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There’s nothing like welcoming a new month — and springtime! — with new music! For this week’s Sunday Spin, Team EnVi brings you everything from power ballads to easy-listening tracks. So turn on EnVi’s Sunday Spin playlist and take whatever type of energy you need for this upcoming week — we’ve got this.

PP Krit – “เสนอตัว (Ooh!)”

Roughly six months after the release of his previous single “Rerun,” Thai multi-hyphenate PP Krit is back. Right on the heels of an exciting Paris Fashion Week appearance and a win for Best Male Artist at the Line Melody Awards, PP Krit is starting the year off right. Shifting directions from the more sentimental and bittersweet release last year, “เสนอตัว (Ooh!)” is an upbeat hyperpop track with spicy lyrics. PP Krit’s sweet, seductive vocals take on a bit of an edge with a full rap verse and pre-chorus and throughout the song, he expresses to the object of his affection that he’s presenting himself so the other can make the first move.

Always unapologetically himself, the music video is full of bold fashion statements, a common occurrence for the Balenciaga global brand ambassador. Also known for consistently having a hot male lead starring opposite of him in his videos, “เสนอตัว (Ooh!)” stars model Eaton Sasiprapha, the youngest son of famed actress Mew Lalita Panyopas.

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Vicky Farewell – “Tern Me On”

Just ahead of the release of her new album, Vicky Farewell has released single “Tern Me On. Vicky — an indie pop artist hailing from Orange County, California is set to release Give A Damn this May. Featuring an FM electric piano reminiscent of the late 90s, “Tern Me On” is a fun, nostalgic track. The song offers a heartfelt insight into a star-crossed casual relationship fueled by love and lust. “I don’t want it to end in this way / why don’t you decide and let me know / cause you turn me on.” Vicky’s soft vocals capture the essence of the relationship teetering on the edge, expressing vulnerability and desire. The music video was shot in the same style as videos from the late 80s/early 90s were. It shows Vicky, newly married in her wedding dress, chasing her groom around an office building until she eventually ends him, walking away with only a jar of his hair. 

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FLO – “Walk like this”

“Walk Like This” is the long-awaited comeback track from British girl group trio, FLO. Since bursting on the scene in 2022 with their debut single “Cardboard Box,” FLO has collaborated with iconic artists like Missy Elliott and Stormzy, performed at Glastonbury and Wembley Stadium, and even won a BRIT award for Brit Rising Star. Now, nearly a year after their second EP was released, Stella, Jorja, and Renée have returned with a new single and a brand new attitude. 

“Walk Like This” is a confident, self-assured R&B anthem saturated with FLO’s signature three-part harmony. The song is reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side” in lyrical content, the members are bragging about their love and his ability to get them sprung. “Been here so long / What’s my address? / It’s an addiction / And it’s a habit.” is sung by Renée in the first verse. In addition to the catchy chorus, the bridge is the highlight of the song as they harmonize together softly before jumping into the final chorus. If this is the first taste of what FLO has to offer this year then we can’t wait to see what comes next. 

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elijah woods – “losing a friend”

On March 8, elijah woods — the Toronto-based singer-songwriter behind the viral love song “24/7, 365” — released his newest single, “losing a friend.” Not many people talk about how painful it is to lose a friend, but elijah gets it. He knows what it’s like, and he pours a hurricane of emotions into “losing a friend.” In his new track, the multi-faceted artist leaves his heart out in the open, softly singing a haunting question, “Is this the end? Is it over?” On Instagram, too, elijah shared the honest feelings that inspired “losing a friend,” as he wrote in a caption: “this is for one person only. you broke my heart.” 

The raw pain in “losing a friend” is crystal clear. What starts out as a piano ballad slowly builds up to the devastating rock-inspired outro. Steady drum beats and the all-encompassing instrumentals accompany elijah’s last belted note. In that single note, he releases his confusion and sadness, reflecting how “losing a friend” was “written at one of the loneliest places of [his] life.” But as elijah mentioned in his Instagram caption, he now is “surrounded” by people who love him, like his fans from all over the world. In two months, he will embark on his first Asia tour with stops in Singapore, Manila, Tokyo, Taipei, and more. We can’t wait to see the reactions when elijah performs “losing a friend” live.  

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jessia – “care about me”

@jessiamusic #stitch with @Lexi tjis breaks my heart 🥺 #careaboutme #heartbreak #breakup #bf ♬ Care About Me by Jessia PRESAVE NOW – JESSIA

JUNO-nominated Canadian singer-songwriter JESSIA has something to say in her latest track, “Care About Me.” In this Friday-released song, JESSIA sings of becoming painfully aware that your significant other isn’t showing up for you or your relationship. In fact, “Care About Me” shines a spotlight on the glaring but heartbreaking truth: that person isn’t even seeing you. 

As the “I’m Not Pretty” singer shared in a press release, “I was terrified to tease [“Care About Me”], but as soon as I did, my video comments were flooded with people sharing their stories of feeling unseen or alone in relationships, and other commenters empowering the brokenhearted.” “Care About Me” has become a “safe space” for herself and for her listeners. 

