As the summer season continues to sizzle, THE BOYZ are here to cool things down with the first installation of their second full-length album, PHANTASY. On August 7, the 11-member group released Pt.1 Christmas In August—the first of three concepts that are loosely based on ‘90s films. Channeling their classic charismatic energy, THE BOYZ bring out the season’s refreshing energy with these summery tracks.

Like Christmas In August

In this movie, THE BOYZ don’t get the girl, but they sure do try their best. The music video for the album’s title track, “LIP GLOSS,” is like a scene from a summer fling-themed rom-com. The six-minute video is hopelessly romantic as the members swoon over a shared love interest and endearingly fail to win her attention. 

Capturing summer’s liveliness, the title track is an addictive synth-pop bop driven by a groovy bass line and playful chants. “LIP GLOSS” also references the group’s previous hits, such as “Christmassy!” and “THRILL RIDE.” When combined, these tracks encompass an ideal blend of happy-go-lucky nature with a dash of holiday cheer—which is “LIP GLOSS” in a nutshell. THE BOYZ go on to make their own happy ending, while they dance together at a lively party and flash endless smiles—cementing the group as summer 2023’s heartthrobs.

A Summer To Remember

Pt.1 Christmas In August is filled with multiple earworms from the undeniably catchy “LIP GLOSS” to its standout B-sides. Members Eric, Kevin, Q, and Sunwoo participated in writing some of the tracks, one of which is the ‘90s funk-influenced song, “Passion Fruit.” Hyunjae, Juyeon, Q, Sunwoo, and Younghoon come together in this song as a special unit and are dangerously enticing as they beg, “Ooh, give me that passion fruit.”

With a hypnotic rhythm, “Lighthouse” is a mesmerizing B-side that showcases each member’s unique vocal color and abilities. Meanwhile, “Fantasize” is a sonic blast to the past with various synthesizer effects, a driving drumbeat, and vocoder effects. The energetic retro track is all about THE BOYZ aiming to make their fantasies about love a reality as they sing, “I fantasize / I already know, you’ll be mine.”

Also rooted in nostalgia is “Fire Eyes,” complete with an abundant synth-pop sound. The feel-good B-side is fitting to soundtrack feel-good summer nights spent watching fireworks. PHANTASY’s first chapter is brought to a close with the whimsical “Fairy Tale.” Taking fate into their own hands, THE BOYZ sing, “Even if there’s no fairy tale for adults in this world / We write it, we make it.” 

When’s The Sequel?

Unlike typical album rollouts, THE BOYZ are releasing their second full-length album, PHANTASY, in three segments. So when can you expect part two of the PHANTASY trilogy? While the remaining dates have not been released yet, their agency did confirm that fans can look forward to hearing all three parts before the end of this year. 

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