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While the month is slowly reaching its end, artists around the globe aren’t close to being done. Whether you’re in the mood to wind down and relax or jump up and dance in your room, this week’s Sunday Spin has tracks fitting for any mood. So turn on the volume, hit play, and have a Sunday you’ll never want to forget.

Tatsuya Kitani – “ALWAYS BE WITH YOU XD”

Music is one of the most powerful storytelling mediums — and pop prince Tatsuya Kitani is well versed in the art of linking language and musical expression. Contrary to its innocent title, this J-rock track is anything but childish. Written and arranged by Tatsuya, “ALWAYS BE WITH YOU XD” is a twisted love song. The narrative seems to be a nod towards the Japanese culture slang term Menhara — a reference to a female showing unstable emotions and obsessive love.

Tatsuya creates an image of a girl’s expression of her warped love and deep appetite for a long lasting impression. Singing eerie verses such as, “In sickness and in health / Even when I’m sleeping with someone else / We’ll always be together in the same nightmare!” Tatsuya expertly presents the protagonist’s extreme desire to severely imprint the life of the other — even if it’s in the form of “an unforgettable regret” in the other’s day-to-day life.

Equal to the song’s raw emotions, the roaring of the electric guitar and percussion mimic the madness of the girl’s perception of love. Opening with an arpeggio in the introduction, the rock pop song reflects its lyricism as it gives a positive impression on top of its frightening delivery of emotions. Tatsuya commissioned indie illustrator Boya, who provided eye-catching artwork to serve as the music video content. The art piece is a distorted image, showing the cynical personality of the young girl. The illustration slowly expands into the original sizing of the thumbnail, and like the song, burns its image and colors into your mind.

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MARK – “200”

Multi-hyphenate artist MARK has returned with his third solo release “200.” The track combines drum and bass rhythms with rock influences, incorporating electric guitar sounds reminiscent of the early 2000s. Sung mostly in English, the song expresses the uplifting feelings inspired by love with lyrics like “You are my rockstar, without you I’ll always feel alone.” In the music video, MARK channels his inner SpiderMark, a moniker his fans gave him due his similarities to the superhero. Over the years he has leaned into the role with costumes and clever lyrics, which ultimately culminated in the “200” video. Here, MARK gives his own origin story. As his third standalone single in as many years, “200” is a good precursor for what’s in store for MARK’s long-awaited debut solo album release in 2025.

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Boxi Chen, Max Aiden – “Us to Love”

Capturing the hearts and ears of many, multifaceted Chinese artist Boxi Chen and Taiwanese-Mexican artist Max Aiden return with a song that encourages listeners to dance their emotions away. Us to Love” dives into the narrative of a desired love followed with the desperation and fear that come along with it. When they discover love, the two artists beg for patience in this potential relationship. Instrumental wise, this synthwave track adopts a synth-lead feel with it an airy synthesizer carrying the melodic background. The dynamic song nods to the ‘80s pop sound as the use of a notable kick-and-snare drum beat gives listeners the impression of a comforting nostalgia. On top of the memorable chorus, the artists brilliantly mix lyrics in English and Chinese, adding to the song’s unique character and charm.

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Shreea Kaul, Dende – “Press Pause”

If you’re a fan of Kali Uchis and Sunidhi Chauhan, Indian-American singer-songwriter Shreea Kaul is the perfect artist for you. Making waves with her seamless fusion of Hindi and English, Shreea creates a flawless blend of languages with Western contemporary music in her new R&B collaborative single “Press Pause.” Dedicated to those who feel disconnected, Shreea and indie singer Dende explore the emotions of overstimulation and confused youths who simply want to pause time and avoid all thoughts. The flirtatious track is led by a blend of soul and funk-influenced instrumental arrangements, complimenting both artists’ classical vocal touch and smooth emotive vocal delivery. And Shreea Kaul’s music wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of some Hindi lyrics. Sung in the refrain, Shreea sings a short yet captivating line in Hindi.

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ZAYN – “Stardust”

Described as his most personal release yet, British-Pakistani artist and boyband legend Zayn Malik has released his fourth studio album, Room Under The Stairs. Of the 15-track album, track seven “Stardust” stands out with its blend of emotional lyrics and Malik’s signature vocal style. In the song, Malik sings about the ethereal nature of stardust. He captures a sense of wonder and introspection that encapsulates the feeling of being in love by invoking the imagery of stardust floating all around. The song leans in a more laid back and acoustic direction for Malik. Written and produced by Gian Stone and James Ghaleb, “Stardust” is the third single from Room Under The Stairs, coinciding with the release of the album.

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Zack Tabudlo – “Feel This Way”

Only a week since his last P-pop release “PAPALAYO,” renowned OPM singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo returns with a heartfelt declaration of love full of desire, longing, and affection. Screaming with Zack’s signature sound and poetic lyricism, “Feel This Way” encapsulates the emotional events of young love and portrays the intense emotions experienced when falling in love. The song was originally written for his girlfriend, who was present at the time the artist was composing the heartfelt piece. As he revealed during a small interview corner, Zack first met his girlfriend during his tour at a guitar center. The single’s album cover shows an illustration of a woman and man standing before one another in a guitar center, similarly to Zack’s love-filled encounter.

Starring YouTuber and former singer Jessica Lee, the cinematic music video took place in Singapore. For “Feel This Way,” they filmed in iconic landmarks such as Bugis Street, Emerald Hill, Changi Airport, and the Helix Bridge. The film starts off in an airplane, where our main protagonists first meet. They eventually depart from the flight and go their separate ways, roaming Singapore and going about their days. As the traveling girl goes about her trip, Zack can’t get rid of the feelings he has for her. Eventually Zack decides to act and eagerly runs back for her.

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Jelani AryEh – “HANG On”

24-year-old Afro-Filipino artist Jelani Aryeh just dropped his new single “Hang On,” which is part of his upcoming album The Sweater Club, out next month. The song explores emotional struggles and connection through adversity, mirroring themes in the book Venus in Furs. “Hang On” mixes alt-pop with summer vibes, highlighting Aryeh’s pattern of making catchy, emotional music. The production combines sharp beats with rich instrumentation to create an energetic and thoughtful sound. In a press release, Aryeh expressed that he sees it as a more sincere and darker counterpart to his earlier track “I’m In Love.” The accompanying artistic visual film was filmed by Silken Weinberg and features Aryeh roaming around Yosemite National Park. Through its release, Aryeh continues to establish himself as a rising star in the music industry and connect with audiences through his heartfelt and honest songwriting. 

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moon tang – “Getaway”

Following the heart-wrenching series about the breakup between a young couple, Hong Kong-based artist moon tang illustrates their resolution in “Getaway” (original title: “趁你旅行時搬走”). In the end, they decide to leave the relationship, which they had been trying to find reasons to stay for. Known for her healing voice and authenticity, moon tang’s melancholic ballad carries the heartsick lyrics through its somber piano performance and minimal bass band playing. The song follows the story told in the previous released “Housing Supply Issues,” a touching track describing the helplessness and pain the heroine experienced in a relationship that was weakening. 

Expressing her desire to let go of the past and go their separate ways, “Move Out While You’re Traveling” tells the story of the heroine coming to the final decision. She moves out and embarks on a trip away from her home and her relationship. The heartbreaking song was composed by musician Gordon Flanders, who also served as the vocal editor and executive producer. The music video switches between cinematography shots and vlog-like footage. Moon is seen packing her bags and traveling from one location to another with a pensive expression.

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Fated Trouble” by ENHYPEN, “LUNCH” by Billie Eilish, and “is it my face?’ by Juliet Ivy. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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