SuperM says “We DO” Well Together in Latest Single

By: EnVi Media

Heather | @jaehyuniepot 

SuperM is back with their latest single, “We DO” , which was originally announced earlier in January 2021, in collaboration with life insurance company Prudential Corporation Asia. This is not the first song partnership SuperM has had. In the past, they’ve collaborated alongside Korean Air for the safety promotional video “Let’s Go Everywhere” and “Better Days” for the World Health Organization’s Mental Health Day event. This new energetic song with Prudential Corporation aims to encourage fitness and wellness, especially now, in a time where health is so important. According to SuperM, “Through ‘We DO Well Together,’ we call on everybody to put in the same energy and spirit as ‘We DO’ to achieve our life goals together.” After much anticipation from fans, check out some of their reactions below to the music video of “We DO.” 


A Song and Music Video fit for a whole comeback 

Fans shared their surprise with how well the song’s production and music video was executed. 



Ten’s Splits Steal the Show 

Ten certainly owned the stage from his vocals to his scene-stealing splits in the choreography. 

The Funky Dance Moves 

The lively and retro-inspired choreography was highlighted well with SuperM’s natural charisma.


The Ad Libs and Vocals

Each of the members brought their A-game to the song and fans didn’t miss out on the ad-libs hidden behind. 


Lucas’s “We do it!” line quickly became a fan favorite moment of the music video. 


The Fun oozing out of the screen 

In a genre quite different from their usual darker music videos, “We Do It” allowed SuperM to explore a more vibrant concept.  

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Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.