Spin. Dive into these rhythms and melodies that will set the perfect tone for your lazy Sunday!

IVE (featuring Saweetie) – “All Night”

Popular girl group IVE kicked off 2024 with their first English-language single, “All Night” featuring rap star Saweetie. Released on the cusp of IVE’s first world tour, aptly titled Show What I Have, “All Night” serves as a track that their fans across the globe can sing along to. 

Additionally “All Night” captivates with an interpolation of the Swedish pop-synth duo Icona Pop‘s 2013 hit of the same name, delivering an infectious dance floor anthem. The chorus resonates with the promise of an endless night, complemented by Saweetie’s signature verses. The music video showcases the IVE members trading a night of to-dos for a girls night in the office as they confidently strut around the building. It ends with a witty voicemail message from Saweetie, informing that the girls are no longer in the office and you can try to leave them a message, but they may not get back to you. They’re booked and busy. 

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Valencia Grace – “Skin”

“Skin” is the latest track from emerging singer-songwriter Valencia Grace. The song, which is a part of Grace’s upcoming EP, was inspired by a therapy session where she reflected on a seven-year absence from someone close to her. Undergoing a personal transformation, Grace realized she had become her own person, and the seven years away led to her connection to the person fading away like dust settling on the floor.

The track embodies a universal feeling of fragility through Grace’s floaty vocals and stripped back accompaniment. The video captures Grace’s strength in vulnerability, aligning with the song’s theme of rebirth, as she envisions what a fully-grown adult would look like as a newborn.

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DannyLux – “Un Día Entenderás”

Mexican American singer DannyLux makes his appearance once again with his new sentimental single “Un Día Entenderás.” Incorporating the addictingly hypnotic “alternative-sierreño” style with the sound of regional Mexican music, the track holds nostalgia, regret, and bittersweet emotions. 

DannyLux’s sentimentalism is expressed through melancholic lyricism, as he serenades listeners: “I don’t know who I’m lying to / If inside I’m dying / I loved you as one rarely loves / Baby, you are the one who has my heart rotten / I always write to you, I’m offended / Your memory haunts me, even if they force me to forget you.”

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Victor Ray – “Comfortable”

Ugandan-born, London-based R&B singer Victor Ray just dropped his latest single, “Comfortable.” The track delves into the quest for peace amid challenging circumstances, blending powerful vocals with a soulful groove. Addressing the harsh reality of staying in toxic situations out of comfort, “Comfortable” comes on the heels of Ray’s fall 2023 EP, i felt. 

A relatable line “I’m stuck at all that I’m used to / and I shouldn’t stay but I choose to” opens the track, complemented by Ray’s velvety and restrained singing in the verses. But as the song gets to the chorus, Ray’s voice grows stronger — a metaphor for gaining the strength to leave the harmful situation. But in a turn of events (or not), the song abruptly ends with Ray accepting his circumstances, boasting that at least he’s not alone and leaving the listener hanging, wanting to see what happens next.

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Jeff Satur – “ซ่อน(ไม่)หา | Ghost”

Multi-talented T-pop sensation Jeff Satur hides all his bliss of the past in his sorrowful single “ซ่อน (ไม่) หา | Ghost.” Giving listeners and viewers a love story full of hope and pain, Jeff Satur expresses the heart-wrenching emotions of letting go and moving forward from his past relationship. 

Accompanied by light piano playing and low bass beats, the artist narrates a sentimental tale of falling out of love and accepting the harsh reality of acceptance, healing, and venturing away from the past. Jeff Satur captivates listeners with his resonant tone and the raw emotions in his deep lyricism.

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Genre-bending artist UMI kicks off the year with her soulful single “SHOW ME OUT” in her new EP talking to the wind. Utilizing instrumentals such as pulsating bass and reverb effects, the mellow song creates an addicting soft and atmospheric soundscape for listeners. Through her dreamy single, UMI expresses the glamor of her romance and the desirous connection held between the two parties. 

In company with the charming lyrics, UMI takes viewers on a visionary journey in her colorful music video. There are no cuts in the video, as viewers are taken on a spinning trip from one scene to another. We not only witness a bouncy choreography number but also a cheerful UMI singing about her appetite for love.

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Tai Verdes – “Pipe Down”

Hear your heart pound with R&B/pop singer Tai Verdes new groovy single “Pipe Down.” Expressing the gluttony for elegance in life and the haunting of societal expectations, Tai Verdes creatively addresses the fusion and conflict between one’s lust for the confirmation of societal norms and the discovery of one’s own true self. 

With the track’s inquiry of individuality, the artist raps along to the rich beats of electronica with declarative lyrics such as, “Just pipe down / If you listen you can hear your heart pound.” Coupling the instrumental elements of soul and indie rock, Tai Verdes’ exhibits the blend of genres and self assertion of perspective towards the community around him.

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AJ Mitchell – “Foolish”

Starting off the new year deep and personal, American singer-songwriter AJ Mitchell released his first emotional single “Foolish.” Produced and co-written with collaborator Kid Culture, AJ Mitchell gives listeners a different outlook on romance, singing of a love so overwhelming yet so harmful. Paired alongside the music video’s stunning scenic shots, the film concurrently showcases the emotional despair and painful confrontations through this intense relationship. 

Singing about his insecurities, AJ Mitchell confesses to his irrationality and greed, expressing in the lyrics, “Am I foolish for thinking that / I could run right through the fire and not get burned? / I don’t ever learn / If I’m stupid for thinking that.” Through this vulnerable single, AJ Mitchell shows what it is to be human and the outlook on a love that brings more harm than good. 

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H1-KEY – Thinkin’ About You”

H1-KEY makes a fierce entrance into 2024 with their digital single, “Thinkin’ About You,” marking the start of their project, H1-KEYnote. This release is the inaugural installment in a series of songs aimed at sharing untold stories and messages with their fans, M1-KEY. 

An all-English, classic pop track, “Thinkin’ About You” articulates the delicate and realistic longing for a past lover while also showcasing strength and independence amid heartbreak. Taking the ‘I’m the best you’ve ever had’ trope and flipping it, H1-Key offers a softer truce of sorts with the lyrics, “I’ve been thinkin’ about the past and us two / And I don’t want you living in regret / When I know that I’m the best that you’ll ever get.” 

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