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April showers bring May flowers, but a new month also brings a flood of new music! Team EnVi is wrapping up the first week of April with tracks covering reimagination, rebranding, and revitalization — just in time for a fresh spring bloom!

Peggy Gou – “1+1=11”

Famous for her quirky dance cuts, intriguing visuals, and global magnetism, Peggy Gou continues to forge her unique path in the electronic music sphere. Alongside the announcement of her debut album, I Hear You (out this June), the South Korean and Berlin-based DJ unveiled her single “1+1=11” on April 4. The instrumental track recalls ‘90s dream house with its inviting melody and vibrant drum pattern, expanding Gou’s nostalgic sound palette and setting the tone for the anticipated festival season lying ahead. 

Accompanying the single and adding to its theme of togetherness is the music video, featuring Icelandic-Danish artist, and Gou’s friend, Olafur Eliasson. The latter dances inside a light installation at his studio in Berlin, moving across beams of multicolored light from different projectors and creating overlapping shadows and silhouettes. Eliasson’s interest in breakdancing as a teenager came to be defining to his work which plays with perception, movement and embodied experience. The artist also collaborated with Gou on the striking album cover where she is pictured wearing one of his pieces, as well as on the opening track where the DJ will be reciting a poem Eliasson wrote. I Hear You’s tracklist is set to feature massive hits such as last year’s(It Goes Like) Nanana” and the Lenny Kravitz duet “I Believe In Love Again.” 

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THE BOYZ – “Electric Energy (Reimagination)”

Following a record of spy-related hits — such as singles “The Stealer” and “WATCH IT” or B-side “Espionage” — THE BOYZ are onto their next sonic mission. Members Jacob and Kevin slid into action with their suave rendition of “Electric Energy” — originally performed by Ariana DeBose, Boy George, and Nile Rodgers as part of the original soundtrack for Argylle. Through the collaborative efforts of TITAN CONTENT, IST Entertainment, MARV, and PLATOON, THE BOYZ were able to add their touch to “Electric Energy” nearly two months after the film’s release. Argylle director Matthew Vaughn shared in a press release, “… I wanted to find a group to re-imagine [“Electric Energy”] for fans of a genre of music that my kids love. Once I was introduced to the phenomenon known as THE BOYZ I knew they would inject our track with an entirely different brand of ‘energy.’”

With visionary transformations, such as the group’s cover of VIXX’s “Shangri-La” for Road to Kingdom, it is no surprise that THE BOYZ spun a groovy disco track into a dramatic, orchestral ballad. Composer and record producer Lorne Balfe collaborated with music producer Stuart Price to add newfound cinematic depth to the track. Both Jacob and Kevin harnessed their distinctive vocal timbres to elevate the soul-stirring nature of “Electric Energy.” With an invigorating key change, THE BOYZ revitalized the track from top to bottom. Ever so grateful, Kevin explained, “It was such an honor to be a part of a project on such a wide scale. Jacob and I were very lucky to be able to work with talented and passionate people.” Agreeing with his fellow groupmate, Jacob shared, “It was an honor to be a part of this… We got to meet many great people, and they made the process very comfortable, so I am thankful. I hope that this ‘Electric Energy (Reimagination)’ will get lots of love as well!”

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Arthur Nery – “Segundo, Siguro”

OPM (Original Pinoy Music) is on the rise, and one of the latest icons of the genre is Arthur Nery. Tapping into a more R&B vibe, Nery harnesses his vocals to draw listeners into his music. That very same sway has resulted in him landing multiple tracks on Apple Music’s Top 100: Philippines playlist. On March 23, Nery released his latest single “Segundo, Siguro” — and it is a marker of his continuous growth as an artist. Just two weeks after its release, “Segundo, Siguro” has already racked up over a million streams on Spotify and climbed to the No. 5 spot on Spotify’s Daily Top Artists Philippines chart. 

The mellow instrumentals add a dreaminess to the song, but it is Nery’s vocal abilities that steal the show. Flexing his vocal prowess, the richness in his tone can be heard from his baritone register to falsetto riffs, and everything else in between. If you’re a fan of R&B-centric artists like NCT’s JAEHYUN or ZAYN, you’ll definitely want to tune into “Segundo, Siguro” and check out the rest of Arthur Nery’s hits.

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Yokkorio – “Can You Fix It”

Coming-of-age lyricism meets the dreamy sound of bedroom pop in Taiwanese indie singer-songwriter Yokkorio’s latest single, “Can You Fix It.”  Liao Yuwen, known by her stage name Yokkorio, wears many hats as a rising independent artist. Having been the composer, arranger, and producer of her own tracks, her music is an introspective reflection of life. In a press release, Yokkorio explained, “Music has taken me to many places, and accompanied me through wounds and healing. It will continue to show me the marvelousness of life…” 

“Can You Fix It” dives headfirst into the identity of being a daughter while attempting to navigate adulthood and pave her own future. Yokkorio’s delicate vocals complement the laid-back instrumental of the track, creating a lightweight ambiance in contrast to the heavy tone of the lyrics. She gently captures the overbearing delicacy of daughterhood as she confesses, “Don’t go too far / There’s a sadness to be shared / But what for / Be silent, be quiet / No, she can’t wake / Those not awake.”

