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We all strive for healthy and happy hair, but often struggle to achieve that. Are you looking for hair care products that will get your hair to its highest potential? From honey-infused hair masks to avocado oil conditioners, EnVi breaks down top tier hair products in their respective categories!


1. L’Occitane’s Aromachologie Purifying Freshness Shampoo

Aromachologie Purifying Freshness Shampoo

What’s special about it? 

This silicone-free shampoo cleanses normal to oily hair of residue. It also has apple cider vinegar which helps purify the scalp while leaving the hair healthy and shiny.


“I first came across L’Occitane’s Purifying Freshness Shampoo when I was looking for a shampoo that would leave my scalp clean and free of any excess oil. After trying different options that did not deliver any results, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that this product actually provided a sense of freshness for more than just a few hours. I’ve been using it alongside a medicated product recommended by my dermatologist for years now and it keeps giving positive results for my scalp—plus shiny hair!” – May

2. Aussie’s Miracle Moist Shampoo

Miracle Moist Shampoo

What’s special about it? 

This nourishing shampoo contains avocado and Australian jojoba oil to provide moisture and strengthen dry hair.


“A lot of shampoos that I’ve used have constantly left my hair feeling dry and matted after using them, which felt damaging to my curls. This shampoo though, has left my hair feeling soft after I used it. It’s a great start to the beginning of my wash routine as I prepare to detangle my hair!” – Vanessa

3. Davines’ SOLU Sudsy Shampoo

SOLU Shampoo

What’s special about it? 

This product is formulated with Valtellina buckwheat extract and is rich in mineral salts, like iron, zinc, and selenium. According to Davines: “Obtained with 100% clean energy. Zero impact, essential and recyclable packaging.”

Great For:

Greasy or oily hair 


1. OLAPLEX’s No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 

 No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 

What’s special about it? 

This conditioner’s key ingredient is bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate which repairs hair by building bonds. Its moisturizing effects provides users with shiny and easy to manage hair.

Great For:

Damaged, bleached and/or colored hair

2. OUAI’s Thick Hair Conditioner  

Thick Hair Conditioner

What’s special about it? 

This nourishing conditioner is made with shea butter and avocado oil to prevent breakage and split ends.

Great For:

Dry and/or damaged hair

3. SACHAJUAN’s Normal Hair Conditioner

Normal Hair Conditioner

What’s special about it? 

This conditioner contains a blend of two cold water algae: rhodophycea, for its moisture and elasticity boosting properties,and chondrus crispus (often referred to as Irish moss), which contains high levels of zinc and calcium to protect against damage and promote shine.

Great For:

Oily and/or dull, flat hair

Hair Mask

1. Moroccanoil’s Intense Hydrating Mask

Intense Hydrating Mask

What’s special about it? 

This creamy deep conditioner’s key ingredients are argan oil, behentrimonium chloride, glycerin, and linseed extract. These four ingredients work together to nourish and hydrate hair.


“This mask leaves my hair feeling so incredibly soft and manageable. My curls are more refined everytime I use it.” – Kryscy

2. Gisou’s Honey Infused Hair Mask

Honey Infused Hair Mask

What’s special about it? 

This mask is made with sustainably sourced mirsalehi honey. It is deeply nourishing as the honey helps with hydration and repair.

Great For:

Dry, dull and/or damaged hair

3. Molivera Organics’ Bentonite Clay

Organics Bentonite Clay

What’s special about it? 

This unique hair mask is great for rough hair that struggles to absorb moisture. The main ingredient, bentonite clay, is great for repairing lackluster and frizzy hair damaged by heat. It can also draw out excessive dirt.

Great For:

Oily and/or damaged hair

Heat Protectant

1. TRESemmé’s Thermal Creations Protective Spray Heat Tamer 

What’s special about it?

Thermal Creations Protective Spray Heat Tamer

The spray is formulated with a moisture-locking vitamin complex that protects the hair against heat and friction. It contains hydrolyzed silk protein to leave hair shiny and strong.


“I love a heat protectant spray that is lightweight and leaves my hair with a shiny look and soft feel. It also has a pleasing scent that isn’t overwhelming!” – Kryscy

2. L’Oréal Paris’ Sleek It Iron Straight Heat Spray

L’Oréal Paris
Sleek It Iron Straight Heat Spray

What’s special about it? 

This incredibly affordable heat spray offers protection to hair subjected to 450 degree Fahrenheit heat. It is aluminum-free, dye-free, and, prevents frizz from humidity.


“As someone with naturally curly hair, finding a heat protectant that doesn’t make my hair feel tacky while maintaining its sleekness has been difficult. This heat protectant leaves my hair straight and without frizz every time I use it, definitely a staple in my closet whenever I want to blow dry my hair.” – Vanessa

3. Ouidad’s Advanced Climate Control Detangling Heat Spray

Advanced Climate Control Detangling Heat Spray

What’s special about it? 

Specially formulated for curly hair, this protectant doubles as a detangler to prime curls against frizz and damage. Some key ingredients are oils derived from almond, grapeseed, and coconut.

Great For:

Curly or coily hair

Hair Moisturizer

1. ORS Olive Oil’s Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion

ORS Olive Oil
Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion

What’s special about it? 

This affordable moisturizing lotion contains black castor oil and can be used daily to provide hair with elasticity, hydration, and shine. It is perfect for all hair types!


“Whenever I want to leave my curls out but I feel like they need a little hydration, I always use this hair lotion. It leaves my curls soft and moisturized, without making it feel weighed down with product.” – Vanessa 

2. Mielle Organics’ Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk

Mielle Organics
Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk

What’s special about it? 

This moisturizer softens and hydrates hair with organic ingredients so users can have peace of mind knowing they are using a product that is both safe and effective. In addition to avocado oil, this product contains aloe barbadensis leaf juice to promote hair growth and shine.


“I love this moisturizer. It smells amazing but also feels really good on my fingers. I like to take my time massaging it into my hair so that every curl is defined. The shine and moisture definitely lasts me for up to a week.” – Kryscy

3. Camille Rose’s Honey Hydrate “The Leave-In Collection” 

Camille Rose
Honey Hydrate “The Leave-In Collection”

What’s special about it? 

This moisturizer contains natural ingredients like honey, aloe leaf juice, and olive oil to protect hair from damage and promote hair growth. What’s even more unique about this product is that it also contains sugarcane, orange, and lemon extracts! It is formulated to be enjoyed by any hair type.

Great For:

Moisturizing curly hair

We hope we inspired you to try out the hair care products we love and have had great experiences with. Take a look at our skincare faves here!

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