JESSIA brings her stirring vocals to her new pop ballad. An echo-y environment draws listeners into “Care About Me,” while the track enters the impactful hook with the strumming of a full guitar. The vulnerable lyrics hit home as JESSIA sings, “‘cause you don’t even care about me / it’s obvious but I’m still crawling back on my knees.” She closes the chorus with another truth no one wants to confront: “I don’t know how to not treat myself like sh*t.” 
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ELYANNA – “OLIVE BRANCH (Ghosn Zeytoun)”

Formidable Palestinian-Chilean singer Elyanna is back. On March 6, she finally released her viral track “Olive Branch (Ghosn Zeytoun)” on all streaming platforms. Initially only available on YouTube, Elyanna revealed to the world the sorrow she carries for her home and for her people. Although barely a minute-and-a-half and just eight lines long, Elyanna’s clear and piercing vocals in “Olive Branch” express the depths of her mourning. Regardless of whether listeners understand Arabic or not, the strength of Elyanna’s voice and soaring strings always make goosebumps appear. Written by Elyanna alongside Feras Marjieh and Abeer Marjieh, the trio keeps “Olive Branch” short-and-sweet, yet devastating too, ending with the final lyrics: “In the land of peace, peace is dead / And the world is sleeping on a hurt child.”

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Griff – “Miss Me Too”

At the end of February, Chinese-Jamaican singer-songwriter — and self-taught producer — Griff released “Miss Me Too.” This new single comes almost three months after she dropped her most recent EP, titled vert1go vol. 1. With her signature smooth alto vocals, the BRITs Rising Star winner shares the anthemic “Miss Me Too” with the world. When Griff teased the track on her social media ahead of its release, she featured camcorder clips of baby Griff playing over the hook of “Miss Me Too.” In the song, Griff “wonder[s] where the version of yourself went that once had faith in the world and love,” as she stated in the press release

“Miss Me Too” truly is an anthem dedicated to growing up but missing simpler, wide-eyed days. Griff takes the cathartic nature of her latest track and expands on it in the “Miss Me Too” music video. For the artist, that meant gathering 26 others to dance with her in a warehouse space. Griff and her accompanying dancers all wear pastel colors and free-flowing skirts, with the singer donning a pink gradient outfit. Together, they let out a singular, cathartic scream following the hook: “Now, I miss talking to the bathroom floor / I miss staring at the ceiling ‘cause it felt so tall / I miss sleeping to the sound of the kids next door, I do / I miss me, I miss me too.” As Griff and the 26 other dancers move freely, they underscore the most important part of “Miss Me Too.” Although we all grow older eventually, it’s always a little less lonely when we surround ourselves with our communities.  

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Speedrun – “Daydream Delusion”

Meet Speedrun — a.k.a. Nina Lüders — New York’s very own indie chic daydream. After garnering attention by sharing her musical talents on TikTok, Speedrun finally released her debut EP Love’s Latest News on February 24. Described by Lüders in a press release as “a love letter to 2000s indie rock,” the record wields the niche genre and contemplative lyrics to explore the medieval concepts of courtly love and their presence in the modern world. 

“Daydream Delusion” channels the sound of nostalgic garage rock while also being a direct nod to David Jewell’s poem, “Delusion Angel,” which was featured in the 1995 romantic drama Before Sunrise. Speedrun’s jazz-influenced vocals offer a fresh and full tone that matches the gutsy candor of the track’s lyrics. “Daydream Delusion” mirrors unabridged poetry with its direct nature, making it a song for the hopeless romantics. 

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Maggie Lindemann – “rip my heart out”

Entering a new chapter of her career, Maggie Lindemann has returned to the music scene with her latest EP, HEADSPLIT. After performing across the world on her headlining “SUCKERPUNCH WORLD TOUR,” Lindemann is back with an unapologetic attitude on this eight-track project. Exploring topics such as mental health to wearing her own heart on her sleeve, HEADSPLIT is a genuine reflection of Lindemann and her experiences.

“Rip my heart out” is the opening track on the EP and eases listeners into the general ambiance of HEADSPLIT. Beginning with a more stripped-down sound that focuses on Lindemann’s vocals, “rip my heart out” quickly bursts to life with its flourishing guitar riffs and fierce drumbeat. Offering her lover everything within her power, Lindemann vows, “You’re the blood that flows through my veins / Be the shield that takes all your pain / Rip out my heart / To give you life.” Despite its gritty nature, Lindemann delivers an emotionally raw piece with “rip my heart out.”

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Nina Nesbitt – “Pages”

Scottish singer-songwriter-producer Nina Nesbitt has released two brand new singles to celebrate the launch of her independent record label. Founded with her manager, Vicky Dowdall, the two have come together to create a record label that focuses on giving all songwriters rights to their masters, along with a creative environment in which they can thrive. The label’s name is also a nod to Nesbitt’s independent 2012 EP, The Apple Tree
To commemorate Nesbitt’s latest endeavors, “Pages” is a heartwrenchingly honest ode to growing up. She confesses, “I’m a master at commitment / I’m a novice at letting go / And all the songs played on my car rides / Know me better than my ghosts.” The folk-influenced track makes way for Nesbitt’s impassioned vocals and one-of-a-kind vocal color. “Pages” is a reminder that we will always experience growing pains — but that’s the real beauty of life, isn’t it?

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Hunter Blaire Ambrose – “NEXT TO ME”

Pop singer-songwriter Hunter Blaire Ambrose is enchanting us all with her vocals in “NEXT TO ME.” The Indiana-born artist made a name for herself with her signature blend of pop and R&B influences, taking inspiration from pop icons like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Janet Jackson. Under the mentorship of Grammy Award-winning pop producer and songwriter Narada Michael Walden, Ambrose began her music career at the age of 17.  After the success of her debut album “Scorpio Season” (2021), she is back with her new single “NEXT TO ME.”  Released on March 8, the mid-tempo synth-pop single features Ambrose’s magnetic falsettos and vast range. The song breaks into a catchy chorus where Ambrose sings, “If you just knew how good it could be/ Stop playing games/ Start f**king with me.”  A confession of love and devotion, ” NEXT TO ME” is equal parts banger and ballad to add to your playlist. 

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Small Talk” by Kayla DiVenere. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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