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In this edition of Sunday Spin, we curated a playlist filled with the hottest global hits to keep your energy high. Whether you’re looking for a mid-February pick-me-up or just want to discover new music, enjoy our specially crafted Sunday Spin playlist with the latest and greatest releases of the week.

TEN – “Nightwalker”

Eight years into his music career, NCT’s TEN has released his long-awaited, self-titled debut EP. The all-English mini album kicks off with a catchy dance-pop vibe from the opening track, “Nightwalker.” The lead single blends its infectious rhythmic production with subtle bass and guitar elements. The lyrics convey the irresistible pull towards an captivating presence. “Pullin’ the strings, beautiful monster / I am yours /Bow down and pray” describes Ten’s devotion and worship of the nightwalker, which could be interpreted as a love interest. TEN’s signature falsetto along with the powerful synth bass in the chorus, intensifies the song’s tension. 

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Beyoncé – “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” & “16 CARRIAGES”

The queen is back! Beyoncé surprised fans with two country tracks this week. “16 CARRIAGES” is a melancholic ballad that details a story of forgotten dreams, lost innocence, and enduring sacrifice. The song is self biographical detailing Beyoncé’s inner feelings growing up in the music industry, starting her career as a teenager and the toll it’s taken on her and her family. In turn, “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” is an upbeat Western swing — a dance piece with a thumping beat and rhythmic melody perfect for any line dance. Time to breakout the cowboy boots!

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BIBI – “밤양갱 (Bam Yang Gang)”

BIBI shows a sweeter side of herself for Valentine’s Day. The K-pop artist, known for her chic and fierce image gave us reggaeton-inspired track “Vengeance”and swoon-worthy single “Animal Farm.” This week, she released the sweet, whimsical “Bam Yang Gang” detailing a heartbreak. The single, named after a Korean snack, features BIBI’s airy vocals and delicate crooning. Part of a two track single album, “Bam Yang Gang” will be accompanied by another track released next week. 

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Karol G ft. Tiësto – “Contigo”

The “Bichota Season” is never ending as Karol G continues to bring out more music. On February 14th, to celebrate both her birthday and Valentine’s Day, the Colombian artist released “Contigo,” featuring DJ Tiesto. The chorus “No quiero vida si no es contigo” encapsulates the overall romantic song; despite not having a word-for-word translation, the chorus can be understood like “I don’t want to live if it’s without you.”

The music video for the song not only features the Grammy-Winning artist, but for this special project, Young Miko, a promising Puerto Rican musician making a name for herself in the urban genre, joins in on the fun, both artists portraying the simple but meaningful moments lived in a relationship. With the release, Karol G stated, “Este video es un abracito al Cora para todas esas personas que alguna vez sintieron miedo a amar” translating to ‘this video is a hug to the heart of everyone who once felt scared to love.’

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Win Metawin & Badmixy – “ดึกมากแล้ว (NIGHT RIDE)

Thai megastar Win Metawin teams up with popular Thai singer Badmixy for “ดึกมากแล้ว (NIGHT RIDE),” his second single released via Riser Music. Metawin dropped the new track right off the heels of a special NYFW appearance for Tommy Hilfiger, while Badmixy is still riding the waves of her viral single “dilf” and most recent release “Lost.” The song is a cute story detailing connecting with someone you met on a evening out and not wanting to part at the end of night, so you offer them a ride home. The end of the chorus perfectly illustrates the romantic intentions of the song’s protagonist. “Wanna lock eyes a little longer / can’t let you slip away farther / wanna spend more time together.” Metawin and Badmixy’s  vocals blend well together through out the track creating a sweet harmony.

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Jorge Drexler – “Derrumbe”

When it comes to lyricism, Jorge Drexler always has something to say, and this time around with his latest single, “Derrumbe,” released on February 13th. The Uruguayan artist takes the listener on a melodic journey through the story of a breakup. The two-minute-long single is his latest release since his 2022 full-length album “Tinta y Tiempo.” “Las cartas caían, el tiempo sangraba / Y toda estructura de toda poesía / Se desmoronaba” which translates to “The cards fell, time was bleeding / and every structure of every poem / was crumbling.”

“Derrumbe” was originally meant to be part of “Tinta y Tiempo,” but due to the melancholic and darker nature of the song, it was taken out of the project that had a brighter concept. However, despite the differences between the track and album concept, it still maintains Jorge Drexler’s affinity for creating music that feels like poetry and whose relaxing voice brings an undeniable calmness.

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include Les Amazones d’Afrique’s “Musow Dance,” F1 racer Charles Leclerc & Sofiane Pamart’s “Focus,” and “STAY” by Cha Eunwoo. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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