Sunday Spin: New Releases From yama, PUN, DIDIxDADA, and IU

By: Angela Ruedas, Tiffany Vu and Shannon Leftwich
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Sunday Spin is EnVi‘s weekly music showcase, where we bring you the hottest global hits in our curated playlist. Join us every Sunday for new music that sets the perfect tone for your upcoming week.

The first month of 2024 may be wrapping up, but EnVi has got the hottest releases of this week to get you pumped for the rest of the year ahead! In our new installment of Sunday Spin, Team EnVi has rounded up the latest global hits on our specially curated playlist, just for you. So sit back, relax, and close January on a high note with our Sunday Spin playlist!

yama – “Deep faker”


「偽顔 / nisekao」 Deepfakerはあなたの近くにもいるかもしれません🚨 #yama #偽顔 #awake_build

♬ Nisekao – yama

All eyes are on Japanese solo artist yama as she wears a false face in her single “Deep faker.” In this track from her third album, awake&build, yama explores the concept of masking one’s true self. Through her conceptual lyricism, the artist touches on the difficulties of reality and the question of possessing authenticity in a society full of deceptions.

Complementing the disruptive narrative, art director QMENG and art producer VIVINOS express the track’s distress through tetradic color schemes and erotic art expression. QMENG and VIVINOS present a thrilling chamber piece, displaying our tormented protagonist’s internal conflicts. From one scene to another, the two artists breathe life into the cruel reality of shallow relationships, conformity to the public eye, and complexities of breaking free from others and self confinement.

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DIDIxDADA – “Confess” (ENG Ver.)

Thailand Lit Entertainment’s Duo DIDIxDADA has us confessing our love for the English version of their single “Confess.” A dreamy love confession with angelic vocals and acoustic guitar, the single captivates its listeners with its romance. The duo sings poetic lines like, “I’ll blame it on the stars and your eyes.” The mellow verse builds to a delicate chorus of falsettos as the girls continue, “So here I am, confessing how I feel about you.” Set during a nostalgic summer school day, the music video follows the endless longing glances, notebook doodles, and yearning of a schoolgirl for her best friend. DIDIxDADA’s single is a perfect listen for the upcoming season of love. 

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IU – “Love Wins All” 

Korean soloist and actor IU is an artist that needs little introduction. Shortly after announcing her first world tour, the artist released her single “Love Wins All.” Mellow, melancholic verses build into a highly anticipated chorus. IU’s striking vocals climb to an emotional climax until she reaches the top of her range where she transitions into airy falsettos. Dreamy strings heighten the cinematic atmosphere that demands awe and grandeur. The fantastical and heart-wrenching music video is fitting for the beauty of “Love Wins All.” The video is set in an apocalyptic world where IU and BTS’s V are hunted for their disabilities. Amidst this tragedy, the couple’s romance defies all, building themselves a world where only their love for one another matters. 

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Ceara Cavalieri – “My Favorite”

Southern Californian pop rock singer Ceara Cavalieri is back with another single. With 10 singles under her belt so far, the artist delivers “My Favorite,” a relatable pop rock piece about loving a bad boy and the exhilarating chaos that comes with it. The cheeky song features slamming electric guitars and addictive drum beats as Cavalieri sings, “When I’m with you / it feels like fun / you pick me up driving like you want to get arrested / ask if I want to do some sh*t we might regret.” With a knack for adventurous lyrics and a killer beat, the soloist delivers a fun pop single for us to rock out to. Set to tour the UK and Europe in May 2024, Cavalieri’s “My Favorite” is bound to have us screaming and jumping along in the crowd. 

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DEW – “Thinking About You”

Singer-songwriter DEW puts listeners under a spell in his debut single, “Thinking About You.” The track first presents itself with a soft melody, showcasing guitar with ad-libs. As the singer’s vocals increase intensity, the drums and guitar follow suit and escalate to a more climatic change soundscape, then de-escalating back into a quieter volume towards the finale. Through this acoustic-pop track, DEW reminisces about the past as he holds onto the days and memories of a relationship that used to be. DEW sings of the emotional turmoil his past has on him: “Maybe this time we can make it out alive / Get you off my mind.“ He possesses a hope which drowns him yet can’t help but hold onto.

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PUN – “Goodbye”

Thai R&B indie artist PUN speaks to Generation Z once again with his sentimental single “Goodbye.” The Thai singer takes on a new perspective by singing about the falling out of romance — a relationship that he takes the initiative to end. Written and composed by the artist, PUN sings a heartbreaking narrative of splitting up with his lover with the intention of benefiting the other, even if PUN still truly loves them. With the healing vocals and a crying piano, PUN speaks on an occurrence many couples in society face and hopes to reach to a few who can relate alongside with.

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Lisa Mishra, bebhumika – “Aadat”

Starting off the year truthfully and vulnerably, Indian American singer Lisa Mishra released her first single “Aadat” (featuring bebhumika) from her forthcoming album, Sorry, I’m Late. Bhumika and Lisa create a dark and melancholic ambience by blending eastern and western musical styles in their vocal deliveries and fuse of instrumentals. The two artists journey through their inability to let go of people from their pasts. With her depth of vocals and emotional resonance, Lisa creates a personal experience for listeners in “Aadat.”

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Maggie Lindemann – “hostage”

Pop rock princess Maggie Lindemann enters a new era with her haunting single, “hostage.” This long-awaited release is Lindemann’s first since her 2022 album SUCKERPUNCH. Listeners were hit with nostalgia, pointing out the song’s likeness to music from the 2000s rock band Evanescence.

“Hostage” portrays Lindemann’s feelings of being trapped in her own mind, isolating her from the outside world. The chilling guitar riffs paired with Lindemann’s powerful vocals reflect her fear and desperation to find a safe haven. As she sings, “When my mind feels lost, and you shelter me / Oh, it sets me free.” In the end, Lindemann finds freedom from herself by finding comfort in someone else.

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Sinéad Harnett – “Say Something”

British singer-songwriter Sinéad Harnett released the slow angelic track “Say Something” on January 26. Harnett shared that this track is the first release off of her upcoming album Boundaries, thus setting the stage for a new era. Harnett’s peaceful vocals fit with the soft instrumental, creating the perfect dreamy tune. The lyrics encapsulate feelings of yearning as she sings, “The weight of your absence is far more than gold / Tell me I’m patient or tell me I’ve lost control.” Unsure of this person’s feelings, Harnett sings of waiting patiently and hoping for their return.

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Janine – “Hulaan”

Filipina singer-songwriter Janine released her first single of the year called “Hulaan.” Made in collaboration with Sunkissed Lola band member Alvin Serito, the song expresses Janine’s thoughts about someone that constantly appears in her dreams. The song begins with a wistful sigh and transitions to Janine’s smooth vocals and calm instrumentals. As the instrumental builds with drums and guitar, her vocals intensify, portraying a growing frustration within her. Tired of going back and forth with this person, Janine desires their honesty to finally end her distress.

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Hogai Ghalti” by Bilal Saeed and Mehr Tahir, “What kind of future” by WOOZI, and “Toryanse” by ATARASHII GAKKO! Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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