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GloRilla And Megan Thee Stallion – “Wanna Be”

American rappers GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion have teamed up to release a scorching new anthem just in time for hot girl summer. Sampling Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag,” the track exudes confidence and empowerment with GloRilla’s bold verses and Megan’s electrifying presence. Set against a lively house party in the music video, the duo’s lyrics showcase themes of independence and self-assurance, culminating in a fierce declaration of dominance. 

GloRilla commands attention as she kicks off the track with her distinctive cadence, confidently asserting her independence. She playfully juxtaposes her man’s professed faithfulness while she’s got a roster. Though, she confesses, “I used to simp so hard but them my old ways.” Soon after, Megan jumps in with unapologetic swagger as she proudly proclaims her status as the baddest. She addresses the envy directed towards her, saying that those who now hate her were once eager to be her friend. In true Megan fashion, she seamlessly references the anime Attack on Titan, to declare she’s not just conquering but leaving a memorable mark. 

Fans can catch both rappers on the “Hot Girl Summer Tour” starting in May.  

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Dena and JOYCE 就以斯 – “dumb af”

On April 5, Taiwanese singer-songwriters Dena and JOYCE 就以斯 dropped their first collaborative single, “dumb af.” Featuring a handwritten font reminiscent of Dena’s recent track “on read,” the cover image for “dumb af” captures the artistic energy of the two musicians. Both JOYCE and Dena wear sunglasses, as they lie down in the middle of the road. Dena takes charge of the “cool” image, while JOYCE leans into a humorous side, her face caught in an expression that is equal parts surprise and derp face. “Dumb af” combines the heart-on-her-sleeve storytelling of Taipei-based Dena with the free-spirited style of Taichung-based JOYCE, making an easy-listening earworm we all need on our playlists.

The single’s official announcement came only a few days in advance to its release. Fans of the artists might have noticed something was up when Dena posted a reel of her walk/running through the Taichung High Speed Rail station at the beginning of April. Dena overlaid the video of her eventually hugging JOYCE with English and Chinese saying, “Pov: finally seeing my LD lover in three months.” Their simultaneously chill and energetic synergy comes through their new track. Opening with a light electric guitar line, Dena and JOYCE’s smooth vocals complement the other’s while pulling in listeners with the upbeat rhythm of “dumb af.” In the track, they sing in both English and Mandarin of a love that keeps flip flopping between the cold December and “a hot girl summer.” Dena’s voice sounds far away and hazy as she closes the song with a phone call, emphasizing, “Oh my god, I’m never falling in love ever again.” 

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Bang Yongguk – “MOVIMIENTO”

It’s been ten months since South Korean rapper-singer-songwriter Bang Yongguk released an EP, but on March 31, he made his much-anticipated return. 3 is the artist’s third mini-album, a project that had been in the making for a while. But it doubles as a gift to fans from the former B.A.P legend, as 3 was released on his very own birthday. In a press release, Bang Yongguk gratefully expressed, “I would like to first say thank you to all my fans who gave me a lot of inspiration when I started working on the new album… I worked on this album with great joy, and I hope you’re able to resonate with that emotion while listening to this album.” 

Yongguk ensured the six-track EP would be a personal project through and through. From having lyric, composition, and arrangement credits on each song to challenging his artistry by exploring new genres, 3 captures Yongguk’s abilities unlike anything else. One of the title tracks for the EP is “MOVIMIENTO” —- a rhythmic electronic track featuring Spanish lyrics and sonic influences. In the music video for the single, Yongguk can be seen matching the energy of “MOVIMIENTO” with his exemplary dance skills. With a lively groove, “MOVIMIENTO” will get you moving in no time!

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Annabel Gutherz – “Shame”

Canadian singer-songwriter Annabel Gutherz added a new single to her vibrant discography on Friday. “Shame” takes its musical roots from classical rock woven with pop sounds. For this new track, Gutherz — who graduated with a master’s degree from Berklee College of Music — collaborated with Mikal Blue (OneRepublic, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat) and Bret “Epic” Mazur (Crazy Town, Prince, The Black Eyed Peas). 

In “Shame,” Gutherz holds a place for listeners to express their relationship insecurities. Backed by a loose guitar and the singer’s fluid vocals, the untethered instrumental quality adds to the story she tells. Gutherz digs deep into her emotions, as she wonders about her lover’s former lover and constantly compares this ex to herself. However, Gutherz is self-aware about these insecurities and calls it a “shame” that she’s spending so much time thinking about these pointless comparisons. Yet, she acknowledges that these insecurities exist, singing, “I can’t seem to let go of your past.” “Shame” is a testament to Gutherz’s power as a musician to create “timeless music that speaks to the soul of what it means to be human” and provide a place where listeners can “feel seen and understood.” 

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RiTchie – “WYTD?!?!”

RiTchie, the American rapper known for his work with hip-hop group Injury Reserve and duo By Storm, shows off his versatile talents on his latest single “WYTD?!?!” off his debut solo album, Triple Digits [112]. The song is a vibrant fusion of rap and punk elements, featuring thunderous percussion and explosive riffs that inject an undeniable energy into the track. RiTchie’s signature style shines through with his dynamic delivery and memorable hooks, making “WYTD?!?!” a standout highlight on the album.

Through urgent lyrics emphasizing the need to take action, “WYTD?!?!” dives into themes of decision-making and seizing opportunities. RiTchie’s verses are laced with imagery of the complexities of life, while highlighting the importance of being assertive when pursuing one’s goals. He highlights the message with humorous lines such as “Move like Kool-Aid and kick through the door.” The infectious energy of the song is epitomized by the repetitive hook, “So what you tryna do?” motivating others towards decisive action. ”WYTD?!?!” not only resonates with its relatable themes, but also further solidifies RiTchie’s position in the rap scene. 

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Chappell Roan – “Good Luck, Babe!”

Fresh off of a viral NPR Tiny Desk set where she performed cuts from her acclaimed debut, Chappell Roan offered us a taste of a new era with her single “Good Luck, Babe!” The Missouri native shook up the pop scene at the end of last summer with her album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, solidifying herself as one of the most eccentric presences in the current landscape.

While known for her explosive, dance pop bangers and campy, tongue-in-cheek twists on classic country pockets, Roan opts for an anthemic, dream pop feel in “Good Luck, Babe!” On the latter, the singer’s vocal delivery channels the ethereal quality of contemporaries like Sarah Kinsley and icons like Kate Bush. “You’d have to stop the world just to stop the feeling,” she sings, wishing good luck to a love interest who is avoidant of her feelings for Roan — and likely for women altogether. Complete with a conversational bridge, crescendoing adlibs, and a delightfully retro-esque outro, the track raises anticipation for Roan’s next artistic steps, ahead of her headline tour which kicks off next month.

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Zeina – “Hot”

Montreal-based singer Zeina has been honing her R&B proficiency since her emergence onto the scene in 2016. Through a variety of singles like old school “Talk Luv,” breakout “Give Me Time,” and the bold “NASTY” that marked the way from her first full-length project (2017’s Odd One Out) to 2024’s Eastend Confessions, the musician came to revolutionize her sound, perfecting the art of blending together elements from her Middle Eastern heritage with prominent Y2K influences. Eastend Confessions, released April 3, is Zeina’s mixtape: a series of tracks that communicate the artist’s identity, through storytelling which explores experiences fundamental to her personhood with insight into her cultural background.    

Preceding inclusions like the most recently unveiled, explosive “Problematic” and buzzworthy “Hooked” — Zeina’s remake of Canadian singer Shawn Desman’s 2002 “Shook” — opener “Hot” clues listeners into the project without much ado. The steamy song features Arabic-inspired melody, woven into a nostalgic 2000s groove which is led by straightforward, suggestive themes. Zeina employs dynamic delivery alongside French lyrical touches to craft an undeniably passionate atmosphere right at the tracklist’s threshold.    

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Khalid – “Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me”

Khalid is reintroducing himself with soulful R&B single, “Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me,” marking a new chapter in his musical journey. With a nod to Alicia Keys’ timeless “Unthinkable (I’m Ready)” in the song’s intro, Khalid sets the stage for an introspective exploration of love’s complexities. Released alongside a mesmerizing visualizer, the track showcases Khalid’s signature smooth vocals gliding over a velvety melody, as he cautions a potential love interest against falling for him. 

In a heartfelt plea, Khalid candidly confronts the uncertainties and burdens he carries from past heartbreaks. He offers a sincere warning of the challenges that may come with loving him through gut-wrenching verses and a resonant chorus where he repeatedly pleads, “So please don’t fall in love with me.” With lines such as “How can I move forward when every relationship I get in don’t hit the same if it ain’t you?” Khalid invites listeners to his vulnerable world where each note is drenched in raw honesty and unfiltered emotion. 

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Midas Touch” by KISS OF LIFE, “Deja Vu” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER, “Day by Day” by Jeffrey James, and “too” by Mingginyu. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you, on Spotify.